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McCain thinks “shameful” that France attacks ISIS in Raqqa

In FoxNews interview, McCain Accuses Hollande of Allying with Russia How will France react? The government’s actions of the first few days following the Paris massacres are neither definitive nor surprising. Hollande’s security state has clamped down in France, in the media as … Continue reading

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Unsteady winds across an unsteady pivot: Turkey at the center of Eurasian chaos.

Turkey looks now like the unsteady fulcrum of an unsteady Eurasia. Erdogan’s surprising AKP “restoration” to single party rule, has imposed an iron cage around the opposition, attempting vainly to give the impression of strength and stability. But the country … Continue reading

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Resurgent Neo-Cons (II): and a Congresswoman in Opposition

A month ago the Obama administration took a step back and acquiesced to Russian ‘facts on the ground’ in Syria, signaling a sidelining of hardliners such as Senator John McCain. However, since that time, the US has planted its back … Continue reading

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Resurgent Neo-Cons: Smoke or Fire? (I) The Big Picture, with Economics

Officially, US Syria policy took a step backwards a month ago in two camps. They agreed that Assad could stick around a while, and they gave an opening to the Russian interventions. Russia had already begun a military buildup at … Continue reading

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The World in Pivot Around Syria: The Story So Far

The previous posts, going back a little more than month, relate what I believe is a very significant shift in global geo-politics. I began writing as the Turks and Americans wrapped up a deal to establish a “buffer zone” in … Continue reading

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Quick update on the ISIS wars and related events

Since I have had to turn my attention to other matters, let me just give a quick update on regional events, which I believe may prove a crucial pivot in global geo-politics. To quickly summarize: Turkey now pursues its closed investigation … Continue reading

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