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Resurgent Neo-Cons (II): and a Congresswoman in Opposition

A month ago the Obama administration took a step back and acquiesced to Russian ‘facts on the ground’ in Syria, signaling a sidelining of hardliners such as Senator John McCain. However, since that time, the US has planted its back … Continue reading

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Resurgent Neo-Cons: Smoke or Fire? (I) The Big Picture, with Economics

Officially, US Syria policy took a step backwards a month ago in two camps. They agreed that Assad could stick around a while, and they gave an opening to the Russian interventions. Russia had already begun a military buildup at … Continue reading

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The World in Pivot Around Syria: The Story So Far

The previous posts, going back a little more than month, relate what I believe is a very significant shift in global geo-politics. I began writing as the Turks and Americans wrapped up a deal to establish a “buffer zone” in … Continue reading

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Quick update on the ISIS wars and related events

Since I have had to turn my attention to other matters, let me just give a quick update on regional events, which I believe may prove a crucial pivot in global geo-politics. To quickly summarize: Turkey now pursues its closed investigation … Continue reading

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Dear readers… a new page of photos from the Suqs of Aleppo – fifteen years ago

Excuse the delay on promised posts. I’ve been detained for a few days. In the meantime, check out my new page with photos taken almost fifteen years ago in Aleppo’s beautiful markets, now badly damaged. A Caravansaray of Hans and … Continue reading

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More Voices on Syria: A Post from Iran

In the interests of expanding the range of goods to be found at CaravansarayPosts, I’ll post here another clip from the “Orient” – the direction in which the West was “oriented” until it turned the map on its side. Let’s … Continue reading

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The Ankara massacre (II): Davutoglu’s Gumption

So far no one has taken responsibility for the two massive explosions that killed over 100 and injured more than 200 in two simultaneous blasts at a peace rally in Ankara. The casualty list includes many still on the verge … Continue reading

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… and another program on America’s interventions in Syria, going back to 2006

Here is a Sept 9 interview with Julian Assange of Wikileaks following the release of his book, The Wikileaks Files. The full 28 minutes are worth it — clear why the US would love to get their hands on him — but … Continue reading

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In the meantime…a good program on Russia’s interventions in Syria

A good overview of three main perspectives on the Russian interventions in Syria. This is Peter Lavelle’s show on RT. The guests: Fred Fleitz, Center for Security Policy, represents the closest to the Obama-Kerry view that now has the … Continue reading

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The Ankara Massacre: Cui Bono? – Prelim

Who benefits, indeed?. Turkey’s political leaders and opposition — especially the Kurdish opposition — have different ideas. I am composing a more lengthy analysis of the words, few, but revealing, of Prime Minister Davutoglu, Kurdish leader Demirtas, and other party … Continue reading

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