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Erdogan invites a Turkey-shoot; Putin charges “back-stabbing”

Look at this map. The Russian SU-24 shot down 4 km inside Syria passed over a tiny tip of Turkey that protrudes into Syria. As Putin said, the jet obviously posed no threat to Turkey. A Turkish F-16 shot it down anyway, … Continue reading

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Paris Barbarity: Sadly, We Must Ask Again, Cui Bono?

‘Cui bono?‘ Who benefits?’ is a good question to pose when attempting to understand an event of such tremendous irrationality as the Paris (or Ankara) attacks. As I mentioned at the time of the Ankara bombing, ISIS’s first major attack … Continue reading

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The Ankara massacre (II): Davutoglu’s Gumption

So far no one has taken responsibility for the two massive explosions that killed over 100 and injured more than 200 in two simultaneous blasts at a peace rally in Ankara. The casualty list includes many still on the verge … Continue reading

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The Ankara Massacre: Cui Bono? – Prelim

Who benefits, indeed?. Turkey’s political leaders and opposition — especially the Kurdish opposition — have different ideas. I am composing a more lengthy analysis of the words, few, but revealing, of Prime Minister Davutoglu, Kurdish leader Demirtas, and other party … Continue reading

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