News flashes for the New Year

No time for news summaries, commentaries, or analysis, but I thought I’d link up some good articles found over the last week or so.

I’ll start off with some “archival” material;

Here’s a transcript from Gen Wesley Clark’s exposition of the neo-con plan of conquest: “7 countries in 5 years” (See my ISIS IS US page for the interviews and speeches of Clark. He seems to have been dissimulating outrage over this and the “policy coup” that occurred after 9/11 (surprise surprise as Gomer Pyle used to say). Clark now supports supporting al-Nusra, and evidently is the newest neo-con convert.

This may help explain why Russia knows better than to trust the US when it speaks of “democracy.” “How Clinton and Co Plundered Russia in the 1990’s“:

In mid 2014 Sy Hersh reported on Hilary Clinton’s role in the Libyan travesty that saw the death of a US Ambassador/uppity arms dealer. This connects Syria to Libya to Iraq… to the long US role as world’s leader supporter of terrorism:

I believe Sy Hersh’s newest in the London Review of Books (he does not publish this stuff in the US, didja notice that?) is a major breakthrough, but very very far from “the whole truth and nothing but the truth”: Still it is important that Hersh’s sources say that the ISIS support was coming from the Obama administration and the CIA and that it was opposed by senior officials at the Pentagon, who went so far as to offer intel to Assad and arrange that the CIA arms shipped to the terrorists were defective:

The ever-excellent Catherine Shakdam : this is an article from last year on the anti-Islamic movement called Wahhabism, a cynical power ploy of Sa’ud:

Of course, most Muslims know this; I mean those who weren’t “converted” with cash and the promise of “booty.” Here are some of their hilarious responses to the CIAliphate’s most recent call to arms: “sorry! busy being Muslim!”:

Going waaaay back…. Larry of Arabia was as fooled and bamboozled by the UK as were the Arabs :

More on McCain’s best bro relationship with the CIAliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (nom de guerre) (also see ISIS is US) :

On the ground: Ramadi has (mostly) been liberated from ISIS. That is good news, but the war is far from over :

The US tried to claim credit, though its most prominent public action was its “friendly-fire” obliteration of an Iraqi army unit sieging the city. (see previous posts). Unfortunately, it seems US activity mainly was to evacuate ISIS fighters. It would be par for the course (see past posts.) Russian estimates are that 2500 were “saved to fight another day”:

Here is the Saker, among the best of analysts, on the weeks events:

And an excellent article from A Mercouris recommended by Saker:

Probably the most important statement of recent weeks is Russia’s official announcement that NATO is on the warpath and Russia will have to defend itself. Here is Steven Lendman on these recent developments:

An excellent overview : the decline of the Uni-polar world:

A new book by Wayne Madsen on the never-old theme: ISIS is US:

Here the US press is seen to mourn the death of a terrorist (oops! freedom fighter!):

Russia is also demanding that Turkey arrest the nationalist faux-Islamist who bragged of killing the Russian pilot shot down over Syria by Turkish jets in cahoots with US AWACS radar cover. (see previous posts.):

Here is an article that suggests the use made of “Islam” by the Turk nationalists; this is fully in the mode of Gladio B (Turkey of course was deep in Gladio A). This from Zaman, the Gülen paper that sadly must pass for the best English language ‘opposition’ news source in Turkey:

Erdogan would rather blow New Year’s kisses towards Hitler:

But things have gotten hot in Turkey since Russia has made it clear that ISIS is Turkey (and US), that Erdogan’s oil wealth is dependent on ISIS, and that the Russian jet was shot down in Syria, not Turkey. Davutoglu and Erdogan both rushed to take responsibility after the shootdown, but now its too hot to handle. Now that things are clear, they’ve tried foisting it off onto the Air Force, and also Gülen. “You can’t make this stuff up” as Jim Dean at VT says:

ISIS occasionally reacts to criticism it never attacks anybody but the enemies of the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia — its all talk: (See ISIS is US page for Israel’s deep love for ISIS, as that of the rest of the Ambivalently anti-ISIS alliance, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, NATO…

And a stateside addendum: the standoff in Oregon. As I understand it, the Hammonds were convicted of arson, could be accused of terrorist-support activities and stand to face a minimum of 5 years in jail (the elder is 74) —  for burning invasive brush on nearby government property. Yet ISIS IS US. Hmmm… I have to say, my views on these matters have changed a lot since the Bundy Ranch showdown. (I’m an old lefty) Please listen to Ammon Bundy, (the son of the old rancher) who seems to be leading the takeover of the wilderness lodge in wintry Oregon. And then, class, (I’m an old ex-prof) for your “critical thinking” component, compare the second entry, typical of the “truthiness” aspect of mainstream calumny and vilification and falsification.


Wikipedia took a leak in its pants when it painted Ammon Bundy a fanatic. Right back at ya, corporate media. If you are offended by a man who listens for the “voice of God” before making a move of deep consequence, then I suggest you substitute something like “I listened to my conscience, I tried to understand what is going on and do what is right no matter what the consequences to myself”. Contrary to Wiki’s portrayal, Ammon Bundy researched matters much more than his critics. Armed with a battalion of researchers, Wiki published, within minutes of this hitting the press, thirty sources that tried to outdo each other in their mischaracterizations of the event and the people involved.

It is not clear to me why the Bureau of Land Management went so far. So far the best indexical I’ve heard are the ‘rumors’ afloat that uranium and other ore deposits have been located. I’ll stay tuned.

Here is the most comprehensive mainstream account I’ve found, from the ChicagoTribune

NPR, typically, is slanderous. Appealing to the “smart set” it comes off as just dumb.

Once again, to get decent coverage of US national news, you have to go to the Russian press. (Far from perfect, but it’s so easy to win this game with the west.)

RT reports more of the substance of Bundy’s proposals – and his complaints. Precious little like this comes through anything that bubbles to the top of GoggledNews. But RT does not editorialize on this matter, at least as far as I’ve seen so far. (Do we ever stop preaching to Putin?)

The quickly changing relations between parties makes it impossible to get a solid view of matters, but it seems clear that Hammonds got extremely harsh treatment for minor infractions — on what is supposed to be public land. The Hammonds themselves may have agreed to do their jailtime, which leaves  Bundy in the lurch, perhaps. But there are bigger issues here. Bigger than the Hammonds or Bundys. Ammon Bundy at least seems to recognize this. Or some of this.

You don’t have to agree with his religion or his politics to agree that what Ammon Bundy is doing is standing for justice. You can capitalize Justice if you wish, because everything from quantum physics to ancient wisdom literature, and every phase in life, tells us there is a Big Natural Balance. And the truth will out.

I personally recognize no person nor thing, even a Big Thing, as my “Lord” like Ammon Bundy does, but I applaud this courageous man’s standing up to a despicable land-grab by our corporatist government (I am not sure Ammon knows it is a corporatist government, still he probably understands the Constitution better than anyone in Congress, and certainly better than the sheeple of USA Inc. (Neither do I believe the Constitution, even the original one, is a perfect document, but certainly adherence to it would rightfully land nearly our entire political class in jail. That would be a start.

I pray no bloodshed results, but that focused attention be brought to the oligarchical interests that really govern our society, and that our ‘political’ leaders and their bankster masters  be exposed for the greedy, unjust vultures and “vampire-squids” that they are. A simple sense of justice is sufficient to see we have none here. Let us hope that those with more “sophisticated” senses of justice than Bundy’s can at least see the evil in what he’s up against.

Addendum to the addendum: The video below is illuminating. Indeed, it seems there is a wealth of uranium on this location. In a similar manner there was a lot of gold on the Bundy property and neither side seems to have owned up to any of this. This whole situation is looking very “stinky” from all sides.


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