Petition the FEC to investigate the DNC and Hillary Clinton

This seems like a petition worth signing at it demands the Federal Election Commission (FEC) open an investigation into Hillary Clinton and the DNC for election fraud.

In California, once again, the “votes” abruptly reversed the trend of polls preceding the primary. Looks like NY all over again. Actually, it looks bigger than that.

I was at LeftForum here in NYC a few weekends ago. This is the largest leftie intellectual conference anywhere, if I’m not mistaken. It is now opening up, on the fringes, to topics like the “Deep State” and has panels exposing the Bush administration, the PNAC crowd, Mossad, and not just the Saudis, as the real 9/11 perpetrators. Bernie supporters vastly outnumbered Hillary shills. Neo-liberalism is derided and condemned in all quarters. Besides the traditional liberal left, Marx is still espoused, but libertarians are also represented, and grand indefinables like Webster Tarpley also find a place at LeftForum, a marvelous 50-ring circus of intellectual activity, and occasional lack thereof.

I attended one panel which made plain that Hillary has basically stolen, or attempted to steal, every state in the primaries, with one exception. In Oklahoma the DNC was sidelined. It was the one state where, if I remember correctly, a George Soros company of software updaters was not allowed in ‘for servicing’ the machines beforehand. Bob Fitrakis from Ohio (Ohio has long been a center of these shenanigans) was the blockbuster presenter here.

Oklahoma was also the one state where Bernie’s final vote exceeded the exit poll tally. Not hard to guess which direction it went everywhere else. We also learned to say “election fraud”, not “vote fraud”, because it is done with computers, not old style vote-buying (well, probably that too). Several manners of hardware- and software-based vote-switching, voter-purges, miscounting and discounting have been observed. Of course, the computer corruption includes less sophisticated measures such as supplying very few voting machines to Bernie-leaning precincts, as happened in Brooklyn, LA, and other places, or alternatively, in having them break down, perhaps ‘de-servicing’ them beforehand. (More links below).

This is RANK corruption, folks. I hope it is obvious that this conspiracy has gone way beyond the level of ‘theory’.

And everyone must have seen that mainstream media was declaring her the overall winner the day before the California vote. The mass media is a different element of the same cartel of corporatocratic interests, of course. In fact, Bernie will continue his campaign, because the super-delegates may change their votes at the convention, and may well do so since an FBI investigation is ongoing. Besides, Hillary is tumbling next to Trump. This seems to be lost on the mass media. Granted, one may seriously doubt whether the DOJ will allow prosecution. Huffington Post quickly pulled a report from an FBI-sourced journalist that Clinton will be indicted on racketeering charges. Adding fuel to the fire of suspicion, they have given all inquirers, including the journalist, the run-around as to why.

Despite Operation Mockingbird Media obfuscation, the email server issue, as well as evidence in the emails themselves, already gives the world abundantly damning evidence of her crimes. (I wish more attention were given to her war crimes, her ‘threat to the world’ rather than her ‘threat to national security’.) Sanders is well aware of this obvious threat to her candidacy, though CNN may be mum. From its post-reality grandstands, CNN cheers “Bernie Sanders vows to work with Hillary Clinton as Democrats move toward party unity!” CNN believes, or will have us believe, that Sanders is ready to follow Obama and Liz Warren (increasingly looking like ‘controlled opposition’) onto the Clinton Bandwagon, not to be confused with the Lolita Express. That’s for boys.

Apropos of this juncture of presstitution and politics is the poor state of public knowledge about Hillary Clinton’s war mongering while Sect’y of State. Trump is thankfully forcing some of that into public awareness. (This remains his sole meager attraction; not that my hopes were previously very high). Recently Eric Zuesse has reminded us that Sy Hersh – one of our best journalists (he exposed the My Lai massacre and much else – now he seems no longer able to publish in the US) — has long narrated Hillary’s nefarious role in Libya, among the most disgusting and gut-sickening episodes in US history.

Hersh’s studies and source-leaks from disgruntled high DIA and Pentagon staff point to Sect’y Clinton’s role in this whole sorry debacle, from overthrow to the mob attack on the US embassy, in which Ambassador Stevens and several others lost their lives. As Zuesse perhaps over-stated slightly, Hersh came just shy of saying that Hillary personally oversaw the transfer of sarin gas along the “rat line” from Libya to Turkey to Jubhat al-Nusra to be used on Syrian citizens and blamed on Assad.

Along with France’s Sarkozy, Clinton certainly spearheaded the overthrow of Ghedaffi. (Links on Libya below). Her emails confirm what readers of alternative and independent press long have understood: this was mainly to kill the gold-backed dinar, secondly to steal his gold, thirdly, to set up operations for the overthrow of Assad. We remember she cackled in hideous glee over the brutal execution of the most benevolent dictator of the Middle East (bayonet up the butt).

After the overthrow, the US “embassy” in Libya was little more than a drug-and-arms running operation, a base for the US’s incessant war on the East, especially on Russia, often perpetrated with pseudo-Islamic takfiri terrorism. Clinton also directed operations during the Benghazi ambassadorial massacres, commanding Africom and the CIA to stand down. Her State Department oversaw the horrific destruction of that prosperous country and its transformation into the ISIS base it has become, while her protegé Victoria Nuland oversees a similar destruction of nation-states and calamitous transformation of society in Eastern Europe.”Identity politics”, easily manipulated, are employed as a weapon of mass destruction.

Neo-conmen and neo-conwomen function the same on both sides of the aisle. As many of my early posts relate, we know John McCain, head of the Senate Armed Services Committee, is involved in executing similar policies of territorial expansion through terrorist proxy. Probably the hate-frothing Lindsay Graham, also on the Senate Terrorism Appropriations committee, is similarly involved. He is presently hanging with the Big Boys at the Bilderberger meeting in Dresden – frighteningly, Mad General Breedlove, NATO Commander, is also there this year, along with regulars like Google’s Eric Schmidt and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands).

So this is not a political “party” matter whatsoever. Actually very little that is important really is. The real Benghazi story goes as unremarked and unmentioned in Pravda Right (FoxNews) as in Pravda Left (NYTimes). Where the US left and US right agree is not the ‘moderate middle’ but usually the extreme of dissimulation and falsification. (Apologies to Pravda.)

Not that politics or national loyalties matter much to Hillary. She sold secrets and uranium (extorted from Western ranchers) to all sides, following in the footsteps of Rockefellers and Rothschilds in considering warfare a universal Good and unending source of family profit. In the end, nation-states mean nothing to the ‘globalists’, who are old-style patrimonial houses in the basic political sense differing from the mobile Houses of Este and Borgia only in the profound obfuscation of the operations and bases of their power. They differ also in the quick post-modern financial “magic” of their asset-stripping measures, the first half of what Catherine Austin-Fitts calls their “central banking – warfare” model of totalitarian power.

It’s now or never. If Hillary doesn’t go to jail, the Bush-Clinton crime cabal (formerly the Dulles-Bush crime cabal) will continue to tyrannize the world. They are not, however, modern history’s most malevolent tyrants. While I’m hoping, let’s hope further that pulling this string unravels the whole stinking cartel, that the Clinton-Bush exposure also reveals (to the sleeping US public) the obvious and plentiful links between these 20th century patrimonial upstarts and the older families of OILigarchs, central banksters and other Lords of Commerce and Industry that arose in earlier generations, often deriving from European extraction. It’s time to clean house of all their pox-filled Houses.

Here are some links I’ve picked up just in the last few days, mostly about the situation in California but also pertaining to some wider Clinton crime family contexts. Of course, this represents but the tip of the iceberg.

2.5 million CA votes still not counted:



Bernie defrauded in CA:

A farcical Democratic primary :

Chomsky on education and the elections:

And some wider contexts:

The military-industrial complex is now the military-industrial-intel complex, and helps out accordingly (you would think they’d teach her about that little device called a password):


George Soros is involved in the NWO agenda at every level; his forté is using ‘identity politics’ to divide and conquer:

Here the Wall St Journal attempts a “limited hangout” semi-takedown of Hillary on the email scandal: it was “just about drones.” However, this may suggest a creeping condemnation will be permitted by the FBI, State, the CIA, and whoever else is negotiating the next Prezidenshal elections.

But more is forced through the teeth of the mass media every day (still but a fraction of the truth). ABC reports on Hillary’s selling of offices; in this case on a

How the Clinton Crime Foundation works (much more on that in my earlier posts on the Oregon Malheur Refuge stand-off):

and here is Luke Radkowski (We are Change, 2015) on where it gets its money and whose foreign interests the Clinton State Department (still represented by Victoria (“F#ck the EU”) Nuland, evidently Kerry’s boss):

Charles Ortel on the Clinton Foundation as the largest charity fraud in history

Bill’s crimes go way back; I’m including nothing here of his known affiliations with the Lolita Express, the official airline of Jeffrey Epstein’s child prostitution ring, but here’s a murder that, like dozens and dozens of others to which ‘cui bono”‘ can only be answered “Clinton”.

Hillary and the DNCers (Terry McAuliffe also has no ‘national’ loyalities, but only to Hillary)

Hillary and the PNACers

A random link about her emails:

Jon Rappaport’s review of other times the Clintons tried the patience of their CIA bosses:

And here a list of links on Hillary’s escapade at State most in line with the prime directive of PNAC, expressed well in Trump’s characterization of Bill KKKristol: “The guy just wants to kill people and invade countries!”). Couldn’t have said it better myself:

Hillary’s role in the destruction of Libya and its transformation to an ISIS base of operations: some background reading

Fast and Furious arms-running with the Mexican cartels is connected to Libya and US support for ISIS; these are “globalists” after all. (Use of these videos should suggest no love for Alex Jones, whose AIPAC sympathies are well-known.)


And since Clinton is pointing to scandals involving Trump’s idiotic attempt at education, here is the Clinton’s even more dubious project in the same area:

Libertarians and Liberals unite!: Ron Paul likes Bernie (much more than Trump):

Greens and Liberals Unite! Jill Stein: “What We Fear from Donald Trump, We Have Already Seen from Hillary Clinton”:

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Paul Craig Roberts: A Voice of Reason in a “World On Fire”

Paul Craig Roberts Blasts US Brinksmanship


Since I came on his work several years ago, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has ranked high in my estimation. I’ve personally short-listed him for Council of Wise Elders that ought to head up a new Re-Constitutional Convention after the End of the Republic, ‘sick-jokingly’ referenced by Obama in his last Correspondent’s Dinner, and referenced in turn by Roberts in this interview. Despite Robert’s responsibility, as Asst Sect’y of Treasury under Reagan, for “trickle-down” economics — among the great government scams of my youth — Roberts is nearly unique among top-ranking former political figures to see the world for what it is today.

Roberts courageous vision is truly global, and it stretches from the underclass to upper-class; it encompasses both realism and compassion borne of long experience. I think he probably now would argue that realism, not compassion, was missing in the “trickle-down” era. “In theory”, he might say, trickle-down economics would and could have worked if handled by honest power-brokers. But the system was already broken, and making the rich richer did not lift any other boats, while de-regulation simply ensconced the already extensive power of the oligarchs.

Poppy Bush already ran the country in that day, having boxed Reagan into a cage of half-informed impotence. While Reagan smiled through a senile fog, HW moved his drugs, his arms, his oil, and his influence to lay down the foundations of a decidedly post-Soviet “new world order.” (This left no room for Russia either, as later became evident.) The core neo-conmen, Cheney and Rumsfeld, whose offspring rule the roost in our own day, already were lurking in the Reagan White House.

In this interview, Roberts has dire pronouncements, and timely righteous jeremiads against his ancient foes, for the neo-cons have recently redoubled efforts to prosecute WW3 beyond the ongoing proxy and puppet wars in the Middle East and the Ukraine. Roberts gives a concise, yet sweeping, 25-minute summary as to the present-day consequences of living in a military-industrial corporatocracy hell-bent on global domination. This interview covers every side of a “World on Fire”, as the interviewer named the May 10 piece.

In a quick, logical treatment of major issues, Roberts delivers a searing, wide-ranging critique of the US neo-con empire, now threatening, in a dozen hot spots across the globe, a wider, hotter, and more overt WW3 against Russia and China.

Here’s an updated summary:

Having been thrust aside in some of its Syrian ambitions, the US Plan B is now intent on taking back Raqqa from ISIS with the help of the motley SDF forces. However, they will prosecute this war only after allowing Raqqa’s ISIS fighters flee to Deir Ezzor with their heavy weaponry. It is more crucial for Western oil interests that Deir Ezzor be defended than the ISIS “capital” in Syria. The West hopes to turn Raqqa into an Erbil, a more or less overtly puppeted province of a country whose sovereignty it wants to destroy. ISIS is being forced south to confront Assad yet more directly.

Despite Kerry’s reassuring words in Vienna, the US has directed its proxies to continue, nay redouble their war efforts. It feels like a last stand. After having been forced to declare al-Qaeda (al-Nusra) a terrorist group, the US stood by its new favorites, all supplied through Turkey, the Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham. These have all perpetrated horrific massacres in the last weeks. Ahrar al-Sham, not ISIS as reported in the Western press, is probably responsible for the recent blasts in Tartus and Jublah. The US not only failed to condemn these massacres, but State Department spokesfool Mark Toner shrugged off a Russian journalist’s queries with ‘well, the regime has done stuff like that,’ which is a bald-faced lie. US allies’ hands are all over the attacks, especially Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Only the US backed “rebels” have methodically and systematically targetted citizens. Only US airstrikes methodically and systematically targeted Syrian civilian infrastructure.

New Centcom commander General Votel, once Obama’s top assassination man, made a not-so-secret visit to Syria reportedly to meet with Kurds and the 250 Spec Ops troops now arriving. This provoked fits of jealousy from the FSA. Since this “secret” was plastered all over the news, even the controlled mass media, it seems likely something else is being hidden. In less verifiable accounts, the secret worth hiding was that he met with ISIS officials in Raqqa to plot their next moves. McClatchy, reported that an Ahrar al-Sham official travelled openly to the US. The State Department denied knowledge, but more likely arranged his travel and hotel accommodations. VT reports, without confirming evidence, that Hezbollah has captured a CIA officer commanding al-Nusra fighters in Aleppo.

More broadly, the US is now performing naval maneuvers along Russian seas and muscling more weaponry to Russia’s borders in the Baltics and Romania. It is running military exercises in Georgia and it has formally invited Montenegro to join NATO after Reagan promised Gorbachov that NATO would not move eastwards even “an inch.”

How does these aggressive war maneuvers play hier bei uns? Facilitated by a prostrate and compliant US press, the State Department hypocritically and outlandishly complains when Russians — in response to NATO activities — moves additional troops to their own borders. When the US sends a flurry of ships to the Baltic Sea, a few dozen miles from Russia, and gets a warning fighter jet barrel-roll — friendly reminder of why the USS Donald Cook ought to be re-named the USS Donald Duck — it takes offense and calls Russia provocative. (Last year, when the same US ship crossed into Russian waters in the Black Sea, a Russian jet with an unknown type of jamming device — reportedly disabled the AEGIS and other ship electronics, leaving the destroyer a “sitting duck”. Western sources deny this ever happened.)

Elsewhere, the US muscles through the South China Sea like it was the South Carolina Sea. The US public is cajoled into militant acquiescence by the notion of “Chinese threats” to “free trade”. In the real world, even Communist China has more free trade and free market than the Manipulated Market and Counterfeit Money Magic of the US Bankster-Oligopolists. US troops now have joined their Blackwater buddies and US advanced weaponry in Yemen in support of the beleagured Saudis and in several locales now move to counter Chinese advances in Africa.

The Eastern BRICS alliance is more successfully under attack in Brazil, where a soft coup against Dilma Rousseff was undertaken by the most corrupt politicians in the country on trumped up charges of corruption against her elected government. Such are the matters briefly touched on in this Roberts interview.

The US seems intent upon provoking Russia, China, and their eastern and southern allies in every way it possibly can. So the toilet-drain cycle of violence is intended to get underway. So far Putin has not fallen for such tactics, nor has Xi.However, Dilma does not hesitate to say “coup d’etat” and her supporters shout it in the streets. Hamid Karzai, long the US man in Kabul, now suggests that ISIS in Afghanistan is a Western plot to de-stabilize the country, and that US policy since the invasion seems, in retrospect, to have always intentionally cultivated the chaos of present.

Despite the blissful ignorance of a hypnogogic US public, at no time since the Cold War has the US acted so openly and aggressively against Russia and its allies, and across such a wide area. Perhaps foreign leaders’ awareness that the US public is enslaved and enthralled has kept them from responding with equivalent means.

The US press barely mentions events so far from US borders. When brief mention is made, it uses old and worn motifs to de-interpret the events in predictable ways. “Assad’s chemical weapons attacks” and “Russian aggression in Crimea” are thoroughly disproven and discredited accusations, but in attempting to justify US war-mongering around the world these falsehoods remain standard fare in faux-erudite NYTimes editorials. “Pravda Left” is in full and complete agreement in all such matters with the State Department, as with FoxNews, or “Pravda Right”. Actually, this demeans Pravda, which nowadays is a much better news source than either the US propaganda outlets.

If the US media makes little mention of these realities, and if the uniformly neo-con field of our bi-polar political party establishments are completely complicit with the corporate-terrorist state that purveys these policies and their media obfuscations, even Trump and Sanders, our presidential “alternatives”, offer little to enlighten dim public awareness as to the globe’s rebellion against US hegemony.

Sanders indeed took a courageous stand against AIPAC (something only a Jew realistically could have done, but even so, vastly admirable). But his remarks were too general to effectively stem the US-NATO-Israeli- Wahhabi –takfiri terrorist Axis of Real Evil from its imperial pursuits. I still have hopes for Bernie in 2016, and Hillary for jail before Halloween. Already on public record is enough evidence to lock her up for life. Thanks in part to alternative and foreign sources, information is battering at the walls of the controlled mass media. The handlers of these institutions may be forced to cut their losses. Sorry Hillary, your superiors really are misogynist, despite their advocacy of radical, that is, dumb-headed essentialist feminism and other simplistic “identity” favorites of the lazy-minded left. The president-makers, it seems, have settled on a new hater-in-chief, one that wields the weaponry of essentialist characterizations with alacrity and enthusiasm.

As he rises in the polls, Trump is increasingly talking like a neo-con. Reading from a teleprompter for once in his life, Trump humbly and dutifully prostrated himself before AIPAC, the same foreign interest group and spy base that Bernie righteously condemned. Hillary, of course, positively relishes to demean and abase herself before AIPAC, CFR, the PNACers — if there’s anything left after selling herself to Goldman Sucks. Now Trump looks as bad. After humiliating himself before the Zionist lobby, he has accepted the courtship of Sheldon Adelson, the corrupt Las Vegas casino dealer and Israeli media blowhard. My marginal hopes for a game-changer from the right have been dashed.

Trump’s accusations that China is playing a dirty game with currency is so de-contextualized as to amount to a lie, and his assertion that he would pay off the US debt by just printing more money, shows exactly why the rest of the globe hates US so much. Our ability to print money that is held both in currency reserves and as debt by everyone else, gives the US imperial monetary leverage, much like its military engulfs the rest of the world. This is the only thing truly “backing” the fiat petrodollar. Only honest brokers or a committee of angels could not be corrupted by such absolute power, and we have, by best estimates, a globalist psychopathocracy at the helm of this country that has ‘voted’ away all outside regulatory agency.

In this concise, passionate interview the former Asst Sect’y of the Treasury under Reagan hits all the bases, and covers the globe from political, economic and military angles, detailing a crescendo of aggressive Western bloc activity in recent weeks. This, in fact, is the expected lashing of the imperial Hydra’s tail (and the weakening of its tale), after a head or two had been pinned down in Syria. Robert’s dire warnings that the present global conflicts could easily explode into much greater conflagrations, is realistic. It is not optimal that we must rely on the patience and good sense of foreign leaders whose countries have been abused by our own leadership. A general US awareness of what our policy makers are up to would be the best brake on the insane path to war obsessed on by US mis-leadership.

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Plan B From Outer State – The US Regroups in Syria

The US long has played a duplicitous game in Syria and Iraq, thus we should be wary (and certainly weary) of its recent reaffirmations of a resolve to combat ISIS, its more reluctant admission that Jubhat al-Nusra is also a terrorist army, and its willingness to cooperate with Russia in a few strategic matters.

The US signed on to the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) truce but has not stopped its meddling in Syria, nor its tired routine that “Assad must go.” While State Sect’y Kerry has been the administration’s back-pedaller in chief, he also has threatened a “Plan B” would be unleashed upon Syria if the truce did not develop in a favorable direction. Kerry gave the world until August, but it seems Plan B is already operative.

The US is shifting its tactics in wake of the successes of the SAA following the Russian interventions. But is not easy to read the strategies nor intent of the US in this new round of the ISIS wars, in part because the intents are many and contradictory, and in part because, in these battles, the US excels only in duplicity. The actors as well as the actions are exceedingly complex, probably chaotic.

The CIA, the State Department, the Pentagon, and the President seem to be fighting different wars at times, and there are divisions within the divisions. Over the last 8 months, US policy-drivers has swung between neo-conservative insanity, given voice and appropriations power in Congress by McCain and Graham, and more reasonable and realistic voices of the US imperium, such as General Dempsey and John Kerry.

Recently, from a similar milieu, former Defense Sect’y Chuck Hagel gave an interview urging “balance” and an ameliorative tone with the rest of the globe. His critiques focus on an unthinking US imperative to “police” the world. This is precisely the imperative, cynically made moralizing, of “liberal interventionists” everywhere. I have charted the ups and downs of these two sides of our hard and harder war-mongering elites over the last 9 months. The volatility of the political shifts resembles that of the markets.

Other politicians give even greater reason for hope, or would, if they were heard by the US public or even dimly reflected in the discourses of our two “alternative” candidates, Trump and Sanders. Certainly, Tulsi Gabbard is Congress’ most eloquent voice of reason in foreign affairs. Her caution about foreign adventures is not that of John Kerry or General Dempsey; it envisions peace with our neighbors, not a more stealthy takeover. Her recent warning to the new troops to remember who they are there to fight in Syria was a bracing novelty.

Virginia State Senator Dick Black here gives an astoundingly in-depth 48-minute presentation of US support for the takfiri terrorists on his return from Syria. He assesses US policy not just misguided, but “insane.” He will probably be called a terrorist in his next campaign. These eloquent voices of simple reason, so exceptional in these times, still seem to be political ‘outsiders’, and hardly in the circles of the true “deciders” (quoting W).

In the next posts, I will try to discern and decry the “deciders'” intents behind apparent US strategy in Syria (and Iraq) now that the Russian campaigns re-set the field and the so-called truce has established that ISIS and al-Nusra are terrorist organizations.

Of one thing we can be sure Plan B entails: the US intends to hold on to the major oil-producing regions of Syria and Iraq. We do not yet know which proxies and puppets will be used to secure them, and which may be sacrificed. “The Kurds”, many different kinds, will play a big role. The House of Barzani has  already turned over Iraqi Kurdistan’s sovereignty to DC, Tel Aviv, and Ankara.

The Syrian Kurds of the Rojava Republic, however, and their armed forces, the YPG, now play a most crucial role in the new arrangement/s. As the US has been forced to curtail some of its most ambitious objectives (in the south), the Syrian Kurds have gained in prominence, and play the leading role in the US’ new hope for al-Hasaka and northeast Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). So far the Syrian Kurds have juggled their friendships with Russia and US deftly, but they are in a dangerous game (as they well know.)

Nationalist Turkey is not happy about this development, foreseen for some time. Erdogan, Turkish intelligence (MIT) and other ISIS supporting Turkish factions — not real Sunnis but Wahhabis; not ethnically diverse servants of the House of Osman, but nationalist bigots, not true Muslims or even Islamists, but Grey Wolf militants — are outraged.

Turkey’s courageous journalists and MPs continue to expose the Erdogan regime’s crimes, while crimes against them continue. The Turks have gotten ISIS to bomb Kilis, the Kurdish town on the Turkish side of the border, and have brought artillery to bear on the region. The US will send Patriot missiles to help out, even though their allies the Kurds are likely to suffer most, for the umpteenth time. Erdogan stays in power the same way the Bush-Clinton cartel stay on tops here, by total media control. This can last only so long.

Stinking from the Russian expose on Erdogan’s lucrative ISIS links, the US now turns its nose at the old ally. Now the US press now dutifully complains about Erdogan’s dictatorial streak, though the State Department treads carefully. The subject of Turkish support for ISIS has also been broached, but just a little, hier bei UnS. That hits a little too close to home.

Saudi Arabia’s FM Adel al-Jubair, looking hot under the collar, shrilly complains that Plan B shoulda started a long time ago. The Saudi royal family, except the blissfully unaware king, suspect they are not on the good side of Plan B at all. They know the US is cutting losses, and the Wahhabist puppets may be first to lose their royal heads. The US is finally letting a lawsuit proceed about the infamous 28 pages redacted from the Congressional 9/11 report. Everyone knows they implicate the royal family, as former Senator Bob Graham has most pressingly conveyed.

ISIS too may be on the chopping block; at least it may lose an arm or two. The US now threatens full-scale attacks on Mosul and Raqqa, the two strongest ISIS holds in Iraq and Syria. This may be punishment for losing Palmyra.In the meantime US airstrikes mercilessly pummel the civilian infrastructure and population of Mosul, just to give its ISIS captors a lesson.

Indeed, the proxy army of Erdogan and McCain now has vigorously renewed attacks around the desert city, and undertaken bloody suicide bombings in Baghdad.An alliance of the still-willing, the hardliners, contemplates a new initiative, led by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the most endangered.

It is not just the Russian bombing campaign that changed the direction of this war; it is the Russian information campaign against Turkey. The ISIS-Turkey link has been exposed to the world, if but little yet to the US public. But if the US press now lambasts Erdogan, there is good reason for the US terror-training elites to cut their losses. It too may serve an economy of downsizing. They also may wish more direct, and a degree less ILLegitimate, control over the main oil-producing regions in northeastern Syria and northwestern Iraq.

What is the US up to? The State Department Spokesman from Outer Space Tries to Explain Those Boots on the Ground

As previously reported, 250 new Spec Ops are headed to Syria. After long asserting that the US would put no “boots on the ground” in Syria, then, after letting on that 50 were already there, Obama finally and fully reversed course, including the course of history, a few weeks ago. The newest contingent of 250 is not huge, in simple numbers, but the addition of these highly-trained troops amounts to a massive multiplier of US operational potential.

Of course, Obama and “post-reality” State Department spokesman Mark Toner now have entirely forgotten that they ever said the US would commit no troops to Syria, though 16 mentions have been recorded.

If we now learn that “50”, or “300” SpecOps are in Syria, or a few thousand US troops are in Iraq, we may assume the true number is some multiple of that.We must assume, based on past experience, that the US continues to falsify its true intents as well, and of course, it must obscure its past systematic support of terrorism and takfiri mercenary armies, no matter what its present schemes entail.

It is quite easy to read the actions of its proxies however: the FSA, Ahrar al Sham, and new favorite Muhammad Alloush’s Jaysh al-Islam, as well as the two groups the US was forced, at Geneva, to recognize as terrorist organizations but continues to support, Jubhat al-Nusra, and ISIS, as well as major US puppets in the region, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. (Israel is no puppet but one of the idiotic ‘masterminds’.) It is plain from their actions that the principle US intent is to undermine the ceasefire and seize control of what they can of Assad’s Syria, though toppling him now seems out of reach.

If the US is eyeing more direct control of the oil-producing regions of Syria, probably from al-Hasaka, and will play a less direct role in the west, it seems intent that its proxies around Aleppo and Damascus continue to be fed supplies to be used in a war of attrition against the SAA and the Syrian people. Chemical weapons have been brazenly used in the last weeks, by Ahrar al-Sham in Syria and ISIS in Iraq. Across the board, the US seems intent to spark a war of all-against-all in the west of Syria. It is no surprise, if we look at the global view. In an upcoming post, I will review a dozen different US provocations of Russia and China in the last weeks. The true Axis of Evil is taking its losses in Syria badly. Its potential losses on the trembling petrodollar will also be updated shortly.

Speaking of duplicity, the US also falsifies the sentiments of wizened Syrians and Iraqis. These now know much better the wiles of the Western imperium, than does their servile US ‘electorate’. The Syrian Foreign Ministry has called the reported deployment of 150 US troops to Rmeilan airport in the Northeast of the country as “an unacceptable and illegal intervention” which came without authorization from the Syrian government. In Foggy Bottom and at the NYTimes, nobody’s hearing a word.

I concur with Harrison Koehli‘s assessment, “Ordinary Syrians (also) know the game. In response to the U.S.’s illegal invasion of around 150 U.S. troops in Hasaka, in northern Syria, residents and local authorities protested the move: “We are categorically against the impermissible and flagrant violation of our country’s sovereignty. We will not allow American boots on our soil. We are also against any plans for a division or federalization of Syria,” Al-Hasaka Governor Mohammad Zaal said during the rally in Hasaka, the state news agency reported. A similar rally had earlier been held in the neighboring town of Qamishli.

(This in fact is what government ought to do. One of the founding institutions of the American Revolution was the Committee of Correspondence, which was responsible to get transparent information to the community, as well as the more famous Committee of Safety, whose intent is obvious.)

Despite the anti-ISIS rhetoric, everyone not enslaved by the Western media blackout now knows who the US typically supports, and who it typically destroys. If Syrian infrastructure and civilian population has suffered far more grievously than ISIS or al-Nusra in two-year campaigns of the 60-something country US-led coalition, the same is sadly true for US interventions in Iraq. We earlier linked to several tragic “friendly-fire” episodes where Iraqi troops on the verge of victories over ISIS were bombarded with dozens of deaths. Mosul in particular has been decimated by recent US attacks, as this sad report confirms.

As a year ago, US attacks are directed first and foremost at civilian infrastructure and civilians themselves. Sometimes they apologize, or say it was ‘collateral damage’. But ISIS has never had to sustain any serious attack from US forces. Will that now change? Will a real attack be made on Mosul? Only if the US can be sure the Iraqi army is outnumbered or outplayed by US subordinates. Will an attack on Raqqa be made? This seems more likely, but not a given. We will look more closely at the Kurds and ISIS in the next post.

Proxies come and proxies go, but the US is really there to control the most precious oil production regions of the two countries, either directly or through Kurds (which ones will sign on?) and/or ISIS — and to oppose the further consolidation of SAA and Russian advances. This is the essence of “Plan B”, which Kerry threatened to unleash in August if the ceasefire does not produce results to the US liking. But the quick upsurge in US “boots” on the ground in both Syria and Iraq, and the quick upsurge in rhetorical posturing, suggests Plan B is already operative, and not much different from Plan A, except the unspoken, begrudging acknowledgement of a few new “facts on the ground”, like “Assad will stay.”

Actions also suggest some US puppets and proxies are irretrievably sullied, and the contagion has surely spread hier bei UnS. (Brennan is already dreaming himself dressed as Lady Macbeth,”Out, out, damned spot…”). The eventual removal of ISIS represents simply the decennial shift in Gladio-style patsies and proxies. Likewise, nearby puppet kings and dictators and perhaps party bosses too may now be tumbled.The Fourth Reich swears no “entangling alliances”, except with Israel and Great Britain.

US blood may have been shed against ISIS once again, but there is no reason to believe ‘white hats’ or Sy Hersh’s rational actors in the Pentagon now are ascendant. We may hope, but there is no concrete reason to believe US anti-ISIS attacks are genuine, or will be sustained beyond the usual few days of press-worthy coverage. There is yet no reason to believe, in short, that the simple factual reason of Tulsi Gabbard or Dick Black has gained traction amongst our “deciders.”

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Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal

Anonymous, the mostly toothless hackster activists, do put out good videos. (There’s something to be said for a bark, even when there is little bite.) Though not one of their snazzier productions, here is a fact-packed 25-minute rundown on Hillary’s loooooong and horrific record of crimes, corruption, and abuses of power. With time to do little more than list the sordid scandals, the video does not even get around to mentioning her leading role in international war crimes, from Libya to Honduras, that have left countless thousands of innocents dead (and the Clintons rich). These are crimes in which the full US administration and both political “parties” are fully complicit. (And the US taxpayer, in very concrete ways, “responsible.”)




Here is the entire documentary, just out (I haven’t watched it yet).



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Karmic Retribution: The Western Alliance Self-Deconstructs

note: this has been published at

Introduction: Prospects for Syria in light of elections and the Geneva talks

In Syria, elections were carried out last Wednesday, quite free and fair in respect to the primaries in the US. The numbers of women, Christians, and Sunnis elected ought to dispel the calumnies of the Western press, that the Assad regime is strictly Alawite sectarian. (To begin with, Bashar al-Assad is married to a Sunni.) These elections harbor a tenuous promise that is echoed by the semi-success of the Syrian ceasefire.

However, as the Geneva talks resume, few have hopes for quick permanent fixes. The crucial parties to the negotiations have not yet been settled in a logical manner. Kurds have been sidelined and the Saudi-assembled HNC have been included, and several foreign powers seem intent to poor fuel on the fire of still simmering tensions. Most manifestly, these naysayers and provocateurs include Turkey and Saudi Arabia, but the US and other NATO allies are also continuing their covert support for ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorist factions. They still want Assad out, and are happy to use the vilest means to get there.

Sad to say, despite a tenuous but mostly successful 6-week ceasefire in Syria, the US and its allies also continue to talk out of both sides of their mouths, as they try to wriggle out of the corner into which they have been forced by the events of the last six months. Having been forced to acknowledge the success of Russia, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its Iranian and Hezbollah allies in mostly clearing the terrorists from the corridor of important cities in the west of Syria, the US now tries to claim credit for these successes as much as the gullible Western press will swallow that lie.

The US State Dept also continues to propose, or threaten rather, a literally and forthrightly divisive “Plan B”, which is essentially the Western Plan A re-gurgitated in the wake of Assad’s successes. This still envisions the fragmentation of Syria into minute and powerless statelets, including a tiny Alawite one for Assad (not recognizing that much of his cabinet, many of his generals, and most of his army are Sunni, or even Christian.)

The West continues to act in support of several opposing sides of the conflict; “their” Kurds and “their” takfiri terrorists are now fighting each other with US arms, as I mentioned last time. Raytheon can’t complain, but this does not seem just the usual omnivorous profit-seeking motive of the military-industrial complex. Rather, it may reflect deep fissures in the Western alliances, and within the US power structure itself.

Deconstructing US “Walks” and “Talks” Following the Ceasefire

In recent weeks, the US has engaged in sporadic anti-terrorist activity, mainly aimed at high profile terrorist leaders who may harbor incriminating information about their puppet-masters, while continuing to stream arms to its anti-Assad proxies, including ISIS and Jubhat al-Nusra. These are the two groups all parties at Geneva have been forced to conclude are ‘terrorist’. These two groups continue to be fair game even during the truce.

Some US cooperation with Russia is creeping into relations after stark refusals to cooperate six months ago, but this plainly is only because the US is now cornered, its covert operations increasingly rendered overt. The US does not want to be subject to the terrifying “information warfare” waged by Russia against Erdogan after their fighter was shot down over Syria. Kerry gave unusual compliments to Putin recently, and Putin returned them to Obama. Russia and the US are now exchanging intel on Jubhat al-Nusra, even though many, hier bei uns, are still reluctant to call David Petraeus’ favorite proxy “terrorists”.

In fact, the US is up to its old tricks, even as fresh background has emerged about USArms-Running International, from Eastern Europe to ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Poland plays an important role in this as well as it better-known anti-Russian role as chief puppet belligerent among the old Warsaw Pact members now beholden to “Western democracy”.

In other old news, newly emerging, a former CIA operative who says he had “infiltrated” both Taliban and al-Qaeda, complains that we could have taken out Assad in 2012 with these connections, but Obama refused to grant the go-ahead.

In other ongoing duplicitous behaviour, the US and its partners continue to engage in a terrorist “catch-and-release” program. You couldn’t get Ankara, Paris or Brussels without the help of police and intel officialdom which is plainly collaborative with Erdogan’s thugs.

I often have commented on the oil-for-arms trade that implicates Turkey most obviously, along with the US Gulf allies, but which also could not operate without Western banks, intelligence agencies, and political apparati. I too have linked several times to VT’s reporting on Turkey’s dismantling and theft of entire Syrian factories. But, perhaps surprising given my background (or expected), I have not mentioned another avenue of terrorist-trade-with-the-West: in stolen antiquities. At least 26 million dollars worth, it is estimated, have been shipped from Syria through Turkey mostly to Western connoisseurs. Erdogan no doubt gets as much a bargain on these as he does ISIS-Barzani oil thefts from Baghdad and Damascus.

Despite a few high profile attacks on ISIS compounds and leaders, US forces have been caught supplying and supporting the terrorists in numerous ways over the last several weeks of “ceasefire.” Iraqi police have photographed US aircraft dropping “tons of weapons” to ISIS groups, in one report. US food shipments have been found in the Beiji oil refinery in Iraq, recently re-captured from ISIS, in another. In Yemen, the US also continues to supply ISIS in a time-honored way, by leaving vast quantities behind while suddenly fleeing. Several accounts report ongoing shipments of US weapons and supplies to Jubhat al-Nusra, the other terrorist group outside the ceasefire.


This is in fact, precisely what the US has said it would do, in so many words. We must merely note that it continues to call ISIS and al-Nusra “moderate rebels” when it makes public announcements about fresh attempts to send weapons and recruits to Syria. As the Wall Street Journal reported, telling more than it knows, “the CIA and its regional partners” plan to ship more powerful weapons to Syria, including the anti-aircraft weaponry McCain has requested many times. (In fact, the Turkish intel agency MIT operates with the same impunity and autonomy and perhaps independent sources of illegal funding that the CIA does). Now, think about flying over the Middle East with Manpads in the hands of these nutcases and mercenaries.

“Diplomatically”, the State Department threatens a Plan B of Syrian fragmentation while militarily the Pentagon has revived its arm-and-equip training program for ‘rebels’. If the Obama-Dempsey consensus was to let the proxies do our fighting, and the nagging Bushies and Clintonites were ‘boots on the ground’ kind of people, present policy seems to be “a little bit of everything.”The US continues to enhance its military operations and that of its allies both in eastern Europe and the Middle East. B-52s, great for carpet bombing, are going to the US airbase in Qatar.

Twelve US generals are already in Iraq. After keeping the US presence under wraps, officials now admit several thousand troops are in Iraq, and several dozen SpecOps in Syria. The actual numbers are have been much higher, of course, but now Obama announces that more troops and Apache helicopters — all unasked for and unwanted by the Iraqi government — are headed that way. Even though in respect to the CIA (10,000 terrorists trained and equipped), the Pentagon failed miserably to put viable fighters on the ground (only “four or five”; thats single digits, not hundreds or thousands), General Allen is braving ridicule and proposing to dust off the old program and give it another go.

Far more threatening than the curiously inept Pentagon programs are those hailing from Langley, VA. The CIA is leading the movement to supply our terrorist proxies with anti-aircraft weaponry. This comes as the US tells Russia to back off from its ceasefire attacks on al-Nusra in Aleppo, because some FSA fighters, protected by the truce, have been embedded with al-Nusra and are dying in the SAA attacks. These FSA now sue for renewed war.

Plan B is ready and will be operative if the truce fails, CIA director John Brennan told Russian officials. This bellicosity is echoed by the State Department and the White House in a rare synchronization of rhetoric. “All bets will be off” Brennan says, and “the outside patrons will double and triple down” throwing more lethal weaponry, including anti-aircraft missiles, into Syria. Of course, all sides fail to say that those “outside patrons” include US, as well as the fingered, but unnamed Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Of course, it is easy to see the US is doing everything it can to undermine the ceasefire so it may proceed with Plan B, identical in most respects to the Deconstruct Syria plan of Brookings Institute resident idiot Michael O’Hanlon. You can see him here on Peter LaVelle’s Crosstalk, avoiding questions and withering under the criticism of the host and guests Michael Maloof, and Kamal Alam.

Plan B is the Deconstruct Syria plan of fragmentation in the guise of federalization. It is an old tactic of the ‘divide-and-conquer’ type; a set of petite mini-states unable to oppose Israel and other allied interests. These plans are various; those emanating from Israel are well-known predecessors to O’Hanlon‘s, but also plans for a strictly Syrian Kurdistan, under Ankara’s thumb in the manner of Erbil, has been a long-running joint venture of France’s neo-colonial elites and Turkey.

Houses Divided at Home : Karmic Retribution

If Iraq and Syria are houses divided, so has the US been similarly cursed, a befitting karmic retribution. The ‘battles’ between neo-cons and liberal interventionists in 21st century US policy have been pillow fights mostly; they agreed that world conquest and plunder was the aim but differed only on the means.

A deeper fissure now perhaps appears between the insane and the merely imperial, the chickenhawks, Pentagon warhawks and the CIA leadership on the one side, and those who realize what the global chessboard really looks like on the other. Some still hope and pray for the arrival of the mythical ‘white hats’ in these agencies who actually intend to work with Russia to clean Syria of ISIS and other terrorist factions and who actually respect national sovereignty of foreign nations and international law. Don’t hold your breath.

At least we must ask, if the fact that the US both supports and occasionally batters ISIS reflects a duplicitous or a fragmented policy, or rather, if it reflects two entirely separate policies and strategies conjured up by entirely different factions within the military and intel ‘communities.’

As the battle for northern Syria enters its final chapter, Pentagon-backed Kurds are now battling CIA-backed al-Nusra fighters, even as Turkish backed Turkmen battle Turkish backed ISIS in order to forestall the Kurdish re-possession of their homelands.

While the US press makes the US out to be the only rational player in the area, readers of alternative and world press are aware that, on the whole, the US strikes the most bellicose pose, not only in Syria and along other parts of the Russia frontier, but in the South China Sea as well.

Before addressing further ‘what divides Obama’s house’, let us look at the official ‘unified’ line on dividing Syria.

Certainly Turkey and Saudi Arabia, both teetering in their official approval ratings, still have avid supporters in the administration, and by all appearances, especially in the CIA. This long has been a command center of the Bush syndicate and the neo-con paranoiac-aggressive complex. Indeed, the CIA was the operational front of Empire even in the preceding Age of Allen Dulles.

The “deconstruct Syria” narrative is maintained on the basis, in part, of a historical lie, that ancient and in-erasable Sunni-Shi’a difference is behind the problem that only US conquest and asset-stripping can solve. (In fact, under the Ottomans and for most centuries previous, Sunni and Shia, Alawi and Druze, Christian and Jew, occupied Syria peacefully with many sects among each group.

Ex-Pentagon chief Robert Gates recently reiterated the false narrative that the rise of ISIS was due to the anti-Sunnism of the Iraqi government under PM al-Maliki. We may agree that sectarian tensions were greatly exacerbated by the destruction of Iraq by US forces, without suggesting that Sunnis necessarily become liver-eating idolators when Shi’a assume the Prime Ministry.

This assessment also contradicts DIA reports, confirmed by DIA chief General Michael Flynn, that the rise of ISIS was the “willful intent” of US officialdom, despite the contrary wishes of his agency. As I mentioned last post, the DIA seems to have its head on relatively straight. It was on their recommendation that Obama backed off on attacking Damascus in 2013 in the wake of shoddy intel concerning the chemical weapons attacks in Ghouta. The DIA stands out in a similar way in Sy Hersh’s articles on the Obama administrations support for radical and unvetted extremists to throw at Assad, and in General Flynn’s several criticisms.

But lo and behold, a process of Syrian unification actually seems underway, on the ground. So the recent elections testify, and military successes foretell further gains. Do the deconstructionists recognize this? They would like not to.

With Russian air support the SAA took back the ancient desert emporium, Palmyra, from ISIS. The US State Department spokesman Mark Toner was simply unable to contain his ambivalence or rather displeasure about the change of hands of Palmyra, the crucial capture before a projected attack on Deir Ezzor. Now, the US is now asking Russia to go easy on the terrorists in Aleppo however, even though most belong to Jubhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda in Syria, with whom General Petraeus publically called for alliance several months back.

Bona-fide US attitudes are also mirrored in their support for terrorist groups still represented in international negotiations. For instance, Jaysh al-Islam, which all sides acknowledge used chemical weapons against Kurdish civilians last week, continues to be claimed as ‘moderate’ by the West and its disruptive antics supported at Geneva.

Duplicity is characteristic throughout the US-led alliance. So is internal division, just what they wish on their principle ‘others.’

Of course, Turkey’s support for the terrorists of Syria and Iraq will continue at least as long as the House of Erdogan (so different that the House of Osman and so much like the House of Bush) subsists in power in Turkey. However, in this war of all against all (just what the corporate military complex loves) Erdogan’s proxies for once have taken active measures against ISIS, with which, as we have several times reported, Erdogan long has carried on a lucrative arms-for-oil business, with the help of the Barzani regime in Erbil, BP, HSBC, and steady Israeli oil purchases.

In this case, hatred for the Kurdish YPG ran deeper than love of takfiri terrorism. If the Kurds control the northern Syria borders, this will constitute an existential threat for Turkey as dire as the mere existence of Russia does for the US neo-cons.The SAA continues to inch towards the capture of Aleppo, and, with the help of the Kurds, to seal off the supply corridors north to Turkey. ISIS and al-Nusra, both equipped with US arms by Turkey, have been hit hard in these areas.

So, in recent weeks, Turkey pushed its Turkmen proxies to pre-empt a Kurdish occupation of former takfiri terrorist territory on its southern frontiers. Unfortunately for them, their acclaimed capture of the town of al-Rai from ISIS, was reversed a few days later. As we will see, Turkey is not the only country whose proxies and perhaps national operatives are working on both sides of the conflict. The US is similarly dis-united.

Until Azaz and the border regions north of Aleppo are taken, fresh ‘rebel’ recruits, and steady arms shipments will continue to enter Syria through these routes, even though they seem ever less capable of replacing takfiri losses. Nevertheless, the steady supplies enflame a Syria in truce only in precious portions of the country.

Russia and Syria in the views of US officialdom : Between Bellicosity and Deceit

The US press has adjusted its tone, just slightly, in regards to Putin, and has been forced to regard his Syrian intervention more positively. So has US officialdom in a more constrained fashion, even as many still hold to the old US tenets that Assad must go, and ISIS may stay. Obama concurred with Jeffrey Goldstein in his legacy Atlantic interview that the Russian leader who has so badly outplayed the West on the world stage was “nasty, brutish, and short,” but Kerry recently acknowledged he had learned something from his trip to Moscow, where he was ribbed by Putin for “carrying his own baggage“, a mysterious briefcase Kerry clutched while descending from the plane upon arrival for meetings with Putin and Russian officials.

Following those meetings, Kerry said: “It’s fair to say that today we have a better understanding of the decisions made by Russian President Vladimir Putin and recognize which path we should take going forward. …We have before us a long path, but I’m leaving with a better understanding of what steps we need to implement with our partners.”

Kerry rarely pronounces words in Moscow that are not reversed once he returns to DC. His are the threats that a Plan B, including the partition of Syria to be achieved by renewed supplies of arms to rebels, is forthcoming if the ceasefire does not hold. At the same time, the US does all it can to undermine the ceasefire, and justify its meddling with words contrived narratives and well-practiced bellicosity.

Though the CIA is the main operational front of US terrorist support, the Pentagon is the less competent face of “train-and-equip” programs, and its top brass the brassiest voices of imperial delusions. General Breedlove, soon thankfully to be relieved of his command of US NATO forces in Europe, continues his usual brand of paranoiac and apocalyptic threats. The Department of Defense has enwrapped the globe with its military and therefore Breedlove follows protocol in calling offense defense and deterrence aggression.Calling the build-up of US and NATO forces in Europe along the Russian border a transition from “assurance to deterrence”, Breedlove remains among the most histrionic of the “Russians are coming” delusional factions of the over-armed US military elite.

Even though it is an ocean and a continent away from the US, Russia also constituted an “existential threat” for the US during last year’s confirmation hearing for a seemingly more reasonable General Dunford, Obama’s new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

While the call for fresh US troops and arms for “moderate rebels” can be heard across the spectrum of US officialdom and the military brass, the US simultaneously has been trying to take credit for the decimation of ISIS by Russian, Iranian, and SAA forces. General Dunford testified before Congress that “better intelligence” is the reason for “our” great recent successes. This testimony came before Warhog-in-Chief John McCain’s Senate Armed Services Committee, the principle above-the-board appropriations platform for terrorist funding through the Pentagon. (Vastly larger resources are channeled, more covertly, through the CIA, as my posts at the end of last year reported.)

In less vituperative environments, Dunford has followed his “cautious” predecessor General Martin Dempsey, in urging restraint with US overseas adventures, at least when they involve US “boots on the ground”, the favorite de-humanizing characterization of our day. (As in “lost a couple more boots today”) He has also acknowledged the serious limitations of the present command structure, the implicit mea culpa needed to explain the poor showing of the US and its 62-country coalition in Syria, in respect to the efficient campaign carried out with minimal concrete intervention by the Russians.

Of course, the official narrative still assumes we are actually fighting ISIS, not supplying and supporting them. The US’ true feelings are expressed more in its reluctance to congratulate Syria and Russia on the re-capture of Palmyra.

These two-faced charades hide a duplicitous US power elite — or perhaps, an internally divided and violently feuding one. Certainly, the participants of a crumbling alliance of NATO members, Israel, and the West’s Sunni Gulf puppets, are also jockeying and bickering. Many indications suggest the US is ready to hang the Saudis out to dry, if the pseudo-serious 60 Minutes is now broaching the subject of the infamous 28 pages redacted on the Senate 9/11 report, then changes may be afoot. (These pages will tell us very little we do not already know, however they will bring Prince Bandar “Bush” and Prince Turki and the whole sordid issue back into public awareness.)

The US press also condemns a few of the most egregious of Turkish Boss of Bosses Erdogan’s abuses; the Russian information onslaught, showing the family’s trade in terror is a potato too hot for the US to handle. Thereby Ankara now is shaking hands with Israel, its truest friend in the region (As far as Erdogan personally was concerned, his association with the Gaza relief vessel Mavi Marmara was for show. IMHO, he has always been a man of Zion, probably a dönme).

The cease-fire, the partial Russian withdrawal, the Western failure to completely command the Geneva talks, were but the latest shocks to set the US and its allies back on their heels, exposing an ever greater gap between word and deed in each of them, and an gap in sovereign interests between them.

After the issue was raised by Donald Trump in his blasts against the Bush family, 9/11 has tentatively re-emerged as a domestic campaign meme, and in recent days, has quickly re-cast US relations with the House of Sa’ud. After the US threatened to expose Saudi Arabia’s (actually minor) role in 9/11, the Warrior Prince Muhammad bin Salman (Escobar’s title) has said he would start dumping US Treasuries the day after. King Salman, of course, smiles on with a senile gaze.

Economic ‘Blowback’ (Or was that also planned?)

Odd coincidence that. This may play into a larger set of chaotic strategizations underway across a globe already well into WW3. Tomorrow, on Tuesday April 19 China is going to open the new Shanghai Gold Fix, which will provide an alternative to the obviously corrupt Western based systems. These have kept the price of gold artificially low in respect to the reserve currency, the US paper petro-dollar. This is a fiat currency made increasingly worthless with QE, but since it is reserve currency of the world’s single hyperpower, it remains irrationally ‘strong’ in the currency markets. Since their debt is in dollars, the airy-fairy dollar rise over the last years is increasingly debilitating for many countries, especially the emerging market economies associated with BRICS whose revenues are dependent on commodity prices, now falling precipitously.

As tensions are really ramping up in the South China Sea and around the world, a few speculate that the Chinese may not stop with the gold fix, but may that very day also announce a new gold-backed yuan, aiming to replace the US dollar and ultimately collapse it. While the US public is taught to regard precious metals as “so 19th century”, many elites — and sovereign funds — are desperately accumulating them. This week too, already-troubled and junk-derivative dependent Deutsche Bank admitted guilt in the manipulation of  silver markets, and then a few hours later, of gold markets. DB swore it would identify other culprits. It will be hard to find big banks who weren’t involved, I imagine. Central banks are also implicated. Ben Bernanke’s former advisor said recently the US public would be stunned to know to what degree the Federal Reserve is privately owned. Most of the creme de la creme of US banks have recently failed their “living will” exams. The Fed has sent a “frightening” letter to JP Morgan (stocking up on precious metals), but this went unreported in the US press.

According to unofficial reports but a good deal of evidence, the Chinese have accumulated 20-30,000 tons of gold while our 8000+ likely has been stolen. (That’s why we don’t ‘audit the Fed’.) China certainly has vastly more than the 3000+ tons officially announced since they mine 500/year. If the Chinese do eventually present the world with a gold-backed yuan, declaring open war far beyond the present currency wars, then one would assume they too would start dumping US Treasury bonds, like the Sa’ud are threatening to do if we release the 9/11 report on them. Death of the dollar would be days away.

Now this full combo of actions would be an economic nuclear strike, as it were, so I don’t think its likely, but the new gold fix by itself is big news, a major blow to the imperial corporate state run out of banking houses in the US and Europe. Hopefully its effects, which will surely see sharp rises in gold and a falling of faith in the phoney-money of the fiat dollar system, will be muted. The petrodollar was backed only by US military might, but the prodigal and magical age of QE and ZIRP revealed to me and many others its inherently worthless character, just like that of the gangbankster scum who have run this country unopposed since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. The death of the dollar will be the curtain call of the US Empire, whether that occur this week, this year, or this decade. Hopefully it won’t play out too chaotically and too violently, and hopefully a quick awakening to the historical causes will lead to quick action towards resolution. Nevertheless, it is amazing we are so far into WW3 and most of America has not yet woken up to the fact.

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Putin Withdraws / Obama Retreats / Rats Abandon Ship

Russia’s initial withdrawal from Syria was announced about the same time Obama’s voluminous ‘interview for the ages’ was published in The Atlantic. Both are meant, in part, to control a narrative concerning the approaching end-game in Syria. Obama seems intent upon deflecting blame for the sorry showing of the US and its ambivalently “anti-ISIS” allies. Especially he wants to divert blame for the propagation of terrorism and failed states during his Presidency away from his Presidency. With enthusiasm and aplomb, and over the skeptical views of his interviewer Jeffrey Goldberg, Obama thrusts the blame back onto a motley group of war-mongers who, truth be told, historically have spearheaded these activities — neo-cons, liberal interventionists, DC ‘think-tank land’ stooges, and Turkish, Saudi, and Israeli lobbying interests. These are indeed the people that have dominated US foreign policy in the 21st century, or more precisely since the PNAC group got their wished-for “new Pearl Harbor” with 9/11 precisely a year after summoning it up as an inviting prospect.

Obama may be well advised to take distance from the record of his 8 years in office. To be sure, his precise role in all this remains ambiguous. The Nobel Peace Laureate has destroyed more countries than the Bushes after entering the White House on a peace platform. But we would be naive to think the Bushes, Clintons and other DC Houses have left Obama much prerogative after the corporate lobbies and especially AIPAC have exercised theirs. As Obama has always been more a power-broker than a power-holder, so shirking responsibility is perhaps an easier task for him than for the CEOs of earlier US regimes.

The Atlantic interview seems most intent to counter Seymour Hersh’s recent “Military to Military”, where Obama takes a beating. Hersh’s high-ranking but anonymous Pentagon source lumps Obama in with the crowd he condemns in the Atlantic interview. Reflecting the slant of his source, Hersh tries to defend the good sense of General Martin Dempsey and the Joint Chiefs, along with Gen. Flynn and the DIA, while fingering the president and the CIA for facilitating Middle Eastern chaos through Turkey and Saudi Arabia. This continues a campaign of damning reports, including “The Red Line and The Rat Line” by Hersh, which eviscerate the illegal and ill-advised tunnelling of Ghedaffi’s weaponry to unvetted fighters willing to sign on to the CIA’s plan to destroy Syria. These articles are particularly damaging for Hillary Clinton, but accuse Obama too of facilitating the rise of mercenary and takfiri terrorism throughout the Middle East. If we look back at Hersh’s 2007 “The Re-direction”, we see how little, in fact, changes in direction from Republican to Democrat administrations.

Now that Putin’s bombing campaigns in Syria, and an ever more assertive Baghdad, have exposed the close ties between the US, its allies, and ISIS, the rats are abandoning ship. Pointing fingers at each other as they go, the Western-led faux jihadist alliances unravel, revealing much about the intricacies of this Gordion knot of collusive, corporate-industrial violence.

As Obama fingers Clinton and Kerry for inadvisable support for unvetted militants, Rudy Giuliani, himself deeply implicated in 9/11, says Clinton should be considered “a founding member of ISIS”, not because she funneled arms there from Libya, but because she refused to back US troops on the ground. Meanwhile, out in Syria, Pentagon-backed ‘rebels,’ mostly Kurds, now clash with CIA-backed mercenaries and takfiri terrorists. Paraphrasing Donovan “The United States ain’t really united.” In a later article I will break down the various factions, both domestic and foreign, that these new events bring to light. Today, I will concentrate on Obama, a few close figures, and only the most important institutional actors.

What is the catalyst for this mass of mutual accusations and allegations, the legacy-salvaging, the finger-pointing and gun-pointing on the part of US Imperial officialdom and proxydom alike? The answer is obvious: Russia’s revealing success in Syria.

Putin’s “withdrawal” is but a strategic stepping-down, and only many more steps would constitute true withdrawal. Mainly he has replaced his big fighter-bombers with smaller ones, more apt for the terrain and enemies that now confront them. Its main effect is so far largely ‘for show’. But it ‘shows’ Putin keeping the word he gave going in. It also ‘shows up’ the US propaganda campaigns, that he was not serious about going after ISIS, or that he was bent on a permanent expansion of a neo-Soviet empire.

Mainly, Putin’s smug “mission almost accomplished” announcement ‘shows up’ the US  “anti-ISIS”military campaigns as farcical theatre. In a short period of time, Russian airstrikes against ISIS actually laid waste to their operations. As one commentator remarked, it took the West so much by surprise because Putin actually did what he said he would. There is basically no precedent for this in the West. The start of a withdrawal at this point corresponds closely to the stated objectives of the Russian campaign in Syria, given in the political terms of sovereignty and international law at his UN speech, and in strategic terms at the start of the airstrikes.

Obama has necessarily changed his tune since the UN General Assembly speeches, which came days before the Russians initiated their bombing runs. This too took the West completely by surprise, though days before, at the UN, Putin had given a complete set of his rationales and parameters for action against terrorism, their need for immediate application in Syria, and indeed practically the date and time for the intervention.

At the UN, Obama mouthed a very different philosophy, indistinguishable from the interventionism he now criticizes. The present caution of an elder statesman represents a return to the non-interventionist platform with which Obama’s career began. Unfortunately intervening are 8 years in which war parties have clearly had the upper hand in his administration. To be sure, Obama pushed through the Iran deal, and has taken righteous verbal issue with the worst abuses of the Houses of Sa’ud and Likud, but the bright points are few, and the trail of destruction dark, smoking, and long.

Obama was first elected as a fresh face who had exhibited uncommon common sense by opposing the Iraq War. But once he was President and Nobel Peace Laureate, Obama has steadily called for surges and invasions. He is now the world’s undisputed champion of drone assassinations and arms-trading, and it will take future Presidents a long time to match his record of collateral massacres of Pakistani marriage and funeral parties.

Obama is hardly the only Democrat to march in lock-step with the neo-conservatives, whatever they profess on the campaign trail. In the early days of the 2008 campaign “liberal interventionist” erstwhile candidate, ex-General, state-secret-sharing David Petraeus told the world, in mock horror, about the neo-con “policy coup” following 9/11 and its plan to take down “7 countries in 5 years”. If Obama has followed the basic lines of the overly optimistic brain-child of Cheney and Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Perle, so too Wesley Clark would have fulfilled their same demands had he been elected Commander in Chief. Last August, ex-General Clark, fresh from being mildly chastised for sharing top secret security leaks to his biographer/girlfriend, recommended the US formally ally with al-Qaeda to oppose Assad.

Nevertheless, with some good reason, Obama, along with his recently-retired Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey, long have been considered the ‘cautious’ members of a generally war-mongering administration dominated by the fetishists of “credibility” who pushed on Obama the idea of the “red line”, and then conspired to push him over it. However, though Obama has now further upped the volume of differences between his more cautious policies and those of the interventionists, including Kerry, still the contrasts are flexible and relative. Of course, this is the US. Rarely does actual policy correspond even in broad terms with stated intentions.

We should remember that Obama’s main difference with the neo-cons was how to take down Assad and Syria (and control Pipelinestan). They concurred completely in setting aside international law and all respect for national sovereignty, and cooperatively doctored a picture of Syria and Assad that would fit their recipe for takeover. Obama (and Wesley Clark) preferred to do national destruction and asset-stripping with proxies, run mainly through the CIA, (and their specialties — finance, trade, and privatization “agreements”) while Pentagon hardliners, spokesfolk for the military-industrial complex like McCain, and the Israel-first neo-cons wanted US “boots” on the ground (bodies rather).

Nothing conveys more eloquently the tight corner into which contradictory US rhetoric and action has painted itself than the overt squirming, and hemming and hawing, exhibited by Mark Toner, US State Department’s endlessly befuddled spokesguy, when asked if they’d prefer the SAA or ISIS to be holding Palmyra.

While “7 countries in 5 years” proved to be beyond their wild dreams, and several strategic variations were then tabled, it is clear Syria was meant to follow the same trajectory as Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq and Libya before Putin got involved. (Iran is last on the list.) Now, times have changed, the imperial farce has been exposed, and Obama wants out. As I will discuss further in a later article, so do many others of the ISIS-support crowd want out, both domestic and foreign. Only the most centrally-involved, like Clinton, McCain, and the CIA, refuse to acknowledge the end-game approaching and do not seem even to contemplate that option. Others, like Kerry, playing both sides so far, have yet to make a choice.

Struck Down by Putin On the Road to Damascus: Will Obama Regain His Sight?

In his interview Jeffrey Goldberg and Obama agree he had tried to resolve international tensions and then extricate himself from the Middle East several times during his Presidency, but each time, like the Mafia to Michael Corleone, its intransigent hold pulled him back in. He may as well have been talking about the “DC think tank establishment” he loves to hate and which in this article is reflected in the foil of Jeffrey Goldberg. (Now there’s a sentiment I share with Obama). Of course, ThinkTankistan is a varied land — there are many varieties of chickenhawk — but it is plain that Obama is speaking realistically of the pseudo-intellectual hold of the PNAC expansionist crowd in DC, the military-industrial corporate complex, the neo-cons, the Zionists, the Saudi oiligarchs, and US liberal interventionists all propounding blind religious faiths of ‘civilizational superiority’ while operating like, well, Mafiosi.

Obama would like to wash his hands of this crowd, I am sure, but in the interview, he and Goldberg agree he would like to wash his hands of the Middle East. He maintains that his high hopes for the Arab Spring were dashed by misguided rebel extremism, but it is entirely unclear whether or not he knows — he certainly never acknowledges — the full US role in radicalizing the rebellion then arming its worst elements.

As the ceasefire continues to half-hold, Putin’s pronouncement of ‘mission accomplishment’, looks to be a bit more realistic than that of W way back when we were still in year 1 of the Iraq War. But it also shows up Obama’s hand-wringing and hand-washing. The war is far from over, but Russia has turned the tide in Syria, and made transparent that the Western “anti-ISIS” alliance was anything but.

The 62 nation US-led “ambivalent alliance,” at work for a year and a half, in reality presided over the incessant expansion of ISIS to the Syrian east and al-Qaeda to the west (the CIA’s ugly twins, the CIAliphate and al-CIAduh). In six months a fairly small force of Russian aircraft managed to crush the terrorists while Russian intelligence exposed their financing and oil transfers, or rather the Turkish tip of it after the Turks illegally shot down a Russian fighter jet in Syria. The intel onslaught on Turkey continues; RT has released clips of a very damning documentary that is on the way.

That the tide has turned is suggested by events that have since transpired. This week, Palmyra, wrecked by ISIS occupation, has mostly be re-taken by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Barring unexpected setbacks, say, from a fresh contingent of ISIS recruits or covert US forces, the SAA, along with the remaining Hezbollah, Iranian al-Quds fighters, and the permanent Russian presence in Syria, should be able to complete the clearing of the main cities, Deir Ezzor, Aleppo, and Damascus suburbs within months. A similar positive prognosis holds for the prospects of the Iraqi Army at Mosul.

The importance of this changing tide can hardly be overstressed. If Westerners and their Middle Eastern allies had eliminated an autonomous Syria, they would have sealed a nearly complete encircling of a conjoined Russian and Iranian field of interests. This would have had powerful geo-political and economic consequences, especially for the energy industry, and left only China (with its important African power points) outside the reach of the cartel of Western corporate-empire domination.

Most concretely, Western control of Syria would have stymied access for Iranian gas to the Mediterranean. This, evidently, is why the neo-cons permitted Obama to sign an agreement with Iran. Iran was back-burnered, as Obama’s remarks in the Atlantic interview confirm. The US expects no change in the evil Iranian regime, Obama makes plain. Therefore, neither should we expect the US to entertain different long-term strategies, though tactics may have changed. Iranian containment, the Empire decided, would be applied elsewhere.

Even though Iranian energy production was relieved by the removal of sanctions, the Western strategists felt that they could still confine Iranian gas production to relative insignificance, by blocking it up in the Persian Gulf, by cutting off direct pipeline access to the Mediterranean and Europe, and by developing instead a pipeline, perhaps under Turkish control, from the Qatari gas fields, controlled by the House of al-Thani, number two puppet of Western oil and banking interests among the fake shaykhdoms of the Arab Gulf states. This was the prospect dangled by the US corporate-empire before Erdogan’s eyes, an illusion for which he gave up the much better offer of the Russian Gazprom Turkstream due to considerations more political than economic, more to the benefit of the corporate-empire than the Turkish people.

The effectiveness of the Russian campaigns have made obvious that the US-led “anti-ISIS” coalition was performing the opposite role of its stated intention, and rather acted in a concerted effort to support the takfiri terrorists in order to remove Assad and the Ba’ath regime in the interests of wider geo-political control, the “New World Order”, as GHW Bush conceived it on September 11, 1990 and Putin condemned at Valdai in 2014.

This, in short, is the newly-changed landscape in Syria, the ‘facts on the ground’ from which Obama is retreating and Putin withdrawing. It is a matter of time before reality shatters further the thin ‘post-reality’ facade erected by US official and media narratives concerning its Outrémere Empire. Obama is taking care not to be cut by the flying shards.

Still, it is true, US imperialists (exemplified in Kerry’s Plan B) continue to scheme, believing a battle has been lost, not the war, but ‘reality’ suggests otherwise. Syria was the crucial battle of WW3: it was Stalingrad, the Battle of the Bulge, Trafalgar, Waterloo, what have you.

Rather than keep the pressure on, the Russians now pull back. They understand dynamics: as the pendulum turns, as the swing gains its own momentum, you let go. This allows the US and its allies to save face, somewhat. It allows them to pick up the initiative and live true, for once, to their anti-terrorist rhetoric. Perhaps they will, or some of them will. They already abandoned al-Nusra in Geneva. Obama is bowing out of the support game, at least he says he is, and so are others (including King Abdullah of Jordan.)

Obama is aware the media blackout cannot last forever. It soon may dawn on long-unwary Western observers that the US military is not just singularly ineffective in its wars against terrorism, but that something far more nefarious is at work. As Brussels exemplifies, blowback is part of the same plan that uses your tax dollars to put TOW missiles in the hands of terrorists.

The Saker is among the most illuminating writers on this latest move, as on many others. He has an entirely convincing “politics first” take on Putin’s strategy, which is probably entirely beyond the scope of many military minds to understand. The Saker writes:

” instead of defeating Daesh first and then attempting to reform Syria by means of a political dialog, the Russians might be trying to reverse that sequence by first reforming Syria by means of a political dialog and only then helping a “reformatted” and united Syria to truly defeat Daesh.”

This, I believe, is the best interpretation of Putin’s move. As Saker many times has pointed out, the Russian force operating out of Syria was never very large. The weaponry and aircraft, however, were top of the line, far superior to US boondoggles that result from the cartel oligopolization of even the military industry in the US. Most importantly, the Russian campaigns were justified by wide appeal to international law and they were very intelligently strategized in the field along with the SAA, the Iranian al-Quds Force, and Hezbollah. Israel is gnashing its teeth at Hezbollah’s movements in Syria, and may be planning renewed hostilities in Lebanon, but seems to have been pacified or emasculated since Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow just before the Russian campaigns began. Now that the US President is throwing in the towel on this war, the Geneva talks may indeed harbor some hopeful prospects.

In my next posts, I hope to continue an analysis of Obama’s The Atlantic interview, and consider further the factionalization of his administration in the wake of the global tidal shift in Syria.

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An “Economic Hit Man” Returns

John Perkins has released an enlarged and updated edition of his classic, The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Here he is interviewed by Chris Martenson, an excellent economic analyst at

Perkins’ original work, which came out 12 years ago, is on my still sparse and incomplete Great Books Page. This lists a series of monographs that lay out the broad contours of my present-day world view and “corporate-state” interpretation of US history in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Actually, I think I may now make use of Perkins’ term, the US “corporate-empire”. This reflects its geo-strategic interests as much as its legal and ideological constitution. Of course, its really just a gang of crooks running a classical patrimonial system of despotic and asset-stripping rulership. It is only “rule of law” by virtue of the fact that US legislation is almost entirely written by international and corporate lobbyists.

The  US itself is indeed a corporation. “USA, Inc.” another favorite moniker of mine, has been a fact since 1871. Subsequently, all its ‘agencies’ followed suit. Of course, that goes too for the Halls of Mordor themselves, the Federal Reserve, “as federal as Federal Express”. We have left our monetary policy not in the incompetent hands of Janet Yellen, but in those of the private, international banks whose shareholders’ interests she serves. It should be no surprise “dealer always wins”, yet the US public remains astonished. Chalk it up to the US media, whose opaqueness in this matter suggests that another word than “media” be better used.

Perkins’ great exposé shows, from a whistle-blowing insider’s experience, the imperial strategy of indebtedness and asset-stripping at work in the modern age. Historically, it is but the neo-liberal updating of a strategy used by 19th century English and French ‘corporate-banking-industry-state’ complexes. Such nefarious collusion crippled and then collapsed the Ottoman empire, asset-stripping its population long before military conquest was even required to get the tough stuff. India suffered perhaps even more. And of course, these were the same European ‘progressives’ and English Whigs that engineered the Opium Wars.

The US itself had to be ‘captured’ before it could be made the center — the military-industrial center — of the then-mostly-European cartel and cabal of economic interests. Their bent for unprecedented global domination depended on the  human, natural, and industrial resources of England’s wayward colonies. The way to Restoration was laid by a creeping process of government ‘incorporation’ following the bankruptcies of the Civil War, but was perhaps sealed in 1913, with the creation of the US Central Bank, beholden to the usual crew of European banking families, now joined by John D. Rockefeller, JP Morgan and other stateside ‘entrepreneurs’.

The US Central Bank was titled the Federal Reserve, since in 1913 there were still many around who remembered Presidents Jefferson’s and Jackson’s warnings about (and wars upon) privately-owned central banks. (Jefferson advocated for a publically-owned central bank; I believe Jackson thought a central bank is inevitably a ‘den of thieves’.)

This was the same crowd, joined by the nefarious NY law firm Sullivan and Cromwell’s Harriman brothers and Prescott Bush, that fomented the 1933 “Business Plot” to overthrow FDR and replace him with a fascist government. They chose the wrong general, Marine General Smedley Butler, to lead the plot. He went along for a while, gathering information. Typically, his shocking revelations before Congress resulted in the punishment only of minor officials. Butler went on to write War is a Racket, (1935) another classic, also on my Great Books list.

After WW2, Prescott Bush and Allen Dulles, Nazi bankers and sympathizers, presided over the Nazification of the US. (Please see Salon founder David Talbott’s recent book on Dulles, also on my Great Books page.) This was effected mainly through Dulles’ agency, the CIA, and especially Dulles’ “Secret Team”, which had clandestine operatives in the White House, the State Department, War/Defense, and everywhere else. Of course, bringing droves of Nazis into the US via Operation Paperclip also helped. According to Joseph Farrell these amounted to 70,000.

Of course, JFK threatened to “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces” but we saw how that turned out. George H.W. Bush, CIA agent at the time, is one of the few people in the world who does not remember where he was on that day in 1963. In fact he was in Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, as photos show. (I was in a first-grade classroom. I remember staring at the P.A. address box in shocked disbelief and a deepening sense of irreality as the news was broadcast.)

The Opium wars, run as much out of the Bank of England and the City of London as out of Parliament or Buckingham Palace, have not ended but have spread. That is why we occupied Afghanistan. The CIA, run by Bush after Dulles’ death (both ran the agency even in “retirement”) is at the heart of this operation too. More famously, if forgotten, Iran Contra was funded by cocaine trafficking in the US. Abundant evidence shows that too was run also by the Poppy Bush, though Ollie North never pointed that far up. You wonder where the drugs came in? That would be Mena, Arkansas, where a young womanizer had just been elected Guv. And yes, he did know. And got rich in the process.

International shareholders in the “corporate empire” happily deal drugs for profit and domestic social decimation at home. They do to their “own” nations, what they did to China; it is only the ‘next step’. The ‘chickens’ were meant to come home to roost, as their asset-stripping strategies turned from foreign plantation-slaves to the house-slaves “back home.”

Here, below, is the Perkins interview. This repentant “economic hit man” sadly feels we are much worse off now than 12 years ago when he first wrote the book. Thus the need for an update:



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