A Page of Links…

I am in the process of constructing a page of links dedicated to the thesis that ISIS IS US, the most controversial of those I have put forth (judging by responses). This page will be followed by others dedicated to other controversial themes that enter my blogposts and news summaries more by way of assumption than argument. Blogposts must deal with the week’s events, and I have only tried to give a slight suggestion of the background to some of these issues with a few links. Unlike footnotes in academic literature, which are meant to point comprehensively to a battery of evidence and so may refer to a dozen or more sources at a time, hyperlinks can only embed a single link, as far as I know. Therefore, my links are meant to be followed up – not used as “foundations”; they are ‘portals’ to dimensions of reality that evidently are quite foreign for some of my readers; they are not “building blocks” chosen by the master mason for the cornerstone, but only the “brick” that comes to hand in my often angry arguments.

The first theme page of links, “ISIS IS US” relates also to several broader contexts of US foreign policy in the 21st century, mostly as it relates to the Middle East.

The second theme page, Great Books, links for the present to Amazon.

About neithernoreithermore

i am an historian of the present and past
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