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News flashes for the New Year

No time for news summaries, commentaries, or analysis, but I thought I’d link up some good articles found over the last week or so. I’ll start off with some “archival” material; Here’s a transcript from Gen Wesley Clark’s exposition of … Continue reading

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Erdogan invites a Turkey-shoot; Putin charges “back-stabbing”

Look at this map. The Russian SU-24 shot down 4 km inside Syria passed over a tiny tip of Turkey that protrudes into Syria. As Putin said, the jet obviously posed no threat to Turkey. A Turkish F-16 shot it down anyway, … Continue reading

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The World in Pivot Around Syria: The Story So Far

The previous posts, going back a little more than month, relate what I believe is a very significant shift in global geo-politics. I began writing as the Turks and Americans wrapped up a deal to establish a “buffer zone” in … Continue reading

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Quick update on the ISIS wars and related events

Since I have had to turn my attention to other matters, let me just give a quick update on regional events, which I believe may prove a crucial pivot in global geo-politics. To quickly summarize: Turkey now pursues its closed investigation … Continue reading

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Dueling Podiums (III): Putin to US: “Do You Even Realize What You Have Done?

Obama’s UN speech directed feisty words towards both Putin and Assad, but did not reverse recent concessions on the part of the US. Though it reflected a re-entrenchment, and though it reiterated weary and baseless allegations about the pair, it … Continue reading

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Putin Catches Out the Western Propaganda Machine: Civilians Die Before the Russian Airstrikes Were Even Underway

How much has happened since Putin and Obama gave their UN addresses on Monday. But nothing that should not have been expected. Though he had practically said everything but ‘when’, Russia’s airstrikes against Syrian rebel positions on Wednesday “shocked”, “surprised” … Continue reading

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Dueling Podiums (II): Obama at the UN

Obama did not enter into new territory with his UN speech as Putin did, but he did articulate at length the usual US talking points about Syria and Russia. He also reiterated the usual rationale for Assad’s supposed illegitimacy. However, … Continue reading

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