Oregon Ambush – Was LaVoy Finicum Murdered?

Well, it depends on what you call ‘murder’, — and on which “witness” you’ll believe.

We have deeply conflicting “witness” reports on the death of LaVoy Finicum. These come from one traveller from each of the two C4CW vehicles involved. The first to be stopped was carrying Ammon Bundy; his bodyguard and driver Mark McConnell, detained but released, gave one account. The car driven by LaVoy Finicum drove away from the first roadblack, but went offroad evading another one a mile ahead. Victoria Sharp was in Finicum’s vehicle; she too was temporarily detained, then released without charge. With ‘wheels still spinning’ Finicum got out of the pick-up truck, and either “charged,” (McConnell) or “walked, unarmed, with hands in the air”(Sharp) towards his killers. These were possibly the Oregon State Police, but so far this is unconfirmed.

How could there be such varying reports, supposedly from members of the same C4CF? As we have many times related, there are a host of suspicious characters in the Bundy group and the other militia, and they were at the center of yesterday’s tragic events. These are suspicious not only because they are a bit ‘loose upstairs’ but because they may be fiddling with false-flags and provocations. Among this crowd, Ryan Payne and Pete Santilli were both arrested during the day’s events. Jon Ritzheimer, instead, had already skedaddled off for a holiday, already bored after 3 weeks of achieving his lifelong dream. He too has turned himself into the FBI, probably for protection.

So far, we have have two testimonies, quite a bit at variance. At this stage, all we can do is examine their internal evidence on their own merits, compare the accounts, and be realistic about how much we do not yet know. For the following I will use three main sources, principally of the two witnesses but I’ll link to a Scott Bennett program conveying the accounts of some of his own sources ‘on the ground’, and an interesting discussion about these matters with several guests.

Victoria Sharp

Click to access Transcript-of-Victoria-Sharp-Recording.pdf


Mark McConnell


Scott Bennett


Beyond the two ‘witness’ and participant reports, a number of ‘conspiracy theories’ and ‘coincidence theories’ were floated. The “conspiracy theory” is: LaVoy was kneeling with hands up when they gunned him down, cold-blood execution style.

The “coincidence theory” is: LaVoy committed “suicide-by-cop”. This suggests that if the ‘cops’ weren’t murderous cowards, he woulda turned next perhaps, to jumping off a bridge, or overdosing on Xanax. LaVoy was not suicidal. Rather, wasting away for unjust causes in a concrete cell was “death” for him, as it should be for any sane person.

Everybody knows that LaVoy Finicum refused to be jailed by a criminal government for trumped-up charges. His words were twisted every which way, especially by the squirrely MSNBC reporter that baited him, unsuccessfully, to look aggressive. Still, the media managed to find a dozen words that, properly re-assembled, could do the job.

Both conspiracy and coincidence theories are certainly wrong, and neither fit either witness report, though one of these reports, oddly enough, takes care to ‘refute’ the ‘conspiracy theory’ that, as it turned out, never got much airplay anyway. Indeed, it is hard to imagine LaVoy kneeling. Let me correct that: it is impossible to imagine. I would suggest this “conspiracy theory” version misses the real conspiracy altogether in its provocation to irrational action. Where have we seen that strategy before? Where have we not, more like.

Unlike the “conspiracy and coincidence theorists”, which submitted LaVoy to the humiliation of abject surrender (nice NWO touch, that), or the police to abject murderous idiocy, more reasonable models rely upon the two witness testimonies. Nevertheless, the play of ridiculous distracting memes is always interesting to follow, even when fleeting.

The two testimonies of pertinence are those by Mark McConnell, bodyguard of Ammon Bundy and arrested along with him, and of Victoria Sharp, travelling in the back seat of LaVoy Finicum’s pick-up truck. Both were held locally at a county prison (Grant or Harney?) and released after a few hours. None of the others that were arrested were released; all are held in Portland at a state prison.

The witnesses separate, and diverse, statements came out within hours of their releases. The killing of Finicum happened a mile away from McConnell at the time, but he claims to share the words of Shana (Shawna) Cox, still imprisoned. He claims to convey the account of Ryan Payne as well, but Payne, still in prison, also was a mile away at that time. They all supposedly need a $15,000 retainer for a lawyer up front.

Mark McConnell and Brian “Booda” Cavalier, both bodyguards, were in the vehicle with Ammon Bundy travelling north on US 395 to a scheduled meeting in John Day, Oregon, at a Senior Center set up by a Committee of Safety and the Grant County sheriff.

Let me say, this side of matters also remains obscure. According to ‘haters’ the Senior Citizen’s meeting was to arrange the overthrow of our Good Govt. According to others, the John Day or Grant County Sheriff, in collusion with the Feds, used the meeting with Bundy to draw him out of the Resource Center into the clutches of the Empire. Certainly the meeting was public knowledge, and it is pretty clear the two-car caravan was blockaded and ambushed, it seems by several dozen vehicles at two different places.

In sum, McConnell believes Finicum “charged” the “law enforcement officers,” and, shrugging his shoulders, kinda got what was coming to him. Victoria , who was there, says once they were forced into a snowbank, LaVoy exited the car with hands in the air and just walked away from the vehicle. She also says the police were already beginning to fire at them. A few words were exchanged, somewhat garbled in Sharp tape and broken in the transcription. LaVoy said something like ‘are you gonna shoot me? OK, then shoot’, and Victoria goes on, “and they did, they shot him dead, they shot him right there like there just walking with his hands in the air. And I thought I swear to God my God, just walking with his hands in the air, they shot him dead and after he was down on the ground, they shot him three more times.”

This is the gist of it. There is more, but let us first examine more fully what is known about the day’s events, and McConnell’s version, or rather the Shana Cox version since that is McConnell’s only real source.

This much can be agreed upon: there were two C4CF vehicles involved and the incident devolved in three places. The truck with Ammon Bundy was stopped first — McConnell was driving. According to McConnell, LaVoy’s vehicle was pulled over a few minutes later about 200 yards further on. He watched matters unfold there as he was being arrested. The reports collaborate in saying Ryan Payne, (seated in the front next to LaVoy, who was driving) got out of the vehicle and was taken into custody.

They also agree that LaVoy decided to speed away, with Ryan Bundy, Shana Cox, and Victoria Sharp in the back, some moments after Payne exited the vehicle and after LaVoy’s own discussion with the “law enforcement officer.” “We are going to see the Sheriff”, he was reported to be telling the agent, meaning the Sheriff’s meeting in Grant County Senior Center. Perhaps he thought if he could make it to the county line, very nearby, he would be under the Grant County Sheriff’s protection. Could he have foreseen the danger he was putting the others into?

I am suggesting that the weight of testimony suggests murder may have been committed. But I will not rule out that Finicum was in fact trying to ‘draw fire’. Having come to ‘know’ him though his videos over the weeks, I believe this man of courage and conscience may have realized too late, perhaps foolishly late, that these nutcases were going to gun them down for their non-violent civil disobedience, for evading what had been posed as a traffic stop.

Whether this should have been foreseen or not is now not for us to judge too harshly, in my view. LaVoy paid his karma as soon as he damn well saw it coming. He went straight to his death, in my estimation, because he was attempting to save the women and Ryan Bundy. I hope he did not suspect, as he was shot in the face point-blank, that the feds would then riddle the snowbound car with bullets. This is according to the ‘witness’ that was actually there.

What happened further at the first stop, during those few minutes that LaVoy was deciding to take off – and much of what happened thereafter, is disputed. According to McConnell, LaVoy sped off after a “heated” shouting match with Ryan Payne. A different story is told by Victoria Sharp.

As Sharp, an 18-year old newcomer from Montana, tells the story, Payne courageously stuck his neck out the window when they were first stopped, along with both hands. She then says “they” shot at Payne, missing him because he ducked. He then quickly got out of the car (how brave!) and was arrested. (Good thing he got those cops!) From 200 yards away, McConnell said he saw Payne handcuffed on the ground when LaVoy’s pick-up sped off, his discussion with the ‘cop’ evidently having come to an end. (We’ve seen before, many times, how the feds ‘negotiate.’)

Let us give another look at the two testimonies. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it odd that McConnell went to the trouble to dismiss a weakly circulating “conspiracy theory”, as if his beloved movement itself weren’t arrayed against a conspiracy. Anyway, maybe McConnell just wanted to give the inside scoop, and confirm for us that, no, LaVoy was not kneeling down. Thanks, Mark, we figured that out.

McConnell admits he is reporting the words of Ryan Payne, (a character since Bundy Ranch 2014, under as much suspicion as Pete Santilli, who so many love to hate). He more pertinently says he relates the words of Shana Cox. He trusts them; so should we, he assures us. Deriding “asinine conspiracy theories” about his own early release, and also about LaVoy’s kneeling execution, he says, ‘don’t give me your speculation, I was there.’ Except that he wasn’t. Shana Cox, and the others, remain in jail. I hope McConnell dispelled that ‘kneeling’ rumor conspiracy theory merely to maintain LaVoy’s good reputation. Unfortunately, he goes on to spoil it.

According to McConnell’s second-hand story, LaVoy “charged” the officers the moment he ran into a snowbank while trying to evade the second roadblock which was set up a mile beyond the first, where McConnells’ face was probably in the pavement at that moment. McConnell says he loves LaVoy, but implies the “law enforcement officers” responded naturally by gunning him down, even though he was, by all accounts so far, unarmed (let’s leave aside whether his arms were up or not). I’m not sure in what kind of world that is natural.

Victoria Sharp says a couple people had sidearms but no one brandished any; they were busy ducking into the well of the car avoiding gunfire themselves. But Victoria Sharp also makes it very clear, repeatedly clear, that LaVoy was just walking towards the feds, hands well in the air. She implies, to my mind, that LaVoy jumped out of the car quickly because the feds had already begun shooting at them as soon as they were grounded.

LaVoy, perhaps realizing he had gotten them all into a very bad situation, seemed to know who they really wanted– who the media had already set up as a havoc-bringer, though he was in fact friendly and always measured in his impromptu and prepared remarks. It seems likely he decided to pull himself away from the car as quickly as possible — but while clearly walking, not charging. I doubt he was suicidal. More likely, he saw blood in the eyes of his killers. According to Sharp, after they shot Finicum, they began “riddling the car with bullets,” wounding Ryan Bundy. He seems to have covered the women in the rear well of the car; what saved them was the slope of the snowbound car.

Her account is well worth listening to, and that of McConnell worth watching. To my mind, the tone of voice and facial gestures convey quite a lot. Why wouldn’t they? Let us ‘listen’ to Victoria Sharp, to my mind a desperately shocked and frightened young woman. Her voice could not help but bring to my mind, if through a different medium, the iconic picture of that woman stooping over the Kent State dead with her hands out and mouth agape in shock and horror. What remains most uncertain is the exact viewpoint Sharp may have had of Finicum as he walked to his death. We have nothing to contradict her account, however, so far.

It is worth saying, these days, I don’t think Victoria Sharp is a plant. Certainly she is no Maxwell Smart, as many ‘coverts’ seem to be these days. I think she was the ‘unexpected’ factor that threw their game off. However, its true, we do not know. Her words are from an interview given anonymously, and for obvious reasons untraceable. But if it is itself a ‘false flag’, admittedly within the realm of abstract possibility, then it is one exceptionally well done, and not characteristic of the positively shoddy performances of the last year or so. Victoria Sharp:

“He (LaVoy) got out of the car and he had his hands in the air, and …(he said) “Unless (hard to hear)… just shoot me then” , and they did, they shot him dead, they shot him right there like there just walking with his hands in the air. And I thought I swear to god my god, just walking with his hands in the air, they shot him dead and after he was down on the ground , they shot him three more times, and then they bombarded our vehicle with bullets. Flying Ryan got hit in the shoulder, we were laying down on the floor board screaming. They gassed us like five times. They kept trying to shoot us, their angle was bad so … We were praying so hard, please stop please stop, please stop, they were riddling us with bullets, they kept gassing us over and over and we couldn’t breathe because of the gas, we were trying to find something white, so we could put a white flag out, and then I was trying to see Ryan got hit in the shoulder, he said I don’t think it’s too bad though.”

Later in the roughly 14 minute interview, Victoria Sharp gives more details about LaVoy’s – we will have to say “murder” if her version turns out to be true. Now his words come to the fore.

“OK, so Lavoy got out of the driver’s seat . . When he crashed into the snow bank, he immediately got out of the car, and he had his hands in the air and it was like just shoot me then because he didn’t want to go down he did not want to die, he had his hands in the air, and said, are you just gonna shoot me? And then they just shot him…. he got hit by several people – it was simultaneous. We were like “ what? We couldn’t believe it, it was, it shocked us because he had his hands in the air, We couldn’t believe they were actually going to shoot him. And like what? Is he dead? is he dead And I was like, we knew that he had gotten shot and I screamed get help I just want to help him then they started firing at the car the vehicle again and they wouldn’t let us out. Oh it was so scary.”

Scott Bennett also reported from his own “sources on the ground” a day after the event, that Finicum indeed had been shot “once in the face” and “twice in the back”, at least to start matters off. He also reported that a remark along the lines, “OK! just shoot then!” could be heard, and perhaps was taken as a ‘trigger’ for the killers. Different sources reported different number of shots fired at LaVoy Finicum, leaving aside the many more fired at the vehicle. Sharp said that several shot “simultaneously” at Finicum, which might account for the discrepancy.

On the same program, Scott Bennett hosted Mike Harris of VT and Kerry Cassidy, herself, imho a suspicious character (just to make my druthers clear.) Some fascinating views, info, and (disinfo perhaps) was presented here. Cassidy stood out for announcing Ryan Payne had been shot, but of course, it was Ryan Bundy that was shot. Funny how I was just saying…

Mike Harris presented a ‘global’ perspective that was quite fascinating. However, while expressing a general level of sympathy for the rancher’s cause and the corrupt state they are battling, Harris thought the war — against the Khazarian Mafia in Harris’ well-researched terms — is better fought with such a strategic view in mind. Between words that damned with faint praise, he seemed to advocate a relinquishment of Malheur ASAP. He refrained altogether from commentary about the death of LaVoy Finicum, still recent at the time of the show.

When informed the media is reporting that three shots were fired, Victoria Sharp responded to her interviewer, ” NO, are you kidding me? They shot at least a 120 shots probably all together. OK, but they were shooting the car a lot”, correcting her own exaggeration, perhaps, but making an even better point in doing so. Later the interviewer comes back to media reports that only 3 shots were fired, and she is again aghast. ” Oh no, that’s a total lie… Are you kidding me? Have you seen the car, have you seen the vehicle?, it was completely covered with gunshots.”

So, it is obvious that the car will prove matters. Will we see it? I mean really see it?

She is further queried by the interviewer as to any aggressive, rather than evasive, action on the part of LaVoy or others in the vehicle. He asks, ” Ok, so not one shot was fired by any body in the car, or by Lavoy?” Her reply:

“No, no one even touched their gun. No one touched their gun. No one pulled their gun out. NO one touched a gun, we had no rifles. A couple of guys had sidearms on, but no one touched them, in fact they had their hands out the window to show they weren’t firing. Nothing We showed no aggression at all.”

Payne had put his hands out of the car at the first stop, Sharp had said earlier, and that is probably what she is referring to, since the second roadblock event developed quite differently. This becomes immediately clear when the interviewer asks about Ryan Bundy’s gunshot wounds. Bundy and Sharp were in the back seat. She says they were ” on the floor of the car ’cause that was when they were shooting at the vehicle. We couldn’t get out of the car or we would have been dead.”

The second roadblock too was set up as an ambush point. She says there were ” a ton a vehicles. I don’t know maybe 40 altogether?” and that there were people in the trees “pointing their lasers.” “I had like 20 lasers on me as I was getting out of the car.”

She also tells a different story about their first roadblock encounter than McConnell. Let me say, she does not suspect Ryan Payne of nefarious activity, as do I, indeed Victoria expresses great admiration for him. Perhaps she’s a double or triple agent, who knows? Let’s just try to hear everybody’s story for the moment. If we would do that more often, there would be less blood shed.

” Ryan Payne was in the front seat but during the incident, he got out when they first stopped us. He stopped in the middle of the road and told them we we’re going to talk to the sheriff and when they fired the first shot – it was actually at that point – Ryan Payne had both his hands out the window and his head and they shot at him…. That was the first shot. And that’s when we knew they meant business that they were serious and that they, . . .I’m talking so much… (the woman is obviously upset) … That was the first shot, so he ended up getting out of the car, ’cause they stopped shooting, he got out of the car and then after we started driving again, that‘s when they started shooting again, . .but we had lasers on us the whole time, they were ready to shoot…”

The interviewer brings her back to the first roadblock: ” Ok, so Ryan got out of the car, did he ever get back in the car before you took off?”

Sharp: ” No. He was arrested, or he was taken into custody at least ’cause [when] all of us were taken into custody, he was with us. We all got transferred together and then they separated all of us.”

Victoria Sharp does not even minimally suggest that a “heated discussion” or any kind of discussion took place between Payne and LaVoy. It doesn’t seem there is time or space for it in her account. She says that Payne quickly was arrested and that LaVoy was talking to the ‘cop’. Neither does McConnell mention a significant element of Sharp’s story, that a shot was fired when LaVoy’s vehicle was pulled over 200 yards further down Highway 395.

Sharp conveys a few more interesting details about the meeting and the “ambush”:

” We were going to this meeting that was going on… the sheriff was gonna be there and a bunch of ranchers and we were going to try to talk and maybe do some negotiations, and we were gonna sing and that was all and we were ambushed, I mean it was known that we were gonna go so they probably decided to use that area maybe because it was really wooded and everything we didn’t have any phone service…”

There you go: the usual target for false-flag disruption and assassination : they were going to “talk”. We know how the corporate-state hates that “talk” stuff. Monologue’s more their style. Thanks, State, we’ve listened enough.

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