Interview with Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry, on RT

This is an important RT interview with Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s eloquent spokesperson. She appears with Anissa Naouai on In The Now.

The content of Putin’s speeches at Valdai and the UN were utterly ignored by the Western press. So was the recent “No More Business As Usual” press conference of Lavrov. Of course, the Western press has sucked up and transmitted badly-faked propaganda reports from such one-man disinformation outfits as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, all the while ignoring the droves of evidence about the real war going on in Syria that was offered up at several large-scale press conferences of the Russian military and in the steady stream of information at RT, Sputnik, Pravda, Tass, and other less government-overseen operations.

None of these sober official statements got through the opaque Western “media” outlets to the Western public, so the Kremlin has turned to its own mass-media outlet, Russia Today, to disseminate an official, or semi-official, Russian side of the story.

Here is the link to the interview:

Unfortunately, the US public is now so habituated to empty assertions without credible evidence from its own USGov that it is now entirely unaware that in other parts of the world, governments make strong evidence-based cases for their positions. Zacharova does not offer anything new, but makes plain that the US, not Russia, has employed a strategy of aggression in the Middle East and along the old Soviet borders. Russia is in Syria at behest of a now exceedingly popular leader representing a sovereign government and in accordance with international law. She comes close to saying that ISIS is in fact a US creation, closer than any Russian official since they started inching in that direction at Putin’s 2014 Valdai speech and discussion. But again, the US should heed what Russia has done to Turkey in recent months, through the simple dissemination of information it is sitting upon.

I am not sure who to credit with this brilliant graphic:

usa_corp_vs_world_military_bases copy.jpg

Here is another recent RT interview with Zakharova, less formal, but in English. (The link above is dubbed over in English)





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