The Ankara Massacre: Cui Bono? – Prelim

Who benefits, indeed?. Turkey’s political leaders and opposition — especially the Kurdish opposition — have different ideas.

I am composing a more lengthy analysis of the words, few, but revealing, of Prime Minister Davutoglu, Kurdish leader Demirtas, and other party bosses in Turkey. In the meantime, for once, mainstream US papers did a pretty good job of reporting on the basics of this horrific episode. Here’s an example chosen at random. It relates most of what one can find in the main Turkish newspapers, where government repression is much more plain than here. (Something in the pipeline on that.)

At the same time, some Turkish press is more “probing” let’s say, and able to say a lot with sparse means. The linked US Today article leaves out crucial pronouncements that can be found in Turkey, and both leave out necessary context and interpretation. The reasons why are obvious in the case of the Turkish dailies, whose editors have been jailed, and whose offices have been attacked by AKP mobs (AKP: Erdogan’s “Justice and Development Party” — not working out too well on either count these days). To explain the blindspots in the US press and government announcements, — even about this episode — well, perhaps its the usual explanatory go-to, laziness and stupidity. Or maybe its evil. Who knows. Cui bono? We’ll follow the links offered by Davutoglu (some of which really strain credulity), and at least listen to the voice of the opposition, withholding judgement on who is supposed to benefit most until more evidence is available.

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