US Leapfrogs Turkey Into the Fire: Gives Air Support to ISIS Ground Attacks

WW3 Kicks Off and US Public Knows Not Which Side It’s On

ISIS joins the anti-ISIS coalition

It was not clear how overtly the US would follow Turkey into the fire after pushing its ally headlong. Now it is obvious, but not of course in the world of the loyalists. Erdogan’s officialdom and media, like that of the US, simply flips the truth for consumer purposes.

Turkey’s “invasion-by-invitation” into Iraqi Kurdistan now plainly may be judged to be in defense of the Turkey-ISIS oil-and-weapons trade. In the last few days, the US too has jumped into the ISIS-support act, even more overtly than in earlier months. This occurred on at least two occasions in areas of north-east Syria where ISIS is strongest. In each case, if reports are correct, the US attacks served ISIS advances, or attempted advances, in areas where recently they have been under severe attack.

On Sunday the US Air Force allegedly attacked an Syrian Arab Army (SAA) outpost in Deir Ezzor. Several Syrian soldiers were killed, and dozens wounded. The air raids were followed by an ISIS attack on this forward SAA base, but evidently the attack was driven off.

Today US bombs killed dozens of civilians, leveling ten houses, in the village of al-Khan in al-Hasaka province. This village was subsequently taken subsequently by ISIS.

Here are a few stories: first is a Southfront video, including an analysis of the attacks on the SAA unit:


and a FortRuss article:

and from RT, on the village bombing and ISIS takeover:

Here is a new Luke Radkowski video about Israel’s connection to ISIS, and in general, what is happening elsewhere


And here the most extensive ‘Western’ source I could find on the bombing of al-Khan. The Western reports, as usual, are ‘deficient.’

While the US has not claimed responsibility for the victory of ISIS at the village of al-Khan in al-Hasaka, it admits the dead civilians, including 20 children, might be casualties of ‘friendly fire.’ The US says they were intending to strike the ISIS units. The US press entirely neglects foreign reports that say the village then was taken by the CIAliphate.

On the other hand, the US totally denies undertaking the attack on the SAA base, saying its planes were 35 miles away, ludicrously suggesting it be blamed on the Russians.

Following Turkey’s illegal downing of a Russian jet in Syria, then its ‘invasion by invitation’ into Iraqi Kurdistan, seemingly to maintain its ISIS oil convoys, it was not entirely clear how to read US reactions to Turkey’s outrageous affronts to Russia, Syria, and Iraq, in the last few days. Was it just Mad King Erdogan off his meds? It is turning out, as I suspected, that the “ambivalent alliance”, NATO especially, is behind it all. (I’ve seen one report that Germany and Saudi Arabia will post troops near Mosul.)

This probably should have been obvious when the most vociferous anti-ISIS voices from US generaldom came on Russian media. That was the public needing dissimulating that “we hate ISIS too;” our own was convinced by San Bernardino.

It is not just NATO, or its allies in Erbil, that lurks deep behind the Turkish “invasion-by-invitation”, nor is that the only “front” opened up. As the posted Southfront and Luke Radkowski videos indicate (more evidence here), Israel, Jordan, and Qatar too are deeply implicated in the rise of mercenary Wahhabist takfiri terrorist armies. As both these sources and others elsewhere relate, tensions are arising all throughout Europe as well, not just the Ukraine. If Montenegro joins NATO it will be the diplomatic equivalent of the Russian jet take-down.

If the charges of US air support for ISIS, carried widely in Syrian, Russian, and Iranian press, turn out to be true, this constitutes an unprecedented obvious uptick in support.

It goes beyond US helicopters caught ‘shepherding’ ISIS convoys filmed last month, or dropping supplies, as evidenced several times last spring. Now US jets are operating in support operations for ISIS in the same airspace the Russians are working against them. That US press connives with the State Department to act as if “we all hate ISIS”, and any number of searches in GoggledNews on this theme will turn up little realization from Western writers that Western warmongers and their Middle Eastern proxies are frantically trying to light the wick for WW3 .

The most important precursors, if not precedents: Turkish bombing campaigns against the Kurds in support of ISIS, and Israel’s bombing of Hezbollah and the Syrian Arab Army in support of the takfiri terrorists in the south. The US and Brits have had airplanes and helicopters shot down by the Iraqi army while dropping munitions and supplies to ISIS. Of course, there are many ways ISIS is supplied from Turkey, Libya, Jordan, and Israel.

Wonder of wonders! It seems ISIS itself has joined the US-led anti-ISIS coalition. And we’re off to a creeping, creaking, start of WW3. In Syria, land of biblical show-downs, Western powers and proxies are amassing for the attack.

The Western-Wahhabist alliance wields armies and weaponry that outstrip quantitatively those of the genuine anti-ISIS alliance centered on 5000-year old Damascus. The Russian anti-aircraft and advanced jamming capabilities give them a strategic advantage, as does their concentration in the most populous central and western areas. We might say their resolve constitutes an advantage as well. Nihilism can inspire only so far. Same with money. Not to mention religious fundamentalism that disobeys the fundamentals of Islam.

The imperial West’s most critical weapon, however, is media whitewash and blackout. There is no way the US citizenry would support troops on the ground to support ISIS when we are being told they are invading our country, rolled in like flotsam on the wave of refugees. Probably more have arrived through CIA training programs.

The Evil Empire’s next step? One would assume the Western war alliance is torn between ‘rational’ interests that want to grab their pieces of the pie, their separate Kurdistans, their Sunnistan, their Alawitistan, their ISIS CIAliphate in Anbar province and Raqqa. The “Deconstruct Syria” faction is likely not to want to challenge the entrenched military power, and advanced weaponry capabilities, of the genuine anti-ISIS alliance, but merely grab what they can before a negotiated armistice.

On the other hand, neo-cons have been resurgent in US, NATO, and Gladio B politics, ever since the Russian air campaigns began. That struck at their hearts, their egos, and their strategies for world domination. In the US, senile senators McCain, Graham, and many, many others seem by their actions and on-the-record hysterics to be end-times fanatics who want WW3 at all costs. They are supported by foreign friends as desperate, or more so: the Houses of Erdogan, Sa’ud, and Likud.

The coming days are crucial. Turkey will not withdraw its troops from north of Mosul. Iraq has alerted its air force and has threatened to retaliate, but this is unlikely, without further immediate provocation. Erdogan’s most urgent need is to protect his ISIS oil income. It may be that he still has hopes of garnering the Qatari gas line with this gambit. Will Iraq take this up before the UN? If he does, will it matter? Precious little of the prescient speeches of Obama and Putin at the UNGA70 opening were even made known in the presses of the peoples to whom it most matters, here, in the US, at the unbalanced center of world power.

Hope Putin’s got a Plan C.

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