Some rare words of wisdom on the House floor

A few more updates. I’ll start with a very important speech by Oregon Representative Greg Walden on the House floor yesterday. While refusing to back the occupiers Walden gave eloquent and fact-filled testimony to the grievances of his district’s ranchers.

The occupiers have recognized — far more than the Federal Government — the rights of claim possessed by Indian tribes in this area, as in Arizona where McCain is running roughshod over the Apache and Navajo populations. The US West has been completely gobbled up by the corrupt corporate-government’s land grabs that have proven to be extremely beneficial for the military-industrial complex and the corporate and international banking elites and disastrous for everybody else.

East and West coasters need to realize that a good chunk of their cultural prejudices derive from geographical ignorance. Look at a map of federal ownership of the West in general, or Oregon in particular. I am outraged that the US is so blind to the millions of innocents murdered by its tax dollars in overseas imperialism. It may be more surprising how deeply geo-cultural ignorance extends to other regions of their own country. But this too reflects the way the “information stream”, meager though it may be, is divvied out at the top. Its not hard when sharing shareholders across the 6 companies that control 95% of the US media.

Playing on naive, if sweet, left-liberal sympathies the feds sweep land into “public” possession with one hand, and playing on naive, if rapacious, right-wing sympathies on the other, they subsequently “privatize” (often under the table) the land’s wealth. Harry Reid oversaw such a process in his fiefdom of Nevada, and some of the state’s uranium wound up in China.

Weird how those sweet leftwingers have gotten all frothy at the mouth and bloodlusty these days. Also weird how many right-wingers, liberty-panderers, have gotten cold feet and are fussing about Ammon’s etiquette and propriety. Of course, there are valuable critiques to be made. Here is one by Brandon Smith at ActivistPost.

Truly the scariest reports are coming from Oathkeepers and other mostly self-identified right-wing militia groups. Their own sources inside the federal agencies say that the FBI and Special Forces are moving in under cover of night. By the same ‘back channels’ Ammon Bundy was told that the Feds would take no first action. Many of these militia groups have taken their distance from Bundy, and at times seem to want to drive a wedge between the Hammonds and the Bundys. Compounding powder and possible sparks is the possibility, indeed, probability, that agents provocateurs are already planted in the occupiers ranks. And, knowing who we are are dealing with hier bei uns, if that doesn’t work, we know too that shots may easily ring out from ‘who knows where’.

In videos and statements I’ve already linked to, the Bundys have made clear that their task is primarily a legal one, to untangle the web of fraud that has, indeed incontrovertibly, stripped people of their lands (including the true natives). Technically speaking, this can be done from anywhere, but practically speaking, the judiciary is nothing like “free” in this country and a very public showing obviously has to be made, though we may question the way it was done and must pray no drop of blood is spilled.

The Sheriff has sided with the Feds, and has asked the occupiers to leave. Bundy, it seems to me, has to recognize the authority of the County Sherif (but is right not to recognize that of the corporate-state that is the epitome of fascism.) But the County, and its Sheriff, has to recognize the authority of its people. In my opinion this matter should go quickly to a county vote — but this can only happen after a proper airing of the plentiful grievances and the release of the “terrorists,” the Hammonds, from jail.

Even if the locals vote for the Bundys (perhaps not a foregone conclusion since many now work for the BLM and other government agencies) how likely is it that it will be covered in the mass media? (Anybody see there that 95% of Crimeans voted to join with Russia?) The media is controlled by the very same “military-industrial-Congressional complex” (Ike’s actual written words) that pursues asset-stripping land-grabs not just in the US but around the world. But something has changed. Hemmed in on the world-stage, now they’re coming for the house-slaves they’ve always protected.

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