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Unsteady winds across an unsteady pivot: Turkey at the center of Eurasian chaos.

Turkey looks now like the unsteady fulcrum of an unsteady Eurasia. Erdogan’s surprising AKP “restoration” to single party rule, has imposed an iron cage around the opposition, attempting vainly to give the impression of strength and stability. But the country … Continue reading

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The World in Pivot Around Syria: The Story So Far

The previous posts, going back a little more than month, relate what I believe is a very significant shift in global geo-politics. I began writing as the Turks and Americans wrapped up a deal to establish a “buffer zone” in … Continue reading

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The Ankara massacre (II): Davutoglu’s Gumption

So far no one has taken responsibility for the two massive explosions that killed over 100 and injured more than 200 in two simultaneous blasts at a peace rally in Ankara. The casualty list includes many still on the verge … Continue reading

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The Ankara Massacre: Cui Bono? – Prelim

Who benefits, indeed?. Turkey’s political leaders and opposition — especially the Kurdish opposition — have different ideas. I am composing a more lengthy analysis of the words, few, but revealing, of Prime Minister Davutoglu, Kurdish leader Demirtas, and other party … Continue reading

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The Syria Coalition Crumbles: America and Allies Make Way for Russia

The ambivalent “anti-ISIS” coalition, with its proxies and allies, is deconstructing as they hoped Syria would. To briefly reiterate: following the Russian buildup of forces in Syria, we have seen the US soften its stance about Assad and Syria’s future. These are baby steps … Continue reading

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Allies Throwing Elbows: The US-led Coalition’s Ambivalent War on ISIS

Turkey’s agreement to join with the US-led coalition to create an “ISIS-free buffer zone” in northern Syria, and to offer the US its use of Incirlik airbase in the effort, is widely understood to have gained Turkey official US support for … Continue reading

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