More Voices on Syria: A Post from Iran

In the interests of expanding the range of goods to be found at CaravansarayPosts, I’ll post here another clip from the “Orient” – the direction in which the West was “oriented” until it turned the map on its side. Let’s turn it back for a moment.

This is from PressTV, the principle Iranian mass-media company for an English-speaking audience. The budget is much tighter, the production less spiffy, and the pace less snappy, than at RussiaToday, but PressTV hosts a good newsite and some excellent shows. This one is called The Debate.

The guests:

In the “west corner”, is soft-hitting Michael Lane, “international relations and security analyst”, founder of the American Institute for Foreign Policy from Washington, DC. His sensible back-peddling and mea culpas regarding past Obama administration policy in Syria are pretty much those of the Obama administration itself (to be distinguished from the hardline neo-con faction which seems for the moment to have been sidelined in DC — Keep yr fingers x’d.)

Championing the “east,” is Mark Sleboda, speaking from Moscow. IMHO, he wins. Some of the areas covered in the last are touched again in this program, but new views from the east are introduced, and several important new points are made. Also, it may give some viewers a first time look at Iranian mass media.

Most importantly, it widens the view. As I’ve tried to make clear: the whole world is looking at Syria right now; it behooves us to look at how the world looks at it. A half-dozen countries are tied up so tight that their governments will rise or fall depending on the outcome in Syria.

To wit, Sleboda makes a point I’ve wanted to write about. You won’t hear about this in the NYTimes, yet. Iraq has gone over to Russia — mind you, only as much as it can without provoking disastrous retribution from the US! But in the last year there have been many signs. Most recently, and to the point, Iraq has formed a coalition with Syria, Iran, and Russia with a coordination center in Bagdhad. This already has seen its first great success.

The Iraqi Air Force decimated a caravan carrying (perhaps on a litter) the so-called caliph of ISIS, al-Baghdadi. By several reports, he was badly injured, but not killed. (He has been dead and resurrected several times already of course.)

Russia’s war in Syria has relieved Iraq of pressure from ISIS but also from the US, which is quickly trying to get into the rhythm of the new dance from its back-footed position.

Iraq’s move has long been in the making. Iraqi administrations have long struggled for autonomy under the thumb of the US, which is determined to keep Sunnis divided from Shi’a, and Iraq out of the sphere of Iran. ISIS is part of the game of destabilization in Iraq, just as it is in Syria. The only difference is that the Iraqis more or less do US bidding since they are still effectively an occupied, divided, and de-stabilized country.

Former Iraqi PM al-Maliki charged that the ISIS takeover of Mosul was engineered in “Ankara and Erbil”, the latter the capital of autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan, known to be close to the US, Israel, and, if you dig beneath the rhetoric, Ankara. Mosul, you may recall, was where the Iraqi army miraculously watered away before a tenth their number of ISIS troops, leaving ISIS a vast, new shipment of Humvees, a veritable treasure trove of military hardware. Shazzam! A CIAliphate is created! (US neo-cons used this to press for increased ground troops in Iraq, arguing that the Iraqi army had “no will to fight.”)

Only very recently has the US mass media decided to take up the matter, long debated elsewhere, of where ISIS got their fleet of Toyota trucks. (Next, the Humvees, the TOW missiles, the Stingers that McCain has already forgotten he sent them, und so weiter…)

The US Treasury has taken up an investigation — by asking Toyota. As Tony Cartalucci says, they should ask next door, at the State Department. Or at the Pentagon or CIA headquarters in Langley, VA.

The long and the short of it is that ISIS got the trucks because the Free Syrian Army ordered them. They got them from the same sources, US, Turkish, Israeli, that they always get stuff from, though they arrive by a lot of different routes, including through Jordan, where a CIA camp has just been uncovered.

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