An economic aside

As my ‘day-job’ occupies more time, I must continue to post only short comments on youtube clips, interviews, and ‘shows’. Here is the March 1 edition of Boom/Bust, one of several Russia Today (RT) offerings I never miss. They are what mainstream media ‘ought to be’, if by mainstream media we mean ‘nothing too shocking’ but more or less approximately truthful. (When your foe is the US imperial-corporation, it is easy to be ‘on the right side’). Peter LaVelle’s “Crosstalk” and “The Keiser Report” with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are the others. “Crosstalk”, with PressTV’s “The Debate”, is among my favorite ‘debate’ shows, while Boom/Bust and The Keiser Report are my regulars for business, finance, and economics news.

I’ve posted several particularly hilarious and informative episodes with Max and Stacy, but this is the first time I’ll link to Boom/Bust. Its several hosts are excellent: Ameera David, Erin Ade, Bianca Facchinei, and the often brilliant Ed Harrison. While Max Keiser never pulled punches and his show focuses on scandals, crony capitalism, and the biggest shams of the Federal Reserve system, Boom/Bust’s (inevitably American) reporters have long toed a line of reporting that differed from US mainstream reporting only in its greater depth. While this inevitably brings ‘unpleasant realities’ to light, Boom/Bust moved quickly on to the next story. It long has hosted US commentators that make appearances in the US mainstream, but many of these have been sidelined because their predictions of the disasters of 2008 turned out to be correct, and their continued complaints about the “financial coup d’etat” (C.A.Fitts) that followed without changing anything substantial in the crooked system, have made their Fox News and MSNBC hosts uncomfortable.

While their outrage never approaches the Shakespearean heights of Max Keiser, these guests-experts level substantial broadsides against the rigged US petro-dollar dominance of the world economy and the racketeering dominance of the banksters über alles, and consider debt approaching numbers we don’t have names for something to actually be concerned about. Among the voices often heard on Boom Bust are Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Paul Craig Roberts, Steve Keen, Danielle DiMartino Booth, and, as in this episode, Jim Rickards. This episode, with a second-half discussion concerning gold and the ‘currency wars’ already underway, approaches the “outer limits” of mainstream media conversation.

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