As Assassination Looks More Likely, A Conspiracy Widens

The evidence for “assassination” is building, and both John Darash at National Liberty Alliance (NLA) and a courageous Nebraska reporter, Lory Storm, are saying they are accumulating evidence ‘right on up to the top’. None of this, of course, has yet been made public.

However, here is a pretty-convincing analysis of the fatal twelve seconds. It shows 7 shots in sequence, coming from several sides, beginning when LaVoy’s hands were high in the air. Notice especially that the first shot which hits LaVoy in the side, bringing his hands there, briefly, comes from an agent to the lower right who immediately scoots away after his shot.

Here is an updated statement from the Finicum family, of Feb 2. The additional statement of Shawna Cox allowed them to strengthen their argument that LaVoy was, in so many words, murdered. It concludes:

“He never wielded a weapon. He never posed any genuine threat to anyone. It is our position that he was cornered like a helpless animal, with nowhere else to turn, and executed in cold blood. We believe he had already been shot before he ever lowered his hands. We believe some of his hand movements were a natural physical reflex to being shot. He was shot multiple times in the back with his hands in the air. He was then completely ignored and disregarded for an extended period of time, and left to die with no attempt to provide any medical attention, while an entire of officers and agents (estimated to be at least 20 at that location), thoroughly terrorized the remaining occupants of the vehicle, including two women (Shawna Cox and Victoria Sharp), by shooting the truck full of holes.”

It demands that “all applicable audio recordings and sound tracks, including an audio track of the event recorded on Shawna Cox’s phone” be released along with a full unedited video from the drone and complete, close-up images of the vehicle.

The family has performed its own autopsy, but is waiting for the official autopsy before revealing their results. The FBI released the serial numbers of a gun supposedly found by the agents in the left jacket pocket (LaVoy was right-handed and wore a holster). It turned out this was a weapon stolen two years ago. Not LaVoy’s.

Here is a video of LaVoy on the day before his murder. He is already worried about he build-up of militarized police units and FBI, and the overt hostility emanating from their ranks. Amazingly, the build-up continues.

As a conspiracy to assassinate LaVoy Finicum becomes more and more evident, the feds are escalating matters as if the four remaining occupiers of Malheur represent a grave national danger. Ammon Bundy asked them to leave in his first post-arrest statement, but said nothing in his second. Cliven Bundy says stay.

The “mixed uniform” thugs working one way or another for the Feds in Burns, at the airport ,and around Malheur are growing in number. They are of uncertainly origin, but very mean. Lory Storm, a reporter from KSDZ in Nebraska, had a (verbally) rough encounter with those that have put the Refuge/Resource Center under siege. The thugs – we cannot be certain they are FBI – have been absolutely brutal with ranchers engaged in such suspicious activities as “feeding their cattle.”

Lory Storm’s interview is worth a listen. Recorded last week, she said then that the PPN may attempt to peacefully break the siege with a march on the weekend. Later the PPN called for a stand-down “in light of talks with the FBI and people at the refuge”. Probably a smart move. These feds are nuts.

This article summarizes the Lory Storm interview.

This is the interview:

A number of ‘constitutional’ efforts are underway that aim to strike at the corrupt corporate-state which facilitated the terrorizing of the Hammonds for the uranium that sits under their soil, and the pre-meditated murder of LaVoy Finicum.

A certain Judge Gary Darby, “verified constitutional judge with an oath” presented a notarized request for help to the Oregon Provost Marshal, the senior military police officer in the area, signed by members of the Harney County Committee of Safety, led by ex-Fire Chief Chris Briels. A follow-up call by the judge to Major Steven Bomar, the acting officer in charge at the base in the absence of Major General Stencil (sp?) was recorded and published.

This is an article about Judge Darby’s notarized report, with an image of the official document. This is phone conversation recorded by Judge Darby with Major Steven Bomar.

Judge Darby says he has been in contact with the Finicum family and relays the information, not officially released, that LaVoy was shot 9 times, including once in the face, as Scott Bennett’s sources reported the very first evening. (“Single digits” the FBI said.) The analysis linked above notes that the face shot, which came after several others, was the killer.

The document presented to the Provost Marshal states the following:

“We The People in Harney County …. are in fear for our lives and property as a result of commercial mercenaries in operation under color of law calling themselves “FBI” agents…pretending to represent the lawful government of the United States while engaged in criminal racketeering and murder.”

This document goes on to say these “agents” ultimately are employed by the IMF and the UN. “We require the immediate assistance of the combined American military and civilian police forces to first identify, and then remove these undeclared foreign agents…”

In his telephone call with Major Steven Bomar, Judge Darby says he has reason to believe the “agents” or rather “commercial mercenaries,” may be employees of Blackstone (now called Academi).

The cans of corrupt worms pulled up by this case are innumerable. Judge Anna von Reitz,  has commented extensively. Here is her latest.

The National Liberty Alliance, with over 5000 members, may have the best means to get a common law grand jury off the ground in the event no justice can be had in the civil courts. (And of course, there is no reason to expect the civil courts to change their behavior now.) In this interview (starting about 52:00) the NLA’s John Darash says they too have been in touch with the Finicum family, and have already accumulated evidence that ought to permit indictments, “right on up to Obama.”

The youtube investigator “Call of Duty Goddess” has wrapped up some good work on the fed ‘thugs’ with today’s video, “Bombshell on the Thugs” 40 minutes long, that quite convincingly makes the case that we are looking at Jade Helm in operation. You should hear her out.

I was skeptical about the Jade Helm horror stories last summer, but this looks substantial. It suggests that last’s years exercise was placement and training for something like this. Whether it is being rolled out now by design or in reaction to Ammon Bundy’s unexpected move, I am not sure, but it seems to have been very much directed at the ranchers and militia base all along.

In her video, the Duty Goddess includes several extensive clips from last spring where a Jade Helm spokesman outlines operative parameters that will sound very familiar to anyone following this case. He jocularly admits Jade Helm was designed to solve the problems the Nazis encountered with the French Resistance.

The Goddess’s video also includes clips from an interview done in recent days with Chris Briels. He, you may remember from several past posts, is the former Fire Chief who several weeks back smoked out FBI agents dressed as militiamen who seem to have been behind false flag harassment in Burns. Briels resigned when Judge Grasty told him to stop talking with Bundy and lay off the FBI. He is becoming an important local voice, and is typical of the way public opinion is shifting steadily towards the militia, or away from the feds, mainly due to the clumsy jackboots of intervention by the FBI, or whoever the hell they are.

In the interview, Briels says the Committee of Safety, a Revolutionary War-era inspiration, is an assembly of citizens that has the prerogative to call for the help of the militia. It seems he is first putting out the call for help first to the US military police. One way or another, we need to clean up the stinking ranks of the USGov.

Let me finish with another video found first on the site, Call of Duty Goddess, but here traced back: “The Tao of LaVoy”. Among the clips included in the five minute overview are those LaVoy did on his own land, where the federal government used water in warfare against him. Rest in peace, LaVoy. You’ll be stronger in death than you were in life.

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