Paul Craig Roberts: A Voice of Reason in a “World On Fire”

Paul Craig Roberts Blasts US Brinksmanship


Since I came on his work several years ago, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has ranked high in my estimation. I’ve personally short-listed him for Council of Wise Elders that ought to head up a new Re-Constitutional Convention after the End of the Republic, ‘sick-jokingly’ referenced by Obama in his last Correspondent’s Dinner, and referenced in turn by Roberts in this interview. Despite Robert’s responsibility, as Asst Sect’y of Treasury under Reagan, for “trickle-down” economics — among the great government scams of my youth — Roberts is nearly unique among top-ranking former political figures to see the world for what it is today.

Roberts courageous vision is truly global, and it stretches from the underclass to upper-class; it encompasses both realism and compassion borne of long experience. I think he probably now would argue that realism, not compassion, was missing in the “trickle-down” era. “In theory”, he might say, trickle-down economics would and could have worked if handled by honest power-brokers. But the system was already broken, and making the rich richer did not lift any other boats, while de-regulation simply ensconced the already extensive power of the oligarchs.

Poppy Bush already ran the country in that day, having boxed Reagan into a cage of half-informed impotence. While Reagan smiled through a senile fog, HW moved his drugs, his arms, his oil, and his influence to lay down the foundations of a decidedly post-Soviet “new world order.” (This left no room for Russia either, as later became evident.) The core neo-conmen, Cheney and Rumsfeld, whose offspring rule the roost in our own day, already were lurking in the Reagan White House.

In this interview, Roberts has dire pronouncements, and timely righteous jeremiads against his ancient foes, for the neo-cons have recently redoubled efforts to prosecute WW3 beyond the ongoing proxy and puppet wars in the Middle East and the Ukraine. Roberts gives a concise, yet sweeping, 25-minute summary as to the present-day consequences of living in a military-industrial corporatocracy hell-bent on global domination. This interview covers every side of a “World on Fire”, as the interviewer named the May 10 piece.

In a quick, logical treatment of major issues, Roberts delivers a searing, wide-ranging critique of the US neo-con empire, now threatening, in a dozen hot spots across the globe, a wider, hotter, and more overt WW3 against Russia and China.

Here’s an updated summary:

Having been thrust aside in some of its Syrian ambitions, the US Plan B is now intent on taking back Raqqa from ISIS with the help of the motley SDF forces. However, they will prosecute this war only after allowing Raqqa’s ISIS fighters flee to Deir Ezzor with their heavy weaponry. It is more crucial for Western oil interests that Deir Ezzor be defended than the ISIS “capital” in Syria. The West hopes to turn Raqqa into an Erbil, a more or less overtly puppeted province of a country whose sovereignty it wants to destroy. ISIS is being forced south to confront Assad yet more directly.

Despite Kerry’s reassuring words in Vienna, the US has directed its proxies to continue, nay redouble their war efforts. It feels like a last stand. After having been forced to declare al-Qaeda (al-Nusra) a terrorist group, the US stood by its new favorites, all supplied through Turkey, the Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham. These have all perpetrated horrific massacres in the last weeks. Ahrar al-Sham, not ISIS as reported in the Western press, is probably responsible for the recent blasts in Tartus and Jublah. The US not only failed to condemn these massacres, but State Department spokesfool Mark Toner shrugged off a Russian journalist’s queries with ‘well, the regime has done stuff like that,’ which is a bald-faced lie. US allies’ hands are all over the attacks, especially Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Only the US backed “rebels” have methodically and systematically targetted citizens. Only US airstrikes methodically and systematically targeted Syrian civilian infrastructure.

New Centcom commander General Votel, once Obama’s top assassination man, made a not-so-secret visit to Syria reportedly to meet with Kurds and the 250 Spec Ops troops now arriving. This provoked fits of jealousy from the FSA. Since this “secret” was plastered all over the news, even the controlled mass media, it seems likely something else is being hidden. In less verifiable accounts, the secret worth hiding was that he met with ISIS officials in Raqqa to plot their next moves. McClatchy, reported that an Ahrar al-Sham official travelled openly to the US. The State Department denied knowledge, but more likely arranged his travel and hotel accommodations. VT reports, without confirming evidence, that Hezbollah has captured a CIA officer commanding al-Nusra fighters in Aleppo.

More broadly, the US is now performing naval maneuvers along Russian seas and muscling more weaponry to Russia’s borders in the Baltics and Romania. It is running military exercises in Georgia and it has formally invited Montenegro to join NATO after Reagan promised Gorbachov that NATO would not move eastwards even “an inch.”

How does these aggressive war maneuvers play hier bei uns? Facilitated by a prostrate and compliant US press, the State Department hypocritically and outlandishly complains when Russians — in response to NATO activities — moves additional troops to their own borders. When the US sends a flurry of ships to the Baltic Sea, a few dozen miles from Russia, and gets a warning fighter jet barrel-roll — friendly reminder of why the USS Donald Cook ought to be re-named the USS Donald Duck — it takes offense and calls Russia provocative. (Last year, when the same US ship crossed into Russian waters in the Black Sea, a Russian jet with an unknown type of jamming device — reportedly disabled the AEGIS and other ship electronics, leaving the destroyer a “sitting duck”. Western sources deny this ever happened.)

Elsewhere, the US muscles through the South China Sea like it was the South Carolina Sea. The US public is cajoled into militant acquiescence by the notion of “Chinese threats” to “free trade”. In the real world, even Communist China has more free trade and free market than the Manipulated Market and Counterfeit Money Magic of the US Bankster-Oligopolists. US troops now have joined their Blackwater buddies and US advanced weaponry in Yemen in support of the beleagured Saudis and in several locales now move to counter Chinese advances in Africa.

The Eastern BRICS alliance is more successfully under attack in Brazil, where a soft coup against Dilma Rousseff was undertaken by the most corrupt politicians in the country on trumped up charges of corruption against her elected government. Such are the matters briefly touched on in this Roberts interview.

The US seems intent upon provoking Russia, China, and their eastern and southern allies in every way it possibly can. So the toilet-drain cycle of violence is intended to get underway. So far Putin has not fallen for such tactics, nor has Xi.However, Dilma does not hesitate to say “coup d’etat” and her supporters shout it in the streets. Hamid Karzai, long the US man in Kabul, now suggests that ISIS in Afghanistan is a Western plot to de-stabilize the country, and that US policy since the invasion seems, in retrospect, to have always intentionally cultivated the chaos of present.

Despite the blissful ignorance of a hypnogogic US public, at no time since the Cold War has the US acted so openly and aggressively against Russia and its allies, and across such a wide area. Perhaps foreign leaders’ awareness that the US public is enslaved and enthralled has kept them from responding with equivalent means.

The US press barely mentions events so far from US borders. When brief mention is made, it uses old and worn motifs to de-interpret the events in predictable ways. “Assad’s chemical weapons attacks” and “Russian aggression in Crimea” are thoroughly disproven and discredited accusations, but in attempting to justify US war-mongering around the world these falsehoods remain standard fare in faux-erudite NYTimes editorials. “Pravda Left” is in full and complete agreement in all such matters with the State Department, as with FoxNews, or “Pravda Right”. Actually, this demeans Pravda, which nowadays is a much better news source than either the US propaganda outlets.

If the US media makes little mention of these realities, and if the uniformly neo-con field of our bi-polar political party establishments are completely complicit with the corporate-terrorist state that purveys these policies and their media obfuscations, even Trump and Sanders, our presidential “alternatives”, offer little to enlighten dim public awareness as to the globe’s rebellion against US hegemony.

Sanders indeed took a courageous stand against AIPAC (something only a Jew realistically could have done, but even so, vastly admirable). But his remarks were too general to effectively stem the US-NATO-Israeli- Wahhabi –takfiri terrorist Axis of Real Evil from its imperial pursuits. I still have hopes for Bernie in 2016, and Hillary for jail before Halloween. Already on public record is enough evidence to lock her up for life. Thanks in part to alternative and foreign sources, information is battering at the walls of the controlled mass media. The handlers of these institutions may be forced to cut their losses. Sorry Hillary, your superiors really are misogynist, despite their advocacy of radical, that is, dumb-headed essentialist feminism and other simplistic “identity” favorites of the lazy-minded left. The president-makers, it seems, have settled on a new hater-in-chief, one that wields the weaponry of essentialist characterizations with alacrity and enthusiasm.

As he rises in the polls, Trump is increasingly talking like a neo-con. Reading from a teleprompter for once in his life, Trump humbly and dutifully prostrated himself before AIPAC, the same foreign interest group and spy base that Bernie righteously condemned. Hillary, of course, positively relishes to demean and abase herself before AIPAC, CFR, the PNACers — if there’s anything left after selling herself to Goldman Sucks. Now Trump looks as bad. After humiliating himself before the Zionist lobby, he has accepted the courtship of Sheldon Adelson, the corrupt Las Vegas casino dealer and Israeli media blowhard. My marginal hopes for a game-changer from the right have been dashed.

Trump’s accusations that China is playing a dirty game with currency is so de-contextualized as to amount to a lie, and his assertion that he would pay off the US debt by just printing more money, shows exactly why the rest of the globe hates US so much. Our ability to print money that is held both in currency reserves and as debt by everyone else, gives the US imperial monetary leverage, much like its military engulfs the rest of the world. This is the only thing truly “backing” the fiat petrodollar. Only honest brokers or a committee of angels could not be corrupted by such absolute power, and we have, by best estimates, a globalist psychopathocracy at the helm of this country that has ‘voted’ away all outside regulatory agency.

In this concise, passionate interview the former Asst Sect’y of the Treasury under Reagan hits all the bases, and covers the globe from political, economic and military angles, detailing a crescendo of aggressive Western bloc activity in recent weeks. This, in fact, is the expected lashing of the imperial Hydra’s tail (and the weakening of its tale), after a head or two had been pinned down in Syria. Robert’s dire warnings that the present global conflicts could easily explode into much greater conflagrations, is realistic. It is not optimal that we must rely on the patience and good sense of foreign leaders whose countries have been abused by our own leadership. A general US awareness of what our policy makers are up to would be the best brake on the insane path to war obsessed on by US mis-leadership.

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