A few links on the Oregon ambush…

Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio: Steve Wolf (yours truly) and Anthony Hall on the death of LaVoy Finicum

An interview with Blaine Cooper – the heir apparent of the C4CW gives a good account of himself and his departure from Malheur after LaVoy was killed. Bear with the unbearable host, or skip around.

The Finicum family statement:

A new Shawna Cox interview, given to Dave Hodges

A song sung by the children of LaVoy Finicum

Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton‘s powerful statement

More dirt on Jon Ritzheimer

A viable theory, among several, that LaVoy Finicum was shot before he dropped his hands

An Alex Jones interview with Robert “Tosh” Plumlee; this CIA whistleblower gives a hearty condemnation of corrupt corporate-state collusion in Oregon but suggests the affair was blown up by its infiltrators to take attention from new “Fast and Furious” findings that tie Hillary Clinton and other agents and organs of state to arms-running in Mexico and the Middle East.

The article by Shephard Ambellas which best exposes the links between the Clinton Foundation and the Russian company, Uranium One, which conspired to take the Hammond’s uranium before they had legally secured it. Another in support.

Here is some dirt on Greg Bretzing, the corrupt official heading up the FBI investigation in Oregon.




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