A Question of Isolation

Russia is not isolated. Despite US State Department and press rhetoric which wishes to convince itself that this is the case, the reality is the contrary. In the last year, there has been an eager global adherence to the BRICS economic pacts, of which Russia is founding member and present chair, and to the Chinese-led AIIB bank. At the same time, the US has offered to its foreign partners TISA and TPP “trade agreements,” which are mechanisms of corporate takeover aimed at national sovereignty and national wealth. These are being met with protests in the proposed member states, even if their governments still smile and nod towards the US. There is a growing realization among peoples even of the Western alliance, if not their governments, that the US offers only poison carrots, and will use its ‘stick’ of neo-liberal debt enslavement even on Europeans (Greece). All this amounts to a rather plain indication that much of the globe is waiting for the opportunity to toss off American dominion, whether it be exercised by the poisoned carrot of “trade deals”, the neo-liberal stick of economic subordination, or the neo-con stick of violence.

There is every reason to believe that global isolation awaits the US, along with its hardline allies Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. “Isolation” in the US lexicon, is always meant to have economic ramifications, and US sanctions against Russia and Iran were meant to make the lesson concrete. In fact, isolation does have economic consequences, though the sanctions and low oil prices may be said to have helped strengthen the Russian economy in the long run by forcing it to look elsewhere than oil profits to fill its coffers. The US has more to fear in this area too than Russia. Its monstrous debt scares few in the mainstream media because the fiat-currency petrodollar has been so wildly successful as top dog in the global kennel.

But the US long has  been artificially propped up with a with this fiat dollar that most see now as an instrument of domination, not a legitimate reserve currency. Despite a rising dollar, US treasuries are being dumped around the world, as fast as they can without provoking US retribution. Not only has the Imperial Fiat Dollar added thorns to the neo-liberal stick of economic domination, but in the last years it is being manipulated with policies crazier than those Poppy Bush, in a rare moment of clarity, called “voodoo economics.” The make-the-rich-richer and poor-poorer policies of US Federal Reserve (“as federal as the Federal Express, and probably holding no reserves”) works somewhat the same with the 99% in the US as it does with 99% of nations around the globe. The monetary black magic of ZIRP and QE have systematically depleted the real worth of the dollar-based sovereign reserves all around the world just as they have with the US middle class and poor. All debt in dollars grows. Americans have endless patience with robbery, but how long does the US and its allies (EU and Japan) think they can go on printing money for themselves, while the rest of the world sees their assets stripped simply by virtue of Western economic dominance of the reserve system?

Since the US brandishes but the poison carrot of global trade agreements, the neo-liberal stick of debt domination, employed with alacrity and enthusiasm on Greece by the Goldman-Sachs dominated European Troika, and an even more dangerous export than the fiat petrodollar, “democracy”, then it should not be surprising that a coalition of the truly willing may come together quite precipitously around Russia, Iran, and China, leaving those most implicated in the US alliance’s ill-advised terrorist training programs out in the cold. Whatever happens, we can be sure that Kings Salman, Erdogan, Netanyahu, and Obama will be “shocked” by this most foreseeable turn of events. Far from Russia being isolated, it looks like the US and its petrodollar gang of global oligarchs is gonna be sleeping in the world’s doghouse before long.

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i am an historian of the present and past
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