Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal

Anonymous, the mostly toothless hackster activists, do put out good videos. (There’s something to be said for a bark, even when there is little bite.) Though not one of their snazzier productions, here is a fact-packed 25-minute rundown on Hillary’s loooooong and horrific record of crimes, corruption, and abuses of power. With time to do little more than list the sordid scandals, the video does not even get around to mentioning her leading role in international war crimes, from Libya to Honduras, that have left countless thousands of innocents dead (and the Clintons rich). These are crimes in which the full US administration and both political “parties” are fully complicit. (And the US taxpayer, in very concrete ways, “responsible.”)




Here is the entire documentary, just out (I haven’t watched it yet).



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i am an historian of the present and past
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