Petition the FEC to investigate the DNC and Hillary Clinton

This seems like a petition worth signing at it demands the Federal Election Commission (FEC) open an investigation into Hillary Clinton and the DNC for election fraud.

In California, once again, the “votes” abruptly reversed the trend of polls preceding the primary. Looks like NY all over again. Actually, it looks bigger than that.

I was at LeftForum here in NYC a few weekends ago. This is the largest leftie intellectual conference anywhere, if I’m not mistaken. It is now opening up, on the fringes, to topics like the “Deep State” and has panels exposing the Bush administration, the PNAC crowd, Mossad, and not just the Saudis, as the real 9/11 perpetrators. Bernie supporters vastly outnumbered Hillary shills. Neo-liberalism is derided and condemned in all quarters. Besides the traditional liberal left, Marx is still espoused, but libertarians are also represented, and grand indefinables like Webster Tarpley also find a place at LeftForum, a marvelous 50-ring circus of intellectual activity, and occasional lack thereof.

I attended one panel which made plain that Hillary has basically stolen, or attempted to steal, every state in the primaries, with one exception. In Oklahoma the DNC was sidelined. It was the one state where, if I remember correctly, a George Soros company of software updaters was not allowed in ‘for servicing’ the machines beforehand. Bob Fitrakis from Ohio (Ohio has long been a center of these shenanigans) was the blockbuster presenter here.

Oklahoma was also the one state where Bernie’s final vote exceeded the exit poll tally. Not hard to guess which direction it went everywhere else. We also learned to say “election fraud”, not “vote fraud”, because it is done with computers, not old style vote-buying (well, probably that too). Several manners of hardware- and software-based vote-switching, voter-purges, miscounting and discounting have been observed. Of course, the computer corruption includes less sophisticated measures such as supplying very few voting machines to Bernie-leaning precincts, as happened in Brooklyn, LA, and other places, or alternatively, in having them break down, perhaps ‘de-servicing’ them beforehand. (More links below).

This is RANK corruption, folks. I hope it is obvious that this conspiracy has gone way beyond the level of ‘theory’.

And everyone must have seen that mainstream media was declaring her the overall winner the day before the California vote. The mass media is a different element of the same cartel of corporatocratic interests, of course. In fact, Bernie will continue his campaign, because the super-delegates may change their votes at the convention, and may well do so since an FBI investigation is ongoing. Besides, Hillary is tumbling next to Trump. This seems to be lost on the mass media. Granted, one may seriously doubt whether the DOJ will allow prosecution. Huffington Post quickly pulled a report from an FBI-sourced journalist that Clinton will be indicted on racketeering charges. Adding fuel to the fire of suspicion, they have given all inquirers, including the journalist, the run-around as to why.

Despite Operation Mockingbird Media obfuscation, the email server issue, as well as evidence in the emails themselves, already gives the world abundantly damning evidence of her crimes. (I wish more attention were given to her war crimes, her ‘threat to the world’ rather than her ‘threat to national security’.) Sanders is well aware of this obvious threat to her candidacy, though CNN may be mum. From its post-reality grandstands, CNN cheers “Bernie Sanders vows to work with Hillary Clinton as Democrats move toward party unity!” CNN believes, or will have us believe, that Sanders is ready to follow Obama and Liz Warren (increasingly looking like ‘controlled opposition’) onto the Clinton Bandwagon, not to be confused with the Lolita Express. That’s for boys.

Apropos of this juncture of presstitution and politics is the poor state of public knowledge about Hillary Clinton’s war mongering while Sect’y of State. Trump is thankfully forcing some of that into public awareness. (This remains his sole meager attraction; not that my hopes were previously very high). Recently Eric Zuesse has reminded us that Sy Hersh – one of our best journalists (he exposed the My Lai massacre and much else – now he seems no longer able to publish in the US) — has long narrated Hillary’s nefarious role in Libya, among the most disgusting and gut-sickening episodes in US history.

Hersh’s studies and source-leaks from disgruntled high DIA and Pentagon staff point to Sect’y Clinton’s role in this whole sorry debacle, from overthrow to the mob attack on the US embassy, in which Ambassador Stevens and several others lost their lives. As Zuesse perhaps over-stated slightly, Hersh came just shy of saying that Hillary personally oversaw the transfer of sarin gas along the “rat line” from Libya to Turkey to Jubhat al-Nusra to be used on Syrian citizens and blamed on Assad.

Along with France’s Sarkozy, Clinton certainly spearheaded the overthrow of Ghedaffi. (Links on Libya below). Her emails confirm what readers of alternative and independent press long have understood: this was mainly to kill the gold-backed dinar, secondly to steal his gold, thirdly, to set up operations for the overthrow of Assad. We remember she cackled in hideous glee over the brutal execution of the most benevolent dictator of the Middle East (bayonet up the butt).

After the overthrow, the US “embassy” in Libya was little more than a drug-and-arms running operation, a base for the US’s incessant war on the East, especially on Russia, often perpetrated with pseudo-Islamic takfiri terrorism. Clinton also directed operations during the Benghazi ambassadorial massacres, commanding Africom and the CIA to stand down. Her State Department oversaw the horrific destruction of that prosperous country and its transformation into the ISIS base it has become, while her protegé Victoria Nuland oversees a similar destruction of nation-states and calamitous transformation of society in Eastern Europe.”Identity politics”, easily manipulated, are employed as a weapon of mass destruction.

Neo-conmen and neo-conwomen function the same on both sides of the aisle. As many of my early posts relate, we know John McCain, head of the Senate Armed Services Committee, is involved in executing similar policies of territorial expansion through terrorist proxy. Probably the hate-frothing Lindsay Graham, also on the Senate Terrorism Appropriations committee, is similarly involved. He is presently hanging with the Big Boys at the Bilderberger meeting in Dresden – frighteningly, Mad General Breedlove, NATO Commander, is also there this year, along with regulars like Google’s Eric Schmidt and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands).

So this is not a political “party” matter whatsoever. Actually very little that is important really is. The real Benghazi story goes as unremarked and unmentioned in Pravda Right (FoxNews) as in Pravda Left (NYTimes). Where the US left and US right agree is not the ‘moderate middle’ but usually the extreme of dissimulation and falsification. (Apologies to Pravda.)

Not that politics or national loyalties matter much to Hillary. She sold secrets and uranium (extorted from Western ranchers) to all sides, following in the footsteps of Rockefellers and Rothschilds in considering warfare a universal Good and unending source of family profit. In the end, nation-states mean nothing to the ‘globalists’, who are old-style patrimonial houses in the basic political sense differing from the mobile Houses of Este and Borgia only in the profound obfuscation of the operations and bases of their power. They differ also in the quick post-modern financial “magic” of their asset-stripping measures, the first half of what Catherine Austin-Fitts calls their “central banking – warfare” model of totalitarian power.

It’s now or never. If Hillary doesn’t go to jail, the Bush-Clinton crime cabal (formerly the Dulles-Bush crime cabal) will continue to tyrannize the world. They are not, however, modern history’s most malevolent tyrants. While I’m hoping, let’s hope further that pulling this string unravels the whole stinking cartel, that the Clinton-Bush exposure also reveals (to the sleeping US public) the obvious and plentiful links between these 20th century patrimonial upstarts and the older families of OILigarchs, central banksters and other Lords of Commerce and Industry that arose in earlier generations, often deriving from European extraction. It’s time to clean house of all their pox-filled Houses.

Here are some links I’ve picked up just in the last few days, mostly about the situation in California but also pertaining to some wider Clinton crime family contexts. Of course, this represents but the tip of the iceberg.

2.5 million CA votes still not counted:



Bernie defrauded in CA:

A farcical Democratic primary :

Chomsky on education and the elections:

And some wider contexts:

The military-industrial complex is now the military-industrial-intel complex, and helps out accordingly (you would think they’d teach her about that little device called a password):


George Soros is involved in the NWO agenda at every level; his forté is using ‘identity politics’ to divide and conquer:

Here the Wall St Journal attempts a “limited hangout” semi-takedown of Hillary on the email scandal: it was “just about drones.” However, this may suggest a creeping condemnation will be permitted by the FBI, State, the CIA, and whoever else is negotiating the next Prezidenshal elections.

But more is forced through the teeth of the mass media every day (still but a fraction of the truth). ABC reports on Hillary’s selling of offices; in this case on a

How the Clinton Crime Foundation works (much more on that in my earlier posts on the Oregon Malheur Refuge stand-off):

and here is Luke Radkowski (We are Change, 2015) on where it gets its money and whose foreign interests the Clinton State Department (still represented by Victoria (“F#ck the EU”) Nuland, evidently Kerry’s boss):

Charles Ortel on the Clinton Foundation as the largest charity fraud in history

Bill’s crimes go way back; I’m including nothing here of his known affiliations with the Lolita Express, the official airline of Jeffrey Epstein’s child prostitution ring, but here’s a murder that, like dozens and dozens of others to which ‘cui bono”‘ can only be answered “Clinton”.

Hillary and the DNCers (Terry McAuliffe also has no ‘national’ loyalities, but only to Hillary)

Hillary and the PNACers

A random link about her emails:

Jon Rappaport’s review of other times the Clintons tried the patience of their CIA bosses:

And here a list of links on Hillary’s escapade at State most in line with the prime directive of PNAC, expressed well in Trump’s characterization of Bill KKKristol: “The guy just wants to kill people and invade countries!”). Couldn’t have said it better myself:

Hillary’s role in the destruction of Libya and its transformation to an ISIS base of operations: some background reading

Fast and Furious arms-running with the Mexican cartels is connected to Libya and US support for ISIS; these are “globalists” after all. (Use of these videos should suggest no love for Alex Jones, whose AIPAC sympathies are well-known.)


And since Clinton is pointing to scandals involving Trump’s idiotic attempt at education, here is the Clinton’s even more dubious project in the same area:

Libertarians and Liberals unite!: Ron Paul likes Bernie (much more than Trump):

Greens and Liberals Unite! Jill Stein: “What We Fear from Donald Trump, We Have Already Seen from Hillary Clinton”:

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