Updates on the Oregon occupiers

At about 34:00 of the video below, ex and current professors Kevin Barrett and Tony Hall begin to discuss the Bundy occupation in Oregon.


In the interest of orienting the first-time viewer of False Flag Weekly, I should say both have recognizably leftie background (though Barrett’s conversion to Islam, and his courageous stance on 9/11, make him exceptional among present or ex-academics). Therefore their considered and cautious take on this situation, which mostly has inspired vilification from the left — and even here could hardly be stated as ‘support’ — is nevertheless of great interest. In particular, Tony Hall, a researcher of indigenous resistance to colonial occupation unveils a ‘long history’ of the problem, which is enlightening. He reminds us that, in legal intent, the presence of the feds on this land was meant to defend the Indians they had corralled into reservations from the more pressingly likely attacks of local, county, and state depredations.

From the start (see past posts), Bundy offered a sympathetic ear and a call for unity with the complaints of “Native Americans.” (He’s not gonna make his dad’s “Negro” mistake; this was quite possibly devoid of racist intent in my reading of the original quote). Still a local tribe voiced their indignation at the Bundys, considering them just the usual run of  white savages claiming “their lands”, but this was done in such naive terms one felt they must be compromised, if only by their extorted reliance on the Feds. (Hall and Barrett are among the few academic lefties I know who haven’t fallen for essentialist identity politics wielded by the fascist right; they manage to peer through most tactics of obfuscation that blind gullible readers of the NYTimes.)

In several recent interviews Ammon Bundy has expressed his full intent to work with the local tribes with whom contacts are, he says, underway. Bundy has gained in eloquence, and is a better diplomat than any in State. He knows well what whites have done to reds. Pre-emptive accusations of racism reflect back on the accusers. In 2014,  Cliven Bundy could, charitably interpreted, have been stating the plain truth when he said something like “when the blacks were commodities owned by plantation owners, the latter were forced to maintain a basic upkeep of their properties; when the labor costs became too expensive, they were discarded and systematically excluded from all profitable and productive income whichever way they turned; it is, factually-speaking worse to be a debt slave of Goldman Sachs, Big Pharma, Monsanto, and the Fourth Reich than a plantation slave of, say, Thomas Jefferson.” In so many words.

To return to Tony Hall’s comments, we should recall the legal intent, the “should” of federal presence in many cases, was merely that, and a stinking facade for continual creeping extortion and land-grabs. In fact, the federales are merely those who won out in the War Between Conquering White Landlords. They never did not break a treaty with the Indian tribes. (To compare the patrimonial empire I know best, the Ottomans broke their first one after almost 300 years. There too it was merchants running armies instead of honest trade that ruined the good, long run.)

Ammon talks the right talk, and talks of “rights” with the proper contexts and affiliations. In this interview he puts the Oregon occupation directly in the history of other groups, specifically blacks and women, who fought on just and legal grounds, for the rights deprived of them. This correctly refutes what the Oathkeepers continue to maintain. Ammon continues to reveal more of the harassment and extortionist activities of the BLM towards the Hammonds; this was obviously systematic, as it was spread over decades. Though the Wildlife Refuge is twenty miles from town, Fed fear porn has kept the schools closed. Ammon Bundy states plainly that schoolchildren’s rights, blacks’ rights, women’s rights, and indigenous rights all have been stripped in a systematic manner. He is right about this. His urgent call is for adherence to constitutional principles first and foremost, and these have been curtailed in every direction by the corporate-state.

These ranchers are hardly the only ones to have suffered what is euphemized as “federal overreach.” Rather the Feds’ decade-plus “double jeapordy” torment of the Hammonds is plainly “state terrorism”. As I have several times said, Bundy and certain (not all) associates articulate a well-informed understanding of the pertinent constitutional principles and cite chapter and verse, excuse me, article and section, while leveling their argument. Though some may find reason to disagree, it is not just “land-rights rhetoric” as the massmedia portrays. Thinking it is so is what brought bossy Megyn Fox to a full hilarious and embarrassing stop in her pontifical interview with Ammon Bundy. A variety of other legal and constitutional researchers, and one extraordinary Common Law judge, have voiced support for the principles of the occupation, as publically voiced and so far adhered to in practice.

A few links: The Citizens for Constitutional Freedom have their own website now. Bundy and the local sheriff are shown speaking on this clip. While Stewart Roades’ Oathkeepers continue to question the legality and propriety of Bundy’s move, many Idaho 3%s now have joined the C4CF. Here they are seen chatting with a contingent of FBI (don’t white people all look alike?). Now, if only McCain and Graham knew how to negotiate like that maybe we wouldn’t have so many wars.

But there are indeed some shady characters hanging around Malheur. They put the “wild” in that Wilderness Center, and hopefully will not ruin our cautious hopes with a “bad hour” of unauthorized activity. One may wonder most at Ammon (and Ryan) Bundy’s reluctance to really address the history or past statements of these characters, or, in some cases, their ties to intelligence outfits and their past role as false flag specialists, like the organizer of the Zionazi Pamela Geller’s “Desecrate Muhammad” contest in Garland TX. This would be the abhorrent Jon Ritzheimer. Another suspicious ringleader of violence seems to be Ryan Payne. Some of the best background to these nefarious goings-on are by Eric Draitser (StopImperialism.com) and at 21stCenturyWire, where Randy Johnson wrote a good media analysis. Thank god Ammon seems to have a cooler head; hopefully his leadership skills will keep these buffoons in line and expose them if they start pulling strings and false-flags and agitations and provocations like they have been known to do in the past. Go ahead, send a little wish and good intent out into the quantum cosmos!

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