Erdoğan’s Disappointing Trip to Russia: More than a Tee-Shirt, Still…

Expectations were high. Turkish President Erdoğan’s meeting with Putin in St. Petersburg promised a major realignment that, some ventured, would result finally in Turkey’s departure from NATO and a decisive ‘pivot’ to Russia and Eastern alliances such as BRICS, SCO, and so on.

There was some movement made toward reviving a number of mutually beneficial joint economic projects had been set aside due to US and NATO pressure last year. But our greater hopes that Turkey would relent and shift directions on more substantive issues about Syria, Assad, the Kurds, and ISIS, were dashed by an interview Erdoğan gave to Tass the day before he met Putin.

In this interview, Erdoğan continued to insist that “Assad must go”, and blamed the Syrian leader for 600,000 deaths whose blood in fact drips more from Erdoğan’s own hands. Erdoğan continues to push the politics of the very CIA-Gülen-NATO factions he blames, rightfully, for the coup attempt. Perhaps he is still worried about a second coup attempt. Perhaps his principle audience remains in DC. Perhaps he is lying to everybody and trying to protect his own incriminated butt. I will consider these possibilities in the following.

Though the Turkish and Russian press alike played up the landmark meeting before, during and after the event, in fact, it was a great disappointment, especially to Putin, who grimaced as Erdoğan called him friend, and seemed to make clear his impatience with the same ol’ same ol’ offered up by the often-duplicitous Turkish President.

From Hurriyet to Sputnik, promise in several economic fields was touted as heralding a new age in Turko-Russian relations. The Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant that Russia will build  in Turkey, and the TurkStream natural gasline project, head up the list of promising prospects now once again being reconsidered. But what was not talked about — pre-empted by Erdoğan’s Tass interview — was more important: will Turkey cease its support for terrorism in Syria?

Of course, indications that a new tide were truly sweeping through Ankara would come not in so many words, but only with remarks granting support to the democratically-elected president Erdoğan has tried so long to overthrow in Syria. Funny how he forgot that last month. Well, not even kind words were forthcoming, nor were any substantial alterations in Turkish policy made manifest. Turkey just wants Russia to buy tomatoes and send its tourists back.

John Helmer at Dances with Bears was among the few realistic observers of the Russian meeting. (His article was published also at RussiaInsider.) Helmer’ lucid interpretation was accompanied by an analysis of Putin’s body language, eloquent as always. Federico Pieraccini, in Strategic Culture, offered a similar perspective.

A few pseudo-shifts may be considered. Erdoğan now insists he is not interested in the disintegration of Syria. This may be for entirely strategic reasons. Once, perhaps, he hoped to set up Kurdish and Turkman mini-states as a buffer zone in northern Syria. However, the US is now overtly backing the Syrian Kurdish YPG (within the umbrella of the SDF), who are closely associated with Turkey’s PKK, and so now Turkey has no chance of establishing its own “buffer zone” in Syrian territory.

However, “Syria’s unity cannot be kept with Assad,” Erdoğan raved in the interview, arguing the CIA position even more ardently than Victoria Nuland’s, excuse me, John Kerry’s State Department.

Helmer quotes a Russian observer of the talks:

“Erdoğan used the Tass interview to take off the table what the Russians had been hoping might be a breakthrough,” a Moscow observer noted. “He used Tass to out-manoeuvre Putin – it’s clear from the St. Petersburg record Putin wasn’t happy. Putin is the big loser from the Turkish hype – and the Russian propaganda organs, especially the English language ones, are also covering up.”

He continues:

“Greek and Cypriot observers comment that Erdoğan performed predictably and that nothing new has been gained or learned from his visit to Russia. “His real audience was in Washington, Berlin, and Brussels. Who can be fooled by this? ” An influential Cypriot figure added: “Putin allowed Erdoğan to make public Turkey’s support for the Crimean tatars. Why didn’t Putin mention that? Why didn’t Putin condemn the Turkish occupation of Cyprus?”

In fact, many of the topics we hoped would see an Erdoğan pivot were not even discussed. Syria was among the topics “taken off the table” by Erdoğan’s NATO-friendly Tass interview.

For Helmer, a long-time Dancer with Bears, “Not since his press conference in June 2013 with US President Barack Obama has Putin’s body language been as demonstratively hostile to his counterpart.”

Economic issues were the principle topics of productive conversation. Especially the Turkstream and the nuclear plant were ‘back on the table’ after the West forced Turkey to withdraw from discussions concerning these mutually beneficial projects with Russia last year.

But nothing has been signed, and even Turkish tomatoes, once a big export, are looking to suffer more. Russia has spent the last year developing import substitution strategies, including of the construction of thousands of greenhouses.

I tend to agree with Helmer’s conclusion, so different from all the congratulatory press in Turkey and Russia:

“The Russian assessment, openly reflected in Cyprus and Greece, and more discreetly in Washington, is that the Turkish coup isn’t over yet. A Russian analyst asked quizzically. “No member of the General Staff and no intelligence officer can have given President Putin reason to expect any better of Erdoğan, and the Tass interview proved it. What benefit Putin calculated he was gaining by playing along in the charade is not clear. Putin is playing for time, and if Erdoğan runs out of it, the Russian side haven’t made up their minds to be sorry.”

In an attempt to divert attention from his own long-established links with terrorism, Erdoğan’s press is now drawing links between the Gülenist FETÖ, ISIS, Assad, the PKK, and everybody he loves to hate. Of course, there are grains of truth in much of what he says, but just as plainly there are lies and dissimulations.

A CIA Fly on the Wall in St Petersburg?

Erdoğan has gutted the military, the judiciary, the intelligence agencies, the Gendarmie, the universities and other institutions of their vast Gülenist networks. Rounded up as well are many, certainly, with no ties whatsoever to Gülen, but are simply opposition figures who found themselves on the wrong side of a national hysteria whipped up by a guilt-ridden and exposed Erdoğan.

Despite the purges, fears remain stoked that a second coup attempt is in the works. Indeed, highly suspicious characters, like Hakan Fidan, head of Turkish National Intelligence (MIT), have kept their posts.

The MIT has been many times tied to terrorist production in Syria. They were probably responsible for killing US journalist Serena Shim, who was one of several who uncovered this covert support in arms. Turkish journalists, police, judges, and military officers have been prosecuted or persecuted for printing this information or acting on it. They are usually accused of ‘terrorism’ for revealing Ankara’s terror links.

As I have mentioned several times, Fidan and other high-ranking officials were caught red-handed planning a false flag in northern Syria that would justify a Turkish and NATO military intervention. A 2014 audio recording was released on Youtube, then suppressed in Turkey. This plot was developed by Fidan along with Ahmet Davutoğlu, then FM, later PM, and Feridun Hadi Sinirlioğlu, ambassador to Israel between 2002 and 2007, and then Undersecretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Davutoğlu and Siniroglu have been sidelined in the present administration, but Fidan is still at his post, inexplicably so, considering the obvious failures of the MIT preceding and during the coup attempt.

Deputy Chief of Turkish General Staff Gen. Yaşar Güler, also a participant to the notorious 2014 false flag discussions, is still at his post, as well. Supposedly he was taken prisoner by his rebellious staff at the start of the coup, so was incapacitated.

Indeed, in the 2014 false flag discussion Fidan and Güler seemed to be the prime movers of the initiative, with Davutoğlu playing devil’s advocate and arguing the international complications presented to a foreign minister. It seems evident from the talk that Erdoğan was informed of the plot’s proceedings. It also appears that John Kerry was kept abreast. The Turks did not expect any serious fall-out with the US, though Davutoğlu knew he had his diplomatic work cut out for him if they undertook the attack. It was probably called off due to the audiotape’s Youtube exposure.

Perhaps not so surprisingly in retrospect, Fidan accompanied Erdoğan to Istanbul.

Maybe this was Erdoğan’s way of saying to Putin, “I am still controlled: don’t get your hopes up. Its not me, its them.” Of course, with Erdoğan, its always “them”.

The video of their official introductory meeting for the press is as revealing as the press conference afterwards. From the start, Erdoğan detected Putin’s grim business-like incongeniality, but did not seem surprised or nonplussed, presumably since he knew the Russian’s probable reaction to his Tass interview. Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu followed Erdoğan, looking exceptionally cheery and at ease.

But MIT Master Fidan skulked after Çavuşoğlu into the room to meet the Russian leader, who was looking grim and often floorward from the start of proceedings. Putin caught Fidan with a stare from across the room.

fidan putin 1

Putin                                Çavuşoğlu                                    Fidan

Skulking like a schoolboy, nervous, scared, and fidgety, the CIA’s Fly on the Wall looked like Putin held out a Flyswatter when he held out his hand, and quickly scampered to the far side of his own ‘boss’.

The Clinton Connection

To conclude I would like to draw your attention to the last 15 minutes of this Newsbud interview with Sibel Edmonds on the long history and close ties between the Clintons, Fethullah Gülen, and their respective organizations and foundations, and the CIA, its drug-running ops, and Gülen’s CIA handler Graham Fuller.


Edmonds was an FBI translator and saw documents about the relation come across her desk. She was eventually let go by the agency and became the “most classified” or gagged woman in US history when her damning 9/11 testimony was not allowed even to be presented to Congress.

The Gülen US connections go back to the Clinton Presidency in the 1990s. The executive branch and the DOJ, exerting pressure on the FBI, oversaw the entry and green-carding of a man then considered a terrorist and subversive by secularist and still Kemalist Turkey. Now he is considered so by nearly all sides of Turkish politics, including those, like Erdoğan, with whom he was closely allied and in collaboration not so long ago (2013).

Edmonds broke the news on Gülen’s terror and drug-running operations in several articles several years ago, and has since explored the many links between this “moderate” imam, drug-runner, and terror facilitator, the CIA, and the Clintons.

In the first ten minutes of this video, Edmonds comments on the recent Wikileaks dump indicating Gülen links to the Clinton Foundation, the incentive for the discussion. She believes, perhaps over-optimistically, that further exposures from Wikileaks may bring the “crime family” down. In my opinion the evidence is already abundant, and it is abundantly clear.The bucket is overflowing. Do we need more?

The problem is that the evidence — in the emails themselves, not in the question about ‘servers’–  does not appear even in the anti-Clinton mass media. This is for obvious reasons: as concocted in the US party politics and the media divide that follows, left and right are artificial creations, with a unified power structure controlling all. If either McCain or Clinton is shown to have supported ISIS, or engineered “Benghazi”, then the other will be brought down, and with this bi-partisan corruption scandal others will be revealed, and the whole US political sweater, with the exception of Tulsi Gabbard, will be quickly unthreaded and their traitorous profiteering laid bare and naked to view.

But the threads most definitely also string their way to Ankara, as they do to Tel Aviv and other capitals of the US-NATO-Gulf State terror alliance. Erdogan’s trip to Russia bore perhaps more fruit-of-the-loom than the many trips Netanyahu has made to Moscow to test Putin and Lavrov, when he too came home having almost lost his own tee-shirt and gaining little in return. But the two leaders, Turkish and Israeli, seem oddly to share a half-defeated, thoroughly reluctant acquiescence to the convincing testimony of Russian-Iranian-Syrian “facts on the ground.” This alliance intends to remold the MIddle East in an image not made in DC.

For a refresher on the shape of that New World Order, or at least the Eurasian strategy side of it, there is no better source that one of the CIA masters of Gladio B, and Gülen’s evident and obvious handler, Graham Fuller:

fuller guide and us islam v rus and cina.png

Addendum: Here’s another revealing clip: you can practically here Erdogan gulp as Putin makes clear his support relies on Erdogan’s adherence to law and constitutionality, not one of the Turkish leaders stronger points.



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