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Dueling Podiums (III): Putin to US: “Do You Even Realize What You Have Done?

Obama’s UN speech directed feisty words towards both Putin and Assad, but did not reverse recent concessions on the part of the US. Though it reflected a re-entrenchment, and though it reiterated weary and baseless allegations about the pair, it … Continue reading

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Dueling Podiums (II): Obama at the UN

Obama did not enter into new territory with his UN speech as Putin did, but he did articulate at length the usual US talking points about Syria and Russia. He also reiterated the usual rationale for Assad’s supposed illegitimacy. However, … Continue reading

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Dueling Podiums: Shoot-out at the UN Corral

Obama and Putin face off at the opening of the 70th UN General Assembly The speeches of Putin and Obama before the 70th convening of the UNGA were rich in implications. This remains the case though Putin’s comments in his … Continue reading

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