CaravansarayPosts: Armchair posts from around the open-source globe

About this blog and its author

CaravansaryPosts is my outlet for contemporary geo-political analysis and commentary, mostly on US policy in the Middle East. I am an urban and architectural historian by training. I have a double specialization in Italian and Ottoman early modernity (15th-17th c). I’ve always been an avid traveller but my dissertation brought me often to Syria and Turkey. This is where I begin blogging.

“Armchair posts from around the open-source globe”. By this tagline I mean that I write and research on the web. I am not a professional journalist, have no inside sources of my own, nor do I seek press passes to important announcements. As an urban historian used to juggling political, economic, social, and religious factors all at once, my main intent here is as there: to evaluate critically but synthetically, ignoring no voice, nor assuming any is objective.

I also paint, and have posted a few of my paintings and sketches in the sidebar, because, well, why not?

Steven Wolf

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