Time to Focus, Folks: False Flag Terrorism and the “Summer of Chaos”

“You say you wanna Revolution; well, ya know  ….   “

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(second image from WhatReallyHappened: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/IMAGES/newcointelpro.jpg)

This is not ‘ancient history’. Long story short, it has gotten worse, not better.

For quick confirmation see the following two articles by Jeff Berwick at DollarVigilante.com.

Jeff Berwick, avid libertarian and “anarcho-capitalist”, the first to tell you “anarchy” means “no rulers”, not “disorder”, more or less predicted the Dallas debacle.

In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s outlandish exoneration by FBI Crony Comey, Berwick anticipated the violence by drawing on the hacked email accounts of BLM “leader” Deray McKesson. In the two articles, Berwick underlined McKesson’s handlers’ plans for a “Summer of Chaos,” with a special focus on the RNC and DNC this month. These handlers suspiciously include a “Mrs. Lynch.”

While others have picked apart the many suspicious elements of that probable false flag, resulting, once again, in the immediate death-without-questioning of the sole suspect, Berwick considers the institutional and financial background of the “radicalization” effort to de-rail and undermine BLM and other protest movements. George Soros is the globalist instigator-in-chief and has funded the most extreme elements of every movement he could find, from Ferguson to Damascus, from the Ukraine to Central Asia.



Deray McKesson was among those arrested in Baton Rouge:


The next day he was released, presumably to return to “his” home, owned by Soros Open Society board members.

Berwick sources the following article by Shephard Ambellas at Intellihub. Ambellas did excellent work on Clinton Foundation profits from the illegal sale of ore rights to foreign interests on Western ranching land. The overt use of that other “BLM”, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM, Inc.), to strong-arm ranchers off land they had owned for many generations, is a perfect example of the way the corporatocracy, USA,Inc., is governed by family trusts and foundations. The stink around Dallas emanates from a nexus of several such families, a few of whom were represented in Dealey Square way back when.


I should probably add that the complementary and far deeper ‘radicalization’ of US police departments was not Soros work, but a decades long campaign brought to you by Israel, or rather, the DHS, and our own “military-industrial complex.” The Bush-Clinton “Iran Contra” crime cabal, running crack cocaine into the US through Mena, Arkansas, similarly may be congratulated on their ‘transformation’ of America.

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