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Ineloquent, perhaps, but sound: Citizens for Constitutional Freedom states its case

It’s getting interesting in Oregon: Here’s another official statement in which the Bundy group announces its first concession to the media: it adopts a name: they are now the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom. In these quickly evolving first days, it … Continue reading

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Erdogan invites a Turkey-shoot; Putin charges “back-stabbing”

Look at this map. The Russian SU-24 shot down 4 km inside Syria passed over a tiny tip of Turkey that protrudes into Syria. As Putin said, the jet obviously posed no threat to Turkey. A Turkish F-16 shot it down anyway, … Continue reading

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Paris Barbarity: Sadly, We Must Ask Again, Cui Bono?

‘Cui bono?‘ Who benefits?’ is a good question to pose when attempting to understand an event of such tremendous irrationality as the Paris (or Ankara) attacks. As I mentioned at the time of the Ankara bombing, ISIS’s first major attack … Continue reading

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Resurgent Neo-Cons (III): Why Are Those F-15’s Going to Incirlik?

Speculations So Far: Anti-Russia/Syria, Anti-ISIS, Anti-Turkey, or Anti-US (casus belli sacrificial lambs) It begins: “The Pentagon is sending F-15Cs—supposedly to fight the ISIS war. But the jets only have air-to-air weapons, and ISIS has no planes. Which means the real … Continue reading

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Quick update on the ISIS wars and related events

Since I have had to turn my attention to other matters, let me just give a quick update on regional events, which I believe may prove a crucial pivot in global geo-politics. To quickly summarize: Turkey now pursues its closed investigation … Continue reading

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