Putting Two and Two Together: What ties the American West to the Middle East: (I)

In upcoming posts, I will begin to sketch a few links between the far-flung areas of my blogging interests, to show that the issues, power-centers, and the strategies at work in Oregon and the Middle East are simply two sides of the ‘Risk board’ for the hyper-power globalists. Today I look at some common memes, means, and ends.

Asset-stripping is the present-day Prime Imperative of USA, Inc., the corporate-state which is plainly international in its stock-holding ‘ownership’. At this late, not final, stage of the giant Risk game, it works much the same hier bei uns as outre-mere. Acquisitions, mergers and “hostile takeovers” of independent landowners and foreign nations are undertaken following a campaign of attacks and vilifications in the media, false flags, and reversals of truth. This is necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of the corporate-state’s slave-armies and ‘house slaves’ back home. (To see why tax-and debt-enslavement is not just a colorful term, see Stefan Molyneux’s 13 min video or better yet, James Corbett’s documentary on the Federal Reserve: “A Century of Enslavement”) If efforts at extortion come to push-and-shove, you are labeled a terrorist; harassment may be followed by full invasion and total destruction and disintegration of the fabric of your society if you further resist. It is evident this occurred in much the same way with the indigenous Americans as with Iraq, Libya, and Syria. But the Western empire has been stymied on the foreign front so the “patrimonial” class has turned to cashing in larger chunks of its human property in the dilapidated USA. This is what, in reality, unites ranchers and the uppity urban middle class most likely to oppose them: the corporate-state’s claims upon them, and the fact they are now coming to take what is theirs.

In this long post, I want to focus on some of lesser-known weapons with which the corporate elites control the masses and, unfortunately, many uncritical alternative media sources. Mainly by means of the entertainment and news media, the elite wield the memes of civilizational conflict behind DC’s every blatant attempt to asset-strip its neighbors. More insidiously, the same flood of images and texts fill our head with the main categories by which we identify the participants. In fact, what “Shi’a” and “Sunni”, “Cowboy” and “Indian,” have in company is their common asset-stripping antagonist.

We say ‘bigot’ for someone who irrationally sticks to his prejudices. The massmedia, starting with inits basic “left-right” divisions, is designed to turn us all into bigots. The purpose of this diabolical mechanism and the way it works can only be understood with some context. Let us take a quick trip around some of the main mechanisms of asset-stripping employed by the US-based (London, Tel Aviv…) international 0.0006% before tackling the most devastating weapon in their arsenal, the ‘self-destruct’ mechanism they have installed in their subjects, the set of ready-made, divide-and-conquer ‘identities.’ They thrust these upon us all, a set of sizes to meet any taste, and as a rule, we eagerly, greedily mask ourselves with them.

The economic interests and the strategies used are easily recognizable whether Here or There. If it is Bundy’s gold or the Hammond’s uranium that our legalized crime-bosses lust after — say to pay some of the interest on that 3 trillion they (or ‘we’) owe China — then the campaign of conquest is run much the same as when they lusted after Kiev’s gold or Baghdad’s gold or Tripoli’s ‘gold dinar’. Probably,the drugs and arms trade make up the largest portion of the profits of the international corporate conglomerate and cartel that run USGov, but your tax dollars also are working hard to help.

It should not be hard to see that the USGov long-running policies of foreign invasion and destabilization are motivated not by ‘national’ interest, or even to stock up treasure in the USTreasury. In the 20th and especially 21st century, monetary control through the incestuous community of central banks, has been the the most prominent means of accelerating the widening gap in resources and real wealth between rulers and subject-population. For six months, the BIS, the central bank of central banks, has cautioning against outsized debt in the central economies, as anybody with half a brain would. Nevertheless, in context, this only means The Tower of Basel has been positioning itself as the wise, unheeded granddaddy of the bunch for the upcoming engineered collapse. Silly Americans, they’ll say, Bernanke chuckling among them as prestigious emeritus.

Interest on the federal debt is itself another mechanism that USA,Inc shows its real loyalties: not to the American people. The federal debt pays interest to a privately-run central bank, the Federal Reserve,”as Federal as Federal Express”. This must make Jefferson roll in his grave. The pathetic surrender of 2008 shows that the USTreasury, the USCongress, indeed, the entire government is at the handmaiden and puppy-dog of large, international banking interests.

Legal and illegal collusion is stronger than capitalist competition among the world’s ‘central banksters’ and their partners in the inter-national, rather NATO-based, military-industrial complex. While this line of US industry, and tech, has not suffered the export of jobs most others have since the 1990s, robotization threatens to do that. Still the ballooning industries, vying with banking for the purchase of political influence, serves not just to “export democracy”, as they like to call it, but just as methodically, it sucks tax wealth from the bottom to the top in their own home countries . Evidently, the corporate giants of the US military-industrial complex care little for the quality of their product. This entices disaster at home, and unhappy customers abroad.

“Resource redistribution,” bottom to top, is performed a million ways in the era of “too big to fail”. It has odd and sophisticated acronyms like QE and ZIRP, which basically mean ‘counterfeiting’ and ‘death of capitalism.’  Ridiculous bubbles, like those in the tech industry, are used to inflate and deflate the equity markets, each time pumping wealth – which direction, class? You guessed it, upward.

Sometime last year, before the federal debt hit 19 trillion, ‘we the brainwashed’ owed 2 trillion to the private banksters that run the Fed money machine.We owe that for their trouble of printing it up and handing it out to their creditors. In 2008, these gangsters and traitors got “bailed-out” after they blew their profits from the biggest thefts in recorded history. Their next tactic in line has been widely reported since it was ‘legitimated’ and given the go-ahead at the Brisbane G-20 in late 2014. Now waiting in the wings: “bail-ins” of your bank accounts — now treated as investments — to be enacted whenever the banks go under, say, when HSBC or BoA’s drug cartel profits take a hit. Or tens of trillions in oil derivatives suffer the inevitable collapse from declining prices. The list of possible black swans is long.

Much of our national debt originates along with obscene profit for the war machine, which also must grow, because it too is ‘too big to fail’. The military-industrial cartel now has so saturated the world in weapons that blowing them up is more necessary than ever to make a profit. Raytheon licks its chapped lips every time ISIS uses a TOW missiles to take out a Syrian tank and kill a crew defending their homes from foreign terrorists. Nobody buys arms like US and nobody pays more interest than US (even at ZIRP!) Bloody war-profits are footed by ‘we the taxpayers’, and terrorist groups are thereby trained, supplied and dumped into countries, without ‘we the people’ having any say in matters until after we have been brainwashed. Privatization means subsidizing contracts with the likes of Blackwater/Academi, the most professional gang of thugs the world has ever seen. Not yet privatized, the FBI plays the same game, and now has been implicated in false flag ‘tire-slashing’ in Burns Oregon. The footprint is the same, though stomped on different surfaces. Oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, of public figures only Louis Farrakhan and Ammon Bundy are really fingering the corporate-state. The “extremists.” They are among the few public, if muffled, figures that see the Emperor really has no clothes. That he has stolen yours, and he’s still buck naked. Farrakhan too, nearly alone, has recognized, its not “refugees or no refugees” but that I.S.I.S. (who is US) has certainly planted terrorist elements. But that is just too confusing a mix of identities and associations for most Americans’ heads to handle. Let’s get back to the interests of the top of the pyramid; those are complex, but easy enough to understand.

Of course, in the Middle East it is energy interests that most titillate the acquisitive bloodlust of the international corporate-state, “USA, Inc” and its incorporated allies across Europe and the Middle East. There too the battle plan is the same as in the US West: ‘exacerbation, and if need be, invention of sectarian difference’; this is the tried-and-true updating of ‘divide-and-conquer’. It generally takes a coupla generations of ‘dumbing-down’ before the strategy takes full effect in a population. That may proceed by destroying a society, as in Iraq, or destroying an education system with the standardized test and textbook massmedia conglomerate, as hier bei uns. You learn to march in grade school, and get your marching orders later.

In all cases, in all media, the most pertinent identities are obscured, especially that of the fascist corporate state. It is hidden also by naive or duplicitous identity-political actors. These all collectively affirm and re-affirm the dogma that one or two easily identifiable differences between groups destine them endlessly to “clash”, — even though they long have managed to live together, for centuries, indeed millennia. Here is a good example of divide-and-conquer at work: Pete Santilli picks a fight, though with a good point to make against an idiot with a sign “Stop the Bundy land-grab” as if it were meant to be Ammon’s private fiefdom in the Kingdom of White Ranchers. That system of governance rather describes the feudal system of the Feds, turned into a more modern and ‘centralized’ form of financial plutocracy in which the massmedia is but a groveling vassal, dirtier than any serf.

The most pertinent difference on the (real) world stage right now is that between the Western and Eastern alliances, the US/NATO/Israel/Wahhabi alliance on the one side, and that of Russia/Iran/China and others on the other. Of course, the former is a petrodollar banking alliance as well. The latter’s BRICS and AIIB investment and banking initiatives, the military and economic SCO alliance, and the new CIPS exchanges across the globes biggest continent, are some of the Eurasian responses to the imperial Western elites. They are as much a part of ‘stealth WW3’ as the military tensions, and conflicts carried out with proxies, going on from the South China Sea and Xinjiang to the Persian Gulf and the Baltics.

Between the aligned forces stretch long and winding borders with countries either clutching to a national agenda and sitting on the fence between the blocs or in the middle of the battle. Resistance to USA, Inc and its banking-military cartel is what links not just events in the Middle East and the American West, but daily activity throughout the European face of the conflict as well. This is where fence-sitting and ambiguity remain critical strategies to avoid being battlefields for NATO aggression. Poland’s nationalists now lurch back to Moscow, or away from NATO, after long being solid in the US camp; however, US military brass assure us just the opposite is true. Hungary’s Orban, long-vilified in the West for his ‘independent’ course, looks favorably on Montenegro’s joining NATO. Germany understands it has been the country worst hit by US sanctions against Russia, and the killing of the Gazprom lines, but long chafes under Merkel’s slavish allegiance to the US. Jordan, long a US ally and background member of the the ISIS support team, now sets up a ‘war room‘ communications platform with Russia.

The bloodiest battlegrounds along these lines presently are the Ukraine, Syria, and Yemen, but a half-dozen other countries could enflame tomorrow, even in Europe, if General Breedlove, the strangely Strangelovian head of US NATO forces, gets his way. A bonfire can be ignited by other means, of course. Victoria Nuland, bat-witch queen of State, engineered the bloody coup in Kiev and called it “Russian aggression.” The name-calling tactics and asset-stripping ends are those we know well. Nuland fired up Kiev’s sectarian nationalists, folks who want you to call them Nazis, against a Russia which offered not aggression but promising economic relations.

In Yemen too, sectarian divisions are not the cause of the conflict (except insofar as Wahhabist extremist groups circularly incite it.) The Houthis and allies are a motley group, united by resistance to the Israeli-Saudi flank of “NATO-plus”. The Saudi attack on Yemen was not just motivated by Iranian/Shi’a influence in the area, but above all by Chinese. The Chinese make little stink, but with their new port on the Horn of Africa and naval appearance at Tartus, they let Western leaders and especially its crucial Turkish flank, know in no uncertain terms that they have taken cognizance of the Empire’s moves in Central Asia. The penetration of the CIA and Gladio B along with Soros NGOs, and Gulen/Erdogan madrasas, is not so inscrutable, after all.

For the Empire, the bigger picture is always about command of resources and asset-stripping your neighbors. According to PNAC (Project for a New American Century) the globe’s the limit. They called for a ‘new Pearl Harbor’ and got it, or rather, made it. With its subsequent destruction of Iraq, Libya, the Ukraine, and Syria, the US made example for its puppets and client-states (more proper terms than ‘ally’ for all but Great Britain and Israel).

Finally, for the ‘big sketch’ we must remember that the shareholders of USA,Inc. are not just banksters and military men, but oily oil men too, as well as a great many other-than-military industrial conglomerates in Big Pharma and Big Farm. Prominent among these is that which hybrizes them, the Big Monstrantosity, Monsanto, which was aimed at the soft underbelly, rather fertile breadbasket, of the Ukraine.

The destruction of the Ukraine’s national sovereignty also served as an example for extorted fence-sitters in Europe and the Middle East, making up the great geographical swath between two sides of Eurasiafrica. Across the region a network of pipelines, transport facilities, commercial relations, and New Silk Roads (also maritime) have long been projected and discussed, and now waits for the eastern tide to follow through with transformative infrastructural development once eastern Europe regains its independence.

Therefore, part of the logic of the uncivil Ukraine wars, as predominantly foreign in origin as those in Syria, was to break off all possibilities that Gazprom would make pipeline deals to Europe. These would have been profitable to both sides, but would have left US interests in the lurch. Greece was brutally crushed by the Goldman-Sachs dominated Troika precisely when they were flirting with accepting the Russian Turkstream. By the very same token, the US-Turkish-Saudi-Qatari-Israeli ‘dark alliance’ (a petrodollar alliance) are fighting to route Qatari gas through Syria, and block the ‘other guys’ plot to send Iranian gas flowing to Europe through Syrian pipelines — if Syria can remain in the Eastern alliances. And it seems, with Russia’s help, they will.

This will flip the Anglo-US Atlanticist maritime world orientation (increasingly dominant after 1750) to a Eurasian one. The Orient will once again be ‘on top of the map’ as it was in the Middle Ages. But the shift of the pendulum will occur far more suddenly than it did for the West last time around. Of course, in this grand global chess game, the loser really may lose his head, so they fight on. The flow of terrorist finances is on everybody’s lips these days, but it took Russia demolishing ISIS oil transport for the West to notice. Indeed, we will have to consider how the real terrorists are funding operations, which Russian, Iranian, and loyal US military sources are making clear. Perhaps the latter can assist in freeing this country. We know Russian-Iranian-Chinese, even European, overthrow of USA,Inc., will not much help US citizens closed in with these nutcases stateside.

Who does identity better than Madison Avenue? On the international stage, Foggy Bottom is a good competitor. Domestically, the dank, dark halls of the DNC and RNC also are fecund breeders of pernicious difference. And somewhere, Fox and NYTimes get together and decide which kind of bigots they are all gonna try and create. They use identities against us all. They’ve got categories for “cowboy” and “Injun”, “white” guy and “black” guy, and they want you to line up in teams. It don’t matter which, just find a name in an old textbook. As for our “allies” and “enemies”, Erdogan is no Ottoman, no Sultan, but a crime-boss; let us not bolster his legitimacy by repeating his historically-twisted narrative. I.S.I.S. is not Islamic but a CIAliphate. Muslims who follow the CIAliph cannot possibly have read the Qur’an.

By the same token, they most must silence those who are calling for unity. Ammon Bundy and the PPN’s Brandon Curtiss have extended their hand to the Paiute and asked them to join in a common fight. All sides need to lay down those differences that the feds have wielded as weapons, disdainful of human rights, bent upon asset-stripping every last one of them. But the Paiute don’t seem to watch alternative media, and so haven’t heard what Bundy really has said.

This is an old game and used in “foreign relations” as much as “domestic.”.The Sunnis and Shi’as were for centuries predominantly at peace in the region before cynical and irreligious Sa’ud-Wahhabi takfirism was allied with Western petro-interests against the Ottomans. The Arabs and Kurds were always swindled whenever they allied with the West in hopes of achieving some level of autonomy.

To finish, let us recall a recent provocation from the House of Sa’ud, whose horrifying reality was distorted even more horribly by the media. The execution of the Shi’a Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr was entirely irrational and clearly designed to exacerbate sectarian clash. But the noble Shaykh al-Nimr was in no way ‘sectarian’ in demeanor rather a force for Shi’a-Sunni conversation. This is why he was positively dangerous. This is also why they keep Ammon Bundy off the news: he has already refuted a dozen times their every mis-characterization of his position. He has stated a dozen times common concerns of ranchers and townsfolk, black, white and red. He understands better than most that “We the People” really need to stand now against the corporate-state, and that the Constitution is a good place to start. It may not be a perfect document, but will serve to get the Hammonds out of their obviously “cruel and unusual punishment” and double-jeapordy, but also curtail a rapacious and resource-crazed USGov.

It took a lot to bait the Iranians; God knows they have the patience of Jesus. They endured a Shi’a directed Hajj massacre in Mecca that took hundreds, maybe thousands of Iranian lives. After the shaykh’s beheading, Teheran erupted against the Saudi embassy, certainly invoking memories for Americans my age. Then, as inevitably as night follows day, the Iranian embassy in Yemen was shelled by the Saudis. Provocation and false-flags. Where have we not seen it? According to the Burns Fire Chief’s astounding report, the FBI is seriously implicated in false-flag provocations in Oregon. This is above and beyond the terrorist tactics used to drive the Hammonds off their land. These recent provocations were carried out to make the ranchers look like, guess what, extremists and terrorists. Here, in the first FBI response to Ammon Bundy, the C4CF leader explains to the Feds how the Constitution is supposed to work. (Raw Santilli video; it starts a few minutes in.) They met again today, for five minutes. Ammon Bundy walked out when the FBI refused to allow the media to be present for their conversation.

They use our identities against us if we narrow them into single categories of color, religion, political leaning, and football team. But the narrowing of sovereign, subjective identity is just what the professional side of our legal-bureaucratic-economic system forces us to do. “It’s not my job” is a rude, rough crack-cocaine, but somehow, its addicts don’t even know they’re addicted or have ingested anything at all. Nor do they know how they are paying for it, but they are. I.S.I.S. thanks them.

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