An Anomalous Attack: Did Trump Just Expose the Deep State with an Ineffective Strike Against Syria?

There are numerous anomalies concerning the US Tomahawk cruise missile strike on a Syrian airbase outside of Homs yesterday — as there are serious questions not being asked by the mainstream media about the chemical weapons attack in Idlib that, the US says, provoked the missile strike.

The chemical weapons attack has been shown from several angles to be a false flag operation, only the most recent in a series of such war-crimes perpetrated by the CIA-backed terrorist groups operating as mercenaries – not radical Islamists – in Syria and Iraq. Only a gullible and strategically-illiterate US public could buy the story that Assad would carry out such attacks on his own people, especially when he is winning the war against the terrorists, as well as for the ‘hearts and minds’ of his population.

The most important precedent for this series of events was in late 2013, when a similar sarin gas attack was carried out in Ghouta, outside Damascus, and the US geared up for war. This was later shown to have been carried out by al-Qaeda, with sarin gas that, according to Sy Hersh, perhaps our greatest living journalist, came from Gheddafi’s arsenal and was shipped by Hillary Clinton’s State Department along the “rat line” through Turkey to be used on Syrian citizens then blamed on Assad. Though pressured by John Kerry, Clinton’s successor at State, Obama finally backed off on missile strikes when the Russians intervened by offering to remove Assad’s chemical weapons.

On the surface, it would seem that Trump took the “red line” more seriously than Obama, even though it was crossed by US proxies, not Syria, and that he did so without the slightest hesitation or compunction about reversing policies on Assad and Russia. Effectively, Trump has carried through on the neo-cons decennial plans for aggressive intervention in a nation they hope to capture so that pipelines from Qatar, a US puppet state, will pre-empt those from Iran, from reaching the European markets.

However, little of this makes sense, if given but a moment’s reflection.

Trump campaigned on promises to repair relations with Russia. Admittedly, this was only after Russian intervention had turned the tide in Syria against the Western terrorist proxies and made it evident to the more rational US war-mongerers that Assad was not going to be overthrown. Now, we seem to be closer to the brink of war with Syria, if not Russia and Iran, than even during the Obama administration.

The most evident explanation is that Trump is not in control, but rather the Deep State, staffed since the Bush-Clinton era with neo-cons, neo-liberals, and “humanitarian” interventionists. It is clear they continue to exercise the same nefarious power they did under Obama.

In his first weeks in office, Trump seemed to stay true to his campaign promises regarding foreign policy, but has reversed course recently, as some of his closest advisors have been sidelined. The most striking instance is that General Michael Flynn, Trump’s chosen National Security Advisor. Formerly the head of the DIA, Flynn was fired, in all probability, not because he spoke with the Russians, but primarily because his son kept tweeting about Pizzagate (at least that is what Hillary Clinton implied in a tweet of her own). Apropos the present situation, Flynn was one of the few high-ranking US military officers publically to admit that the formation of ISIS “was a willed intent” by US strategists, designed to take out Assad. FOIA document releases have shown this was in the works since 2006 at least.

So, it is not far-fetched to say that the Idlib false flag and yesterday’s missile strikes were not Trump’s doing, but merely involved his rubber-stamping. However, the precipitousness of the attack (especially compared to the dilly-dallying in such circumstances of the Obama administration) was very much in Trump’s style.

Indeed, an admittedly hopeful reading, but not an unreasonable one, suggests that Trump did it this way with ulterior motives of his own.

The chemical weapons attack in Idlib and the US military “response” were so poorly executed, so clumsy and heavy-footed, that one might suspect Trump, coerced into this foolhardy provocation, allowed his controllers the rope they needed to hang themselves. He has done the same with the Russiagate scandal that has now turned fully into an Obamagate scandal, with Susan Rice — Obama’s war-mongering National Security Advisor who pressed for Syrian intervention in 2013 — at the center of it.

About the rope to hang oneself, there is some important context: in recent weeks, Trump has granted increased autonomy to both the Pentagon and to the CIA to perform drone strikes and military actions as they see fit.

There are also some oddities about yesterday’s military strike from the world’s preeminent military power on a third-world country:

The strike was singularly ineffective.

The US claimed that 59 Tomahawk missiles were fired, but only 26 found their way to the base. The others, for all we know, just disappeared en route.

Perhaps a half-dozen Syrian soldiers were killed, and maybe that many old MIGs were destroyed. Despite US reports that the base was thoroughly wrecked, the airstrip remains operational, and today Syrian jets were again taking to the air from that location.

The evident reason that damage was so contained is that, according to US sources, the US informed the Russians beforehand of the upcoming strike, and naturally, the Syrians were informed by the Russians. The Russians deny this, but the evidence suggests in this case the US is telling the truth. The operation seems certainly to have been more for show than anything else.

Could it be that Trump rushed into the very action that Obama drug his feet over because he knew that a precipitous but ineffective strike, on the very shoddy grounds of the false-flag Idlib attack, would draw attention to both, and therefore to the nefarious games of the neo-con Deep State?

While it took months and years before the 2013 false flag was unveiled, the false-flag in Idlib is unraveling already. This time prominent American political figures like Ron Paul and Dick Black are speaking about it, though admittedly they get no air time on the mass media. However a congressman from Georgia stunned a CNN reporter into silence with such an assessment. And Tulsi Gabbard seems ready to start telling even more truth than she has already, courageously, revealed. Furthermore, a review of public comments on even mainstream news websites shows that a vastly greater number of Americans now realize that their tax dollars have been funding terrorists than they did in 2013.

Trump has so far shown himself to be a master of a martial art technique of turning an attacker’s violence against the perpetrator. Though the term “fake news” was propagated first by the mainstream media against all websites that support sanity in the world, Trump turned it back on them so effectively that 60% of the US population now has little or no trust in the mainstream media.

The independent alternative media has risen exponentially in the same time, despite being faced off against concerted efforts by the mass media and its search engine and social media allies, Google, Youtube, Facebook, and others.

The alternative media, even that tending to the left, has given Trump chances that no mainstream media would, but now is mostly in dismay over the events of the last few days. Trump seems to be following the same petrodollar imperial pattern of past administrations, which marched in lock-step no matter which party was in power. Now, WW3 seems closer than ever as Russian warships steam to intercept US destroyers in the Mediterranean and the Russian-US ‘de-confliction’ program in Syria and Iraq has been scrapped. What’s more, Syria’s air defenses are being shored up with Russian S-400s, the best anti-aircraft artillery in the world

However, the anomalies suggest something else is happening here. The real damage was, in the end, quite small, especially considering the costs (to US taxpayers) of the 59 cruise missiles. The symbolic aspects, however, are quite substantial.

Though crossed several times, Putin has shown himself to be preternaturally patient with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, all major supporters of the Western terror proxies in Syria and Iraq. Generally, Putin, the consummate chess-player (and martial arts expert), allows his opponents to destroy themselves, often by over-reaching. When Turkey shot down a Russian fighter last year, Russia did not respond militarily, but with an information war, including a day-long press conference documenting Turkey’s oil-for-arms trade with ISIS that directly implicated the Erdogan family.

Could the US be next for such treatment? And might this be what the beleaguered Trump was counting on? A little help from his Russian friends against their common enemies — the war-at-all-costs neo-liberal/neo-cons who have run the show in DC for a generation — should be welcomed by the president, and all Americans sound in mind.

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1 Response to An Anomalous Attack: Did Trump Just Expose the Deep State with an Ineffective Strike Against Syria?

  1. God bless, Mr. Wolf. I think a false flag is the perfect answer to false flags. I have imagined a pre-emptive conversation with Putin or even Assad–look, I have the fundamentalists of three religions up my kazoo, a hostile congress plus departments, here’s what I’m gonna do. The cacophony has been distracting, there would have been worse distractions anyway, and at least nobody broke glass and burned cars. So far. Thanks for genuine reportage without the artifact and obfuskins.


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