Precedent? The Indian Occupation of Alcatraz, 1969

Think it through…


If I were in class, I’d say: what are the constitutional and legal principles upon which these two “occupations” are arguing their position? I’m not so much interested in what conclusion you come to, but that you grapple with its complexity. And class — especially those of you whose tax dollars are funding ISIS, al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham — you’re gonna have to stop calling everybody you dislike “terrorists”. More constructively, look to see how the “left-right” divisions in society have been among our financial and corporate elites’ most effective dumbing-down mechanisms. Since the process snowballs, it is an ever more cost-effective tool of manipulation. Divide and conquer. Amazing we still fall for it.

Here too is an interesting analysis that — among other things — points out that the BLM’s tactics against these right-wing ranchers out West is identical to that pursued against ‘hippie’ left-wing small farmers elsewhere in the country.


Wake up class! A public dumbed-down with the phony baloney like Dem/Repub will never make the connection because their information pools have been neatly separated. (On the other hand, the parties have not even pretended to get money from different interests since the 90s.) Enslavement, as always, is something of a choice, just like freedom is, so please make your choice on the basis of as wide an information stream as possible.

I credit Martin Hill at LibertyFight for recalling the events at Alcatraz, and giving a good overview. Very sad that the Alcatraz leaders’ daughter died from a fall during the Indian occupation. I wonder if, when he calls for blood, NYMag’s Jonathan Chait knows that there are women and children among occupiers of the Wilderness Center? (This had been vacated for the winter, unlike Alcatraz, where a prisoner was briefly taken.)

And then, class, for extra credit, you may review the legal bases used by the US against the Hammonds, (whose burning raised the value of the federal land)

Here’s a sneak peak at this well-researched Stefan Molyneux video:

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 4.13.35 AM.png

(I can’t give very many extra credit points for this question, since the Feds “reasoning” would be laughable were they not actually terrorizing the Hammond family with this heinous land-grab.)



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