Reality-Reversal Media Tactics of the Corporate-State: What Ties the American West to the Middle East (III)

Recognize the tactics? The US mass media — left and right alike — stand united behind US Gov land-grabs and asset-stripping in the American West, just as they refrain from questioning the same consistent policies in the Middle East. We might add eastern Europe to this equation, for the Big Picture is really about conquering Russia and coming to an ‘agreement’ with China. Much leftie media critical of US foreign policy still tends to regard our steady destruction of foreign states as ‘one mistake after another,’ refusing to recognize the geo-strategic patterns. Much right-wing media, conversant with US depredations of US citizenry, suck up the propaganda about its humanitarian crimes overseas without question, fearing who the US Gov insists it fears, and hating who it insists we hate.

The mass media, on both sides, vilify all who resist USInc, foreign or domestic, as extremist, either religious or political, and nowadays, as terrorists. The real world works the other way around. In the real world, the USGov and its cartel of corporations and corporate-governments around the West systematically use a wide variety of terror tactics against private citizens and other sovereign states. Why? They are extremists of zero-sum profit, adherents to a pure and simple ideology of evil. They use political ideology, left and right and so on, to lure and hypnotize the masses with mostly illusory ‘difference’. They adhere only to the corporate politics of a gangster cabal, rendering all our high-falutin’ political theory completely moot, and us, effectively, mute.

We’ve been watching how this works in Oregon. The mass media needs merely to flip reality. The FBI — and its quite possibly foreign mercenary agents — caught red-handed in ‘false flag’ provocations — have been hostile to the local population and have functioned like the military in the siege of Malheur and the execution of LaVoy Finicum. Lavoy had no weapon on him, and never hurt a soul. Now another 80 militia and occupants of the Refuge (what irony in that name — too wild wildlife?) have been arrested. These include Blaine Cooper, apprehended and carted off without a warrant in front of his wife and kids, who he recently had rejoined. (I will update shortly.) As I said in a previous post, Cooper is one who understands well what connects the American West to the Middle East. The Feds act not in ‘public’ interest but act (out) in support of a BLM which operates in turn in support of private foundations, and, as Judge Darby charged, possibly of the IMF.

The mass media label the ‘rich white ranchers’ selfish’, and the left often calls them ‘racist,’ though Finicum reached out to the Paiute as neighbors and partnered victims in a systematic constitutional rip-off. They say the Oregon occupiers bantered ‘land-rights rhetoric’ — all the while ignoring the horrific and unjust treatment accorded the Hammonds, the obvious corruption on county, state, and federal levels on that and related cases, and the well-understood constitutional principles upon which the land rights arguments are in fact constructed. They also count them extremists, even though the statements of the leaders, and Brandon Curtiss/PPN’s Articles of Resolution were presented as issues, talking points, and grievances to be taken up even though none had been redressed, or even addressed, in the proper forum of the civil courts.

It works the same for the USGov’s favorite ‘villains’ abroad: Putin, Assad, and Rouhani. The US needs merely to flip reality in order to deliver a “narrative” to the US mass media, and the public sucks it up. It most stinks where FoxNews and NYTimes agree – but most conspicuous are the large areas of reality they both ignore. The US has surrounded Russia with hundreds of bases under neo-con hegemony, yet calls them “aggressive”, editing and twisting words as effectively with Russian diplomats as with patriots.

As the following presentation by Russian Major General Igor Konashenkov suggests, USGov control of the US mass media allows pure and unsubstantiated assertion to push aside all evidence contradicting official Newspeak. As the Bush neo-con propagandists promised, we now live in a “post-factual reality”. However, as with false-flags, things have gotten sloppy in recent times. There is nothing subtle about their propaganda tactics anymore, they are just lies. I usually search for a grain of truth, but nope, not even that.


To summarize: yesterday, two US A-10s took off from a base in Turkey (probably Incirlik) and made bombing raids over Aleppo, where Russian-backed Syrian forces (Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and regional militia in support) have nearly liberated the ancient emporium city. Later, with no evidence, no photos, no names, no coordinates, no nothing, the US accused Russia of bombing two hospitals and several other civilian sites in the city. But the Russian campaigns were 20 km away from the city and only the US-led “anti-I.S.I.S.” (so-called) alliance was flying over Aleppo that day. The investigation continues, the Russian investigation that is, since the US mind was made up before they served the day as the I.S.I.S. Air Force.

This is par for the course, of course. Anyone following this blog must know many past precedents. Many of these can be found on my I.S.I.S. is US page (not recently updated). Two months ago, US jets destroyed Aleppo’s power station at the start of the SAA-Russian-Hezbollah campaigns for the terrorist held city a few months ago. This endangered a million people with cholera. Until the concerted campaigns to recapture Syria’s second city, Aleppo had been held in large part by Jubhat al-Nusra and other Western-backed takfiri terrorist groups, mostly controlled from Turkey. Here is an interview with Eva Bartlett, a Canadian journalist recently returned from Syria, with many such stories of US and UN media reality-reversals in that ravaged country.

The SAA and allies have now nearly closed off the Aleppo-to-Turkey corridor through Azaz. For this reason, Turkey, and its closest ally, Saudi Arabia, are banging the drums of war as loud as they possibly can. Both want Big Bro in there, but the USGov has now got cold feet. This, at least, is evinced by its ineffective and ambiguous stance in Geneva (we shall see how far this ceasefire goes – my guess is that US “humanitarian aid” will be arms-drops to I.S.I.S.) and perhaps most eloquently by Kerry’s protestation to an “activist”, “What do you want me to do? Go to war with Russia?” This recalls Kerry’s protestation to a neo-liberal imperial activist when the Iran deal was signed: “What do you want me to do? If we don’t sign, they will dump the petrodollar and take lots of countries with them.” That — all along — was Iran’s real “nuke”, if you ask me.

Following Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet, and its terrorist proxy’s cold-blooded murder of its crew member, Russia’s intel leaks have proven to the world that Erdogan is the Godfather of I.S.I.S. in Ankara. Putin has also begun blowing to smithereens their oil trade. Of course, he has been sitting on this information. Though all this was widely known in the alternative media, its leaks to the Russian mass media outfits, like RT and Sputnik, were significant because it meant the information’s rapid distribution around the world. Erdogan’s reputation is now sullied beyond repair, even among the occasional readers of YahooNews.

Erdogan knows the US umbrella is now not just leaky, but closing up. He has furiously attacked the US alliance with the Syrian Kurdish YPG. “You either side with the terrorists or you side with us!” Erdogan puffs out, channelling W. On the other hand, the US happily lets Erdogan pound his own Kurds into desolation, as my most recent post showed. The PKK, the old allies agree, is terrorist, though in fact, they little differ in their egalitarian anarcho-socialist ideology with the YPG. The PKK has carried out

We still do not know what if Erdogan or the House of Sa’ud (or Likud) will follow up on their hysterical threats to invade Syria, even in the absence of US or NATO support, since these are desperate times for those ruling classes. But Russia’s information ammunition, in my opinion, is why the US seems to be backing off from overly encouraging their barking dogs into a fight. Putin knows the owner. Russia could just as easily release information connecting the US Embassy in Ankara to Erdogan’s wheeling and dealing with terrorists, or intel about CIA training sites for terrorists in Jordan, or about BP’s and HSBC’s oil and finance connections…. well, you get the idea. The “laundering” list is long.

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