Oregonian Complexities: the PPN between the FBI and the C4CF: and Where Are the Paiute?

The PPN (Pacific Patriots Network) inserts a ‘Waco-free’ zone between Fortress FBI and the Bundy occupiers of Malheur Wildlife Preserve. The Paiute tribe struggles for its own claims, but on what terms?

In my last post, I mentioned a group showed up in Harney County led by Brandon Curtiss from the Idaho 3%’s. The PPN, the Pacific Patriots Network, were uninvited by any of the parties involved. The PPN’s intent was not to support Bundy’s occupation, but to form a protective buffer cordon around the Bundy group, now officially the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, in order to stave off ‘another Waco’. The week’s events have shown that C4CF  and the PPN are not packing anything like the heat that the Feds are, and that most of the sparks can be attributed to FBI presence. In fact, the FBI has occupied an airport outside of town in a ‘great show of force’, and also, as we will see, is quite likely responsible for a spate of slashed tires and other ‘false flags’.

In my last post, I linked to a video of the PPN’s ‘negotiations’ with the FBI. The quality of the video’s sound seems to have improved in the interim, and it is possible to follow much more. (You must endure Pete Santilli and skip through to about 3:00 for the beginning of the PPN approach to the FBI compound). It is a very interesting episode.

I did not know last week that the PPN  — drawing militia from five Western states, co-founded by Brandon Curtis, who also leads the Idaho 3%’ers  — was mainly there to deliver an Articles of Resolution. This document lists ‘talking points’ and proposals for discussion designed to lead to a resolution and ending of the occupation. The PPN delivered the document to both Ammon Bundy and the Federal Government in hopes of engendering a conversation between them. That was the principle intent of their appearance, seen in the video, at the militarized – but curiously unprepared — FBI compound at the airport. A week has gone by and the feds have not even acknowledged receipt of the document. Nor has Bundy officially acknowledged support for the PPN proposal, as far as I know, though he says it voices well some of his complaints. I will append the document below. It can be also found here.

The first article, or “request” proposes the County and Sheriff take up the redress of grievances presented by the Committee of Safety, which they have not yet acknowledged. The second, sly, proposal is that the FBI take up a criminal investigation into prosecutorial misconduct, the willful (and much documented) withholding of exonerating evidence by US Attorney Amanda Marshal in the Hammond case. I will publish the entire document at this post’s close, but here let me cite the most critical passage of the third article, which ought to put an end to the racist calumny leveled at the ranchers: understand that the PPN document underwrites the following proposition which it puts into the person and voice of the C4CF (my emphasis in the following):

” Citizens for Constitutional Freedom request Harney County Government petition and give notice to the Federal Government for the transfer and unconditional return to local control of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge as allowed by Article 4, Section 3, Clause 2. Harney County Government in equal Partnership with the Burns Paiute Tribe will manage and administer this publicly owned land to the values and vision of the local community”

The appearance of the PPN at Malheur surprised the C4CF as much as their appearance at Fortress FBI. The PPN, the Idaho 3%ers, and the Oathkeepers still disagree with the mechanism, legality, and/or strategic choice of the Malheur refuge occupation, but these Western militia recognize their common principles and ‘federal over-reach’. Thankfully both Ammon Bundy and Brandon Curtiss are well-spoken, personable, and stand on well-understood constitutional principles. And they do so against a patently corrupt, land-and-ore grabbing corporate state. Quite differently, it seems to me, than during the 2014 Bundy Ranch episode, a very wide and diverse coalition already is springing up in support of the ranchers, certainly in matters of principle. I too see things differently this time around.

Also cementing support from a wider swath of the US and international population this time around is the bungling performances of the Feds, and especially the on-site FBI. They have made one blunder after the other, just like the CIA is doing overseas. But first things first.

The day after the PPN’s arrival, the C4CF’s LeRoy Finicum and PPN’s Brandon Curtis appeared at the daily outdoor press conference. The rough-and-tumble atmosphere and unrehearsed authenticity of many of the statements is revealing and fully as important as the official statements and legal issues involved. After reviewing the ridiculous and mendacious and plainly-contradicted rhetoric of State Dept spokesfolk, this is refreshing.

While LeRoy was a tad miffed at the PPN who showed up to “calm tensions” with “long guns showing”, uninvited and without a heads-up, he nevertheless welcomed Brandon with a hug, seemingly in all sincerity. The PPN and the Idaho 3%s still do not support the occupation, (ditto for the Oathkeepers) but would like to play a mediating role, and in fact, they have done so, in my opinion quite successfully.

The PPN mainly would like to avoid another Waco bloodbath. To be sure, it is the federal agencies that are trigger-happy, not the militias. The federal government and their county agents have repeatedly broken the law and driven ranchers, hippie organic farmers, and indigenous tribes off their lands. If there is something they want there, like the uranium on the Hammonds property, they will use violent means to get it.

In a shocking recent development a whole new level of corruption has been revealed. This has resulted in the abrupt resignation and reversal of sides of the County Fire Chief who was among the top elected officials of the local Committee of Safety, the most important council of local representation on this issue. This dramatic event may pull many more fence-hangers to the side of the ranchers. If the word gets out. The FBI would rather it did not.

In a video linked already last week, the PPN/3%er’s and FBI had a little chat after the former pulled up before the FBI stronghold outside the airport. With millions of bucks in surveillance equipment, the FBI were still caught napping by a caravan of PPN supporters, reportedly about 70 in 20 vehicles. They appeared without arms and with hands outstretched, wanting to talk. The FBI sentry told them to get in their cars, get the fuck out of here and don’t come back.

Cooper told the sentry ‘no’. He was there to deliver the Articles of Resolution, “talking points” and considerations for negotiations between the federal authorities and the Bundy occupiers, and would not leave without doing so. The FBI reacted by sending out a contingent of fully armed and body-armored agents who met Curtiss and the others at their heavily fortified gate, and after a long, — and now audible — negotiation, the anger was quelled, a certain humanity was restored, and the document of formal complaint was delivered.

The Articles of Resolution were also presented to the Sheriff, who has been the mindless arm of the feds throughout this charade, appointed by nasty Steve Grasty, the County Commissioner and “Judge”. The Sheriff is clearly in over his head, and his deputies are all shaking in their boots, rightly perceiving the problems in their leadership and the dangers they may face on the behalf of idiots.

The next video is most damning of the collusion between county officials and the federal government in the interests of the corporate-state. This should be the last straw, if media actually mediated and was not perfectly opaque. First some background. More than a week ago, the locals, feeling hemmed in and pressured on all sides, understanding the complexities far better than the massmedia, formed a Committee of Safety to oversee their own interests. (We all have interests here, if only a few so far have realized it.)

Hammond County, once the state’s wealthiest, now its second-most impoverished, is heavily dependent on the feds; over 50% of the county’s jobs are with the BLM and other government services. While the ranchers of the area overwhelmingly support the principle and the Bundy occupation, others are rightfully concerned about their jobs should a rollback of federal overreach ensue. Especially the threat of violence frightens many, and the specter of Waco is present in everybody’s mind. The Committee drew up an concise document thanking Bundy for bringing attention to the issue but asking him to vacate the Malheur premises. It stated its own views with distinction and clarity. Addressed to “Ammon”, it said:

“We thank you for shining light on the Hammond case here in Harney County.  Your actions have created a national focus on the Hammonds and other issues here and across the West that have created mutual distrust, anger and unrest between the people of the land and the Federal government.  We thank you for stirring us to action which we hope will peaceably lead to justice for the Hammonds and ultimately a better Harney County, a better state, and a better nation.

“We were very upset that you chose to take the aggressive action of occupying the refuge, and did it without our knowledge, or any other local approval, and in a fashion that created huge distrust and loss of credibility of, and for, us as a group of residents within the community.  We approved of most of your message but disapprove of your unilateral methods of occupation.”

Bundy politely refused, arguing that the principles were larger than the Hammonds, larger than Harney County. We remember the Hammonds too resisted the Bundy’s support at a certain point. Then we found out they had been threatened. If they continued to fraternize with Ammon Bundy they would be given taken early for their jail sentences and given harsher cells. This is for the already illegal, and trumped-up “double jeopardy/double sentencing” for a planted crime. Many understand the plight of the Hammonds, but the townspeople are understandably afraid of what might happen, with known nuts running around Malheur — and running the FBI. If the atmosphere is already tense, the FBI/federales have been doing all they can to pump it up. They are very good at fear porn and have closed down the schools in town, though it is 30 miles from the Wilderness Center, where Ammon spends his day cutting illegal wire fencing, and taking down illegal federal surveillance. But the FBI has evidently gone much further in its attempts to Balkanize, or Syrian-ize, Harney County.

I don’t want to steal the fire of the Fire Chief’s accusations, but I know fewer will click than read, so I’ll give the basics. (A shorter version.) After giving voice to their intents, the elected Committee for Safety decided to sit down and talk to Bundy about his proposals for resolving the situation. To make a long story short, they were prevented at every turn by Judge Steve Grasty, who has been the vicious and vindictive county face of the feds since the start. Grasty, who threatened the Hammonds for talking to “patriots”, and told Brandon Curtiss to “get out of my town”, also verbally abused the Fire Chief and the Committee for Safety, and ordered him to stay out of contact with Bundy.

Most seriously, most ‘conspiratorially’, Commissioner Grasty told the Fire Chief to stand down from the his most serious charges, that he had caught undercover FBI snooping at the Armory, dressed as militia, probably the same that had been harassing townspeople in the previous days. The Chief resigned on the spot, and immediately came out to Malheur to appear minutes before the 11 am  C4CF press conference. This is ten minutes worth listening to. There should be no question that, if the media to carry real news, the dramatic shift in sides of the decennial Fire Chief would swell the ranks of Bundy supporters.

The US Attorney Amanda Marshal, the FBI, Judge Grasty, and the sheriff are the main faces of the corporate-state in Harland County. They stumble from one dumb, vindictive act to another. We learn that after a week, not even a confirmation of receipt of the Articles of Resolution came from the FBI, though it was promised that would take but 2-3 days. Understandable, perhaps, since the Fed in no way wishes to acknowledge their existence, much less their legitimacy.

Here is an interesting Friday (1.14) interview with Brandon Curtis, the head of the PPN that came to my attention as I was wrapping this up. I am happy to say he is as articulate and rational as Ammon Bundy. This is in complete and utter contrast to the silence and irrational vindictiveness shown by the Feds. The interview is on AnonRadioLive, attesting that the ranchers message is resounding across a far-flung ideological landscape. Anonymous, as far as it is possible to generalize this disparate network, has been supportive of the principles of the Bundy initiative. The interviewer on this AnonRadioLive broadcast is also excellent, so an interesting conversation ensues.

In the AnonRadioLive interview and others, Curtiss explains the rationale behind the PPN’s Waco-preventative “buffer” perimeter around the C4CF at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, or rather, between it and the FBI’s far more militarized stronghold at the airport 3 miles outside of town.

For those who need to hear “these guys AREN’T racist!” from a self-described “six foot five black guy”, that is, from the Anonymous interviewer, go to 30:00. A very intelligent discussion follows about the place of the past in the present, and the need to stand together, red, white, brown, and black. The feds too are multi-racial, evinced by the black head of the FBI honcho squad that scurried out with mismatched gloves and half-buckled body armor, to meet the PPN on its unannounced arrival.

Perhaps most interesting is the breakdown of conventional cultural categories that occurs once one begins to actually listen to these people. The growing unity between Bundy, those militia that disagree with him on the actual Malheur occupation, the local ranchers, even significant portions of the town, over half of whom work for the BLM or other federal agency — is indicative that “people” who are not identifiable with single-term monikers, such as those that the corporate-state likes to use to divide-and-conquer, are recognizing their common interests. As these groups knit themselves together, they also increasingly recognize who really is the “bad guy” out there, precisely the one who taught us to think in terms of “good guys” and “bad guys” in the last 20 years.

The best professional mainstream news segment on the issue I have seen this week came from RT, in another sad commentary for US media. In all areas, RT programs are quite a bit more kind to their US audiences that are used to mainstream fare than I am. Here a wide range of views is presented in a 25 minute piece.

Among its most interesting clips is with Charlotte Roderique, spokeswoman for Paiute tribe, who a week ago came out strongly against the Bundy takeover as just more white man pushiness. If she still maintains what she says here, she is either a dope or has been duped. Knowingly or unknowingly she mis-states the claims of Ammon Bundy in rather egregious terms — though it is not clear why she does this, or whether, in light of recent revelations, the Paiute spokesperson has changed her tone.

Certainly a pertinent background, as Tony Hall filled us in (last post) is that the Federal government was ‘traditionally’ the Indians defense against local, county, and state depredations. As of this tape, she feels it is still 1916 and is indignant that the ranchers are claiming federal land for the ranchers — except, of course, that they are not.

We will have to stay tuned to see if Charlotte Roderique is the mouthpiece of the corporate-state, or merely duped into reading their press. It is shocking that a public representative and spokesperson can be so negligent and counterfactual in regards to opponents platforms – she may have learned that from US State Department briefings. These too are both frustrating and hilarious for anyone concerned with the truth.

I hope it is clear by now that while  there may be racists among the PPN and C4CF, just as their may be idiot-Muslims in the lower ranks of the CIAliphate and al-CIAduh, EVERY official and public statement made by Ammon Bundy and the PPN has indicated their intents are to get the Hammonds out of jail, to exhibit the mechanisms of corruption, and to follow constutional principle and give federal land in general back to the people of Oregon and the Paiute in equitable measure per full participatory discussion. They have constantly been calling out for Paiute involvement. Are the Paiute unaware? Are are they are as scared as the FBI-harassed townsfolk of losing their federal subsidies and offending their Godfather.

The white men in charge of these militia groups — accused by racists of racism — have kept their irrational members in line. But in the US they run the country and force the rest of us to fight for their crumbs. They like to see ‘teams’ so they color us in bold, even as they push us all into the lower class, a difference that matter little, evidently. Thankfully, the ruse works less well than it did.  In fact, the militia groups now include a growing number of non-whites, and they have sparked a range of international support among populations sick-and-tired of US overreach, overseas.

I will not condemn Rodrique until I see more of her. I thought similarly about “white guys” last time around, when Cliven Bundy’s cattle were rustled off by the feds. Then I was naive and thought the million in Cliven’s unpaid taxes Cliven would have gone to schoolchildren and people services. I sided with the left, because I did not follow the money. Now I know, “there’s gold in them there Bundy hills” and uranium in the Hammonds lands. Thats why the Feds got to terrorizing these people. Same basic rationale in the Middle East, where they use sectarian difference also in their interests.

The Paiute spokesfolk should take cognizance of how the feds, the corporate-state, dangle those beholden to identity-politics like a puppet on a string. The issue is not color — that is what they want you to think. The issue is the same it has always been: to maximize profit. Rodrique needs to learn some history and consider Alcatraz — when brown people, Indians, actually did take over federal property and weren’t aggressively removed from the start like she says they ought to do to the ‘whites’ (sic) in Malheur. Dupe or a dope, Rodrique needs to get out of the Fed-dependent, slavish mentality of her discourse, and act like the sovereign spokesperson of a sovereign people. The Paiute need to see where the real war is happening: not between whites and blacks and reds, though god knows thats where they want to plant it.

The real war, the war that counts, is that between people and those goddamned “legal persons” the veritable undead, the corporations, especially the banking corporations, especially those who run USA.Inc in DC. Cliven’s million in unpaid grazing taxes would not have trickled down to the street in any meaningful way. Rather taxes flow to capital interests of corporate members of the corporate state. In recent decades, they accelerate the widening gap between rich and poor. Since the 1990’s the Democrats and Republicans do not even pretend to take money from different corporations. The dumb left works for the fearful right and both are manipulated by the 0.00006%

What makes US so dumb? In a word, essentialism. Identifying people in single terms, like “ranchers” and “whites” misses the crucial distinction made by the mechanisms of power. The Feds don’t just attack ranchers willy-nilly nor leave them alone because they are “white”. While its true that their greed is boundless, and yes, they are coming for you too, their actions in the last decade or two have been plainly ‘for profit’, and thats all. The corporate-state is engaged in rampant gangland-style asset-stripping in the US West just as they are in the Middle East. They terrorize those nations/ranchers with resources, like the uranium on the Hammonds land, and the gold on the Bundys. (Not to mention the gold that went missing in Kiev, Baghdad, Tripoli…)

Similarly, locals that reject the Bundys and the Idahoans (2 hours away) often do so on the basis of their “outsider” extraction. What few people understand is that they are being pulled through the nose by simplistic identity categories like ‘left’, ‘right’, rancher, indian, whatever. It is the corporate-state’s design of conquest to fracture the inherent multiplicity and richness of identity in order to give its subject-population little to hold on to but a miserable and defeated single-word, uni-dimensional moniker it can wear on a hat. Their model for the world: BoSox and Yankees fans killing each other (with caps all made by the same company).

So, lets make this the rallying distinction:”we the people” against corporate-persons, esp USA, Inc.

The following is the Articles of Resolution presented by the PPN to the FBI (as representative of the federal government), the C4CF, and the County Sheriff.

It can be found on their facebook page: The highlights are mine:

PPN Articles of resolution given to leadership and officials in Harney county.

Burns Oregon, January 9th.

Pacific Patriots Network and affiliates (Idaho and Oregon III%, Josephine county Oath Keepers, and others), made a showing of presence today at the Malheur wildlife refuge.

Due to threats to members of our network and local residents, and as a deterrent to fringe groups that may have malicious intent, we arrived at the refuge in numbers, with our security teams openly armed and in full kit for everyone’s safety. Our presence is strictly to ensure peaceful resolution to the situation, and serve as a neutral mediator between parties.

We offered the Proposed Articles of Resolution to the occupiers of refuge and encouraged them to seek open dialog with all pertinent agencies to begin the process of bringing this situation to a peaceful conclusion. After delivering the proposal, our teams withdrew from the location, and will remain off site. We are not part of the Malheur occupation.

From the refuge we proceeded to the FBI outpost and again, advised open dialog between the FBI and those occupying the refuge. The process was repeated to the sheriff, as well.

Our respective organizations will maintain a presence in the area and work to open lines of communication with all parties, and ensure that all involved maintain a non-threatening demeanor, and ensure that there is no escalation of tension. From here on out, as long as no other escalation takes place, we will will be down-grading our visible teams to civilian presence, for local support and interaction.

Proposal for Resolution is as follows:

Before the Board of County Commissioners for Harney

County, State of Oregon – Proposal for Resolution of the Peaceful Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by Citizens for Constitutional Freedom.

First Request:

The Harney County Board of Commissioners and Sheriff

have been presented with a Redress of Grievance by the Committee of Safety, detailing out concerns of the citizens. Harney County Administration has stated they wish to work with the Committee of Safety, yet have failed to respond or answer the Committee’s Redress of Grievance.


Citizens for Constitutional Freedom request the Harney County Government address all stated grievances in writing, demonstrating they intend to work with the newly formed Committee of Safety addressing matters of county citizens concern.

Second Request

Two witness have come forward and provided recorded eye witness accounts of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), using drip torches, lighting fire along the boundary of the Hammond Ranch. One BLM crew started at the south end of the ranch and the second BLM crew started on the east side of the ranch creating a horseshoe of fire around the Hammond ranch. The Hammond’s responded with lighting back burns to prevent fire spread onto their ranch, protecting their private property.

The witness was interview by Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) Frank Papagni, Jr.. AUSA Papagni never called on this witness, nor in pre-trial discovery reported to the defense the existence of these witnesses.


Citizens for Constitutional Freedom request the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conduct a criminal investigation into prosecutorial misconduct for unlawfully withholding eyewitness testimony which would have aided in the Hammond’s defense. The withholding of evidence and actions by US Attorney Amanda Marshal has further led to the violation of the Hammond’s 5th Amendment and 8th Amendment Constitutional Rights. Before the Board of County Commissioners for Harney County State of Oregon.

Third Request

The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, publicly owned land, is currently under management by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service, a Federal Government agency. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the United States Constitution clearly states what land the Federal Government may own, with permission of the State. Article 6, Section 2, Clause 2 define the United States Constitution as the supreme law of the land.


Citizens for Constitutional Freedom request Harney County Government petition and give notice to the Federal Government for the transfer and unconditional return to local control of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge as allowed by Article 4, Section 3, Clause 2. Harney County Government in equal Partnership with the Burns Paiute Tribe will manage and administer this publicly owned land to the values and vision of the local community.

NOW, THEREFORE, based on the foregoing, Citizens for Constitutional Freedom put forth these requests, to be individually addressed in written format and entered into the official record, to bring resolution to the peaceful occupation of publicly owned land currently identified as the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Upon delivery and posting of documents in the official record, Citizens for Constitutional Freedom will vacate the aforementioned land within 24 hours.

Signed this 8th day of January in the year of 2016.

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