An “Economic Hit Man” Returns

John Perkins has released an enlarged and updated edition of his classic, The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Here he is interviewed by Chris Martenson, an excellent economic analyst at

Perkins’ original work, which came out 12 years ago, is on my still sparse and incomplete Great Books Page. This lists a series of monographs that lay out the broad contours of my present-day world view and “corporate-state” interpretation of US history in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Actually, I think I may now make use of Perkins’ term, the US “corporate-empire”. This reflects its geo-strategic interests as much as its legal and ideological constitution. Of course, its really just a gang of crooks running a classical patrimonial system of despotic and asset-stripping rulership. It is only “rule of law” by virtue of the fact that US legislation is almost entirely written by international and corporate lobbyists.

The  US itself is indeed a corporation. “USA, Inc.” another favorite moniker of mine, has been a fact since 1871. Subsequently, all its ‘agencies’ followed suit. Of course, that goes too for the Halls of Mordor themselves, the Federal Reserve, “as federal as Federal Express”. We have left our monetary policy not in the incompetent hands of Janet Yellen, but in those of the private, international banks whose shareholders’ interests she serves. It should be no surprise “dealer always wins”, yet the US public remains astonished. Chalk it up to the US media, whose opaqueness in this matter suggests that another word than “media” be better used.

Perkins’ great exposé shows, from a whistle-blowing insider’s experience, the imperial strategy of indebtedness and asset-stripping at work in the modern age. Historically, it is but the neo-liberal updating of a strategy used by 19th century English and French ‘corporate-banking-industry-state’ complexes. Such nefarious collusion crippled and then collapsed the Ottoman empire, asset-stripping its population long before military conquest was even required to get the tough stuff. India suffered perhaps even more. And of course, these were the same European ‘progressives’ and English Whigs that engineered the Opium Wars.

The US itself had to be ‘captured’ before it could be made the center — the military-industrial center — of the then-mostly-European cartel and cabal of economic interests. Their bent for unprecedented global domination depended on the  human, natural, and industrial resources of England’s wayward colonies. The way to Restoration was laid by a creeping process of government ‘incorporation’ following the bankruptcies of the Civil War, but was perhaps sealed in 1913, with the creation of the US Central Bank, beholden to the usual crew of European banking families, now joined by John D. Rockefeller, JP Morgan and other stateside ‘entrepreneurs’.

The US Central Bank was titled the Federal Reserve, since in 1913 there were still many around who remembered Presidents Jefferson’s and Jackson’s warnings about (and wars upon) privately-owned central banks. (Jefferson advocated for a publically-owned central bank; I believe Jackson thought a central bank is inevitably a ‘den of thieves’.)

This was the same crowd, joined by the nefarious NY law firm Sullivan and Cromwell’s Harriman brothers and Prescott Bush, that fomented the 1933 “Business Plot” to overthrow FDR and replace him with a fascist government. They chose the wrong general, Marine General Smedley Butler, to lead the plot. He went along for a while, gathering information. Typically, his shocking revelations before Congress resulted in the punishment only of minor officials. Butler went on to write War is a Racket, (1935) another classic, also on my Great Books list.

After WW2, Prescott Bush and Allen Dulles, Nazi bankers and sympathizers, presided over the Nazification of the US. (Please see Salon founder David Talbott’s recent book on Dulles, also on my Great Books page.) This was effected mainly through Dulles’ agency, the CIA, and especially Dulles’ “Secret Team”, which had clandestine operatives in the White House, the State Department, War/Defense, and everywhere else. Of course, bringing droves of Nazis into the US via Operation Paperclip also helped. According to Joseph Farrell these amounted to 70,000.

Of course, JFK threatened to “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces” but we saw how that turned out. George H.W. Bush, CIA agent at the time, is one of the few people in the world who does not remember where he was on that day in 1963. In fact he was in Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, as photos show. (I was in a first-grade classroom. I remember staring at the P.A. address box in shocked disbelief and a deepening sense of irreality as the news was broadcast.)

The Opium wars, run as much out of the Bank of England and the City of London as out of Parliament or Buckingham Palace, have not ended but have spread. That is why we occupied Afghanistan. The CIA, run by Bush after Dulles’ death (both ran the agency even in “retirement”) is at the heart of this operation too. More famously, if forgotten, Iran Contra was funded by cocaine trafficking in the US. Abundant evidence shows that too was run also by the Poppy Bush, though Ollie North never pointed that far up. You wonder where the drugs came in? That would be Mena, Arkansas, where a young womanizer had just been elected Guv. And yes, he did know. And got rich in the process.

International shareholders in the “corporate empire” happily deal drugs for profit and domestic social decimation at home. They do to their “own” nations, what they did to China; it is only the ‘next step’. The ‘chickens’ were meant to come home to roost, as their asset-stripping strategies turned from foreign plantation-slaves to the house-slaves “back home.”

Here, below, is the Perkins interview. This repentant “economic hit man” sadly feels we are much worse off now than 12 years ago when he first wrote the book. Thus the need for an update:



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