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Precedent? The Indian Occupation of Alcatraz, 1969

Think it through…   If I were in class, I’d say: what are the constitutional and legal principles upon which these two “occupations” are arguing their position? I’m not so much interested in what conclusion you come to, but that you … Continue reading

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Putin Makes an Example of Turkey’s Back-Stabbing: Why the US and West Should Pay Close Attention

This article has been published at Sott.Net, a site I cite quite a lot: http://www.sott.net/article/307397-Putin-makes-an-example-of-Turkeys-back-stabbing-Why-the-US-and-West-should-pay-close-attention First the facts: the toll is settled. Two Russians are dead, and a Su-24 fighter-bomber and Russian helicopter that arrived in relief are down. A marine … Continue reading

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McCain thinks “shameful” that France attacks ISIS in Raqqa

In FoxNews interview, McCain Accuses Hollande of Allying with Russia How will France react? The government’s actions of the first few days following the Paris massacres are neither definitive nor surprising. Hollande’s security state has clamped down in France, in the media as … Continue reading

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Paris Barbarity: Sadly, We Must Ask Again, Cui Bono?

‘Cui bono?‘ Who benefits?’ is a good question to pose when attempting to understand an event of such tremendous irrationality as the Paris (or Ankara) attacks. As I mentioned at the time of the Ankara bombing, ISIS’s first major attack … Continue reading

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