Where the other (corporate-mercenary) jackboot lands…What Ties the American West to the Middle East (II)

As it emerges that the Feds in Oregon and the FBI likely have outsourced their dirty work to mercenaries — some have charged that these include foreign ‘agents’– we might recall that “hired soldiers” are those most used in the US Empire’s 21st century style of foreign land-grab too. Here as well “governments” are manipulated on several levels, national, regional, and fictive (I.S.I.S., that is, US) by the private international corporate interests that run the USGov and ‘govs’ stretching almost entirely around the world.

Lest we forget that the US-led corporate state’s jackboot crushes down in the Middle East much worse and for far longer than it has in the American West, I once again want to recall the present situation in Turkey and Syria, where “divide-and-conquer” is being used on a vast and violent scale.

Here is an article, with sad video footage of ongoing battles and destruction in the Sur district in Diyarbakir, the ‘capital,’ we may fairly say, of Turkish Kurdistan, and destroyed, we may fairly say, by the ‘left hand’ of US empire in the Middle East, Erdogan’s Turkey. (Saudi Arabia is the right hand, Israel the pituitary, of the US war machine.)

Since pretending to withdraw US armies from Iraq (and pretending not to have any in Syria), many US battles for global domination are fought more or less openly with proxy and private armies.

In Iraq, of course, the US relies on “McCain’s army”, otherwise known as I.S.I.S., but also on ‘strange bedfellows’ the Turks, and the Barzani led KRG, the Kurdistan Regional Government, in Erbil. When former Iraqi PM al-Maliki accused “Ankara and Erbil” of engineering the quick I.S.I.S. takeover of Mosul, the unmentioned elephantine hyperpower in the room was the US. The US, along with Israel, which is ISIS and Iraqi Kurdistan’s greatest oil purchaser, remain in charge of the game in those parts. But the Russian intervention has decimated “our terrorists” and now Turkey, egged on by US neo-cons, is itching for war with its ‘aggressor’.

Since 2001, our foreign imperial wars have been carried out by a neo-con dominated USG, whose “chicken-hawks” do not understand warfare, any more than they understand that which it destroys, society. Their latest, greatest blunder was to privatize the war business (per advice of neo-liberals), and to rely on a hierarchy of puppet states and proxies (our proxies and our puppet-state’s proxies) to do their bidding even when it contravened their own national interests. We do not hesitate to destroy Germany, if it serves our interest in isolating Russia, by cutting off their natural energy supplier in the East and flooding them with refugees, in which we have no doubt embedded “our terrorists”.

The right-wing in the US, gripes righteously about the loss of US national interests to that of international corporate influence  — but often does not realize this has been true throughout the 20th century, since 1913 at least. They also are usually ignorant of the fact that the same crooks, using a US military monster paid for by US taxpayers, have been “land-grabbing” and “asset-stripping” the rest of the world for a long, long time. The fall of the Soviet Union permitted the neo-con lunatics lurking in the basement of Reagan’s White House to contemplate a global fascist state. They have been in charge since King George I (actually, Nazi banker Prescott Bush can fairly be called King George I, and ‘W’ the Mad King George III.)

Just below, some photos we took ten or twelve years ago in this same district of Diyarbakir and other neighborhoods nearby. This was/is one of several very beautiful cities in southeast Turkey. We met old men who told of playing in their youth with Armenian, Kurdish, and Turkish kids, Christians and Muslims together.

For the first 600 years of the Ottoman empire, that was possible. Then, in the 19th century, nationalism, a vile disease, was imported by the West to tear asunder one of the world’s most long-lived and harmonious multi-ethnic, multi-religious empires. The West undermined Ottoman sovereignty with divisive ideologies, turning Turk against Kurd against Arab against Armenian against Albanian, and undermined it even more with the latest and most formidable tool of domination – debt enslavement. The military was hardly needed. Still, by 1850, the West had destroyed an economy and an ancient social fabric and had begun the rape and takeover of an older, more civilized civilization that continues to this day.

If those who struggle against the US corporate state in Oregon have any chance of instituting a just and constitutional order in the US, it has to recognize who the culprit really is, and what else it has done. It has to realize that the oppression it is now feeling, the jackboot coming down on the American West, is just the pair of that which has long crushed down on the Middle East and elsewhere throughout the world. What justified this reign of imperial oppression, of wanton land-grabbing and asset-stripping was usually some variety of “American exceptionalism” coupled with some variety of vilification of whoever owned the property the US lusted after.

The US treats Putin and Assad exactly like it treats Ammon Bundy and LaVoy Finicum. It treats the Syrian and Iraqi nations like it treated the First Nations here. Since the Clinton administration, it has treated the ranchers and other private landowners in the American West in much the same way: people in the way of profit, people that need to be removed.

That’s their only ideology. Don’t be fooled by political rhetoric. These are not “socialists,” as many on the right believe, lacking context both historical and geographical; our common oppressors are oligarchs, corrupt and crooked oligarchs. Their regime, if we want to call it anything, is “fascist.” But really, it is just organized crime. True, Big Government is an excellent asset-stripping mechanism. But government is only the controlling bankster and corporate elites’ attack dog. As Putin said, when a dog bites you, go after the owner.

Here are some photos from Diyarbakir, a dozen or so years ago. As you can see from the video in the article linked above, for the Kurds in these pictures, that must feel like an eternity now. Erdogan, who once called for “zero problems with neighbors”, now has nothing but problems with its neighbors, and relentlessly has pursued war also within his own borders. That should start to have a sickening, echoing ring to it. In fact, there is no reason to believe that the masters of proxies and the pullers of puppet-strings, the US and Israel above all, will treat their own populations any differently than they have treated others. Chickens are coming home to roost.

12.jpegentry corner w kids copy 2.jpegkids and nes cropped.jpgred streets copy 2.jpegkids and apo 1.pngsky blue st 1.pngkurds in court.pngkurdish guy.png

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